For the Best Northwest Florida Skydiving Experience, Look No Further!

We don’t just “do” skydiving. We live and breathe it, and adventures of the sky permeate our everyday lives. That’s true for all instructors, pilots and assistants. Together, we strive to be instrumental in the process of delivering the most spectacular experiences and the most thrilling adventures, whether it’s your first skydive or if you’ve got many jumps under your belt.

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For the Best Florida Skydiving Experience, Choose Destin!
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For the Best Florida Skydiving Experience, Choose Destin!
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We don’t just “do” skydiving. We live and breathe it, and adventures of the sky permeate our everyday lives. That’s true for all our instructors, pilots and assistants here at Destin. Together, we strive to deliver the most spectacular experiences and the most thrilling adventures, whether it’s your first skydive or if you’ve got many jumps under your belt.

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True freedom lies within the skydive. The breath of fresh air, wind gusting through your hair and sights unparalleled by anything you could see on the ground are yours for the taking. Get in touch with one of our helpful consultants and we’ll put together a journey you’ll never forget. After all, the thrill of adventure is what gets our blood pumping and creates memories that last a lifetime!

Tandem Skydiving near Destin, Florida

Tandem Skydiving

There’s no faster way to be up in the air than by choosing a tandem skydiving package. Just take a short instructional course then, hop on the plane to take you high in the sky for your very first jump. An experienced instructor will be tethered to you, supervising the free fall and executing the deployment of the chute, so that you have nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the view! Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Destin, Florida

Advanced Training

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a certified solo skydiver? When you obtain your licence, the whole world will be yours for the taking. With countless drop zones around the world eagerly waiting for your arrival, what’s to stop you? These courses cover everything you need to know about skydiving, including professional tips and tricks to make every jump experience a truly spectacular one! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Destin, Florida

Video Packages

The best part about these adventures is that you can save memories from them to share with your friends, colleagues and family. The professional video and photo services let you capture the excitement of getting on board and soaring, the thrill of freefall, and the thorough relaxation of gliding down. The full spectrum of emotions are there for you to enjoy again and again on your favorite social media! Learn more…

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Skydiving: A Thrill Like No Other! Destin is here to offer every bit of support and guidance to make your skydiving experience thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Whether for first-timers or experienced skydivers, we’ve can get you everything needed. Destin partners offer the widest array of jump packages, instructions, training packs and everything else related to having a wonderful time in the sky.

Also known as the world’s luckiest fishing village, Destin sports unparalleled panoramas of the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, making it one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the US. What better way to enjoy the sights and celebrate life than by jumping from an altitude of more than 10,000 feet, guided by a team of professional skydiving instructors!

The team is comprised of skydiving professionals who share a deep passion for adventure in the sky. This means that we’re constantly learning, exploring new things and helping our clients to do the same. By choosing Destin, you’re choosing a top-notch service that encompasses every aspect of preparation, flight, jump and descent. No detail is too small for us to pay attention to, and no desire is too wild in the search for the greatest adventure of your life!

You’ll receive detailed, yet quick, safety instructions and tips on making the most of your jump, after which you’ll be on your way towards the drop zone. The aircrafts deliver you in the air for the jump rapidly and with utmost care and are able to bring groups of 10 or more people in the air simultaneously. Once you reach a safe altitude, your instructors will help you overcome your fears and step out of the airplane. Then the wind comes swooshing around as you experience the truly breathtaking sensation of freefall. With safety as a main priority, you’ll enjoy the wonders of the Florida sky without a worry about your well-being. Think of it in this way, these jumps are safer than driving a car.

Get Ready for the Time of Your Life in Destin, Florida!

The sunny skies of Florida and Destin, in particular, make for one of the most spectacular places to skydive. No wonder it’s a favorite among both amateurs and experienced skydiving pros as one of the few places in the US where it’s sunny for most of the year. Indeed, with an average of 226 sunny days per year, it’s almost always a great time to go skydiving!

Skydiving in any place of the world is a wonderful experience, but Destin has special appeal of its own to lovers of the sky. As the city’s nickname – the world’s luckiest fishing village – suggests, there’s plenty of action in the waters. Destin is on the banks of the Emerald Coast, well known for its clear and beautiful green waves and plenty of fish and various aquatic life teeming in the waters. Falling through the beautiful Florida sky, you’re likely to see hundreds or even thousands of boats, yachts and speedboats with people angling for their next big catch. Even more, how about the chance to see whales and dolphins from above in the right season? Keep your eyes open for great sights of life in the water!

But that doesn’t mean the landscape of the city is anything less than on par with the sights of the Gulf of Mexico. Destin is widely known for its many golf courses, stretching like patches of green all around the city. The contrast of grass and concrete is clearly visible from the sky, and it’s quite a unique sight to behold at. You’ll also be flying above the the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, a favorite pastime venue for locals and tourists alike. It sports a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars for you to enjoy after the jump, as well as many water and land attractions, for well-earned rest after the exciting ordeal.

Although Destin is one of Florida’s smaller cities with less than 15,000 residents, life is anything but slow in this busy gulf town. Attracting heaps of tourists and adventurers from all around the world, the area is teeming with action all year round. From seafood festivals and fishing competitions to classic car parades, there’s plenty of things to do in Destin. And much of the bustle can be seen well from the sky, adding more to the fun of skydiving in this beautiful and lively location!

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Jump Right into Action with Tandem Skydiving!

Tandem Skydiving near Destin, Florida Tandem Skydiving near Destin, Florida

Getting in touch with your adventurous side through skydiving is easy. If you’ve ever felt like your life needs something fresh and completely out of the ordinary, it’s time for a thrill that will be memorialized forever. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of flying free like a bird while dropping from an altitude of more than 10,000 feet. What’s more, there are few times you’ll feel being alive more clearly than by realizing there’s no way for you to get back on that plane, and the ground is coming towards you at incredible speed. All in all, it’s an experience to enjoy and embrace for everyone, something that will completely change the way you look at the world.

But, as you probably well understand, skydiving is no ordinary feat. In order for it to be absolutely safe, a variety of precautions need to be taken. The jump and deployment of the parachute must be executed with perfect precision. For a solo skydiver, these skills take quite a lot of time to master to perfection. But what about you – what should you do to get into action without weeks and weeks of training? The answer is simple – just go on a tandem skydive with one of many qualified jumpmasters!

Tandem skydiving is simple in its essence. Instead of jumping on your own, you’ll be tethered to one of many certified instructors. The jumpmaster will guide you through every part of the skydiving experience, jumping at the right moment, leading you through the free fall and deploying the chute when it’s time to do so. Having performed hundreds and hundreds of these jumps, our instructors have learned all the ins and outs of the jump from preparation to landing. As a result, the jump will be easy, stress-free and fully enjoyable, as the jumpmaster does all the hard work, leaving you to enjoy the view.

Tandem Parachuting in Destin! Tandem Parachuting in Destin!

The Time to See Destin from Above is Now

What better way to experience all the spectacular sights of the world’s luckiest fishing village than by dropping through the air at speeds you wouldn’t be able to reach any other way. The magnificent Emerald Coast is there for you to enjoy, as are tons and tons of fishing boats like tiny specks of light in the beautiful green ocean. It’s a truly magical sight to behold, which is certain to fill you with wonder and appreciation of nature. And with the famous sunny sky of Florida illuminating all that’s below you, the jump is the ultimate summer adventure that heats you up and gets your blood pumping. And the best part is – by choosing a tandem skydive, you won’t need hours upon hours of training and jumping exercises!

The main advantage of tandem skydiving is that you won’t actually have to carry and deploy the parachute yourself. You’ll be assigned to an instructor who has the parachute strapped on their back, and you will both be wearing special skydiving harnesses. By coupling the harnesses together, you will be attached to the instructor. From there, you’ll be flying as one in the sky, and when the time is ready, the instructor will deploy the chute to gently glide you both down to the ground. This way, you can enjoy all the freedom and thrills of your own skydiving adventure, without having to worry about free fall techniques or proper parachute deployment. It’s all the fun with just a fraction of the responsibility!

Perfect for a Quick Adventure

As most of the work will be performed by the jumpmaster, you can be up and flying in the air in no time at all. The introductions and safety instructions will take just a short while before you’ll board our powerful aircraft to carry you up in the sky for your exciting adventure. While you will still be taught proper airplane exiting strategy, freefall instructions and information on how to deploy the parachute, the instructions are short and to the point. You will be guided throughout the process by the instructor assigned to you, so you can be absolutely sure that nothing will go wrong. And the best part is that this way you can go on a skydiving adventure right away, without hours and hours of training.

All around the world, skydiving is an incredibly popular way to get thrills, experience new things and view local areas from a never-before vantage point. With Destin, all the wonders of the world’s luckiest fishing village are at your feet. And tethered tandem rides make it the perfect choice for those who want to jump into action right away. A tandem skydive is quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Why hold out on the adventure of your lifetime? Create a memory for you to cherish for years and years to come!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Destin, Florida Advanced Skydiving Training in Destin, Florida

Become a Master of the Sky!

It’s often the case that a single jump is not enough. As beautiful and breathtaking as the views of Destin can be from above, they’re also tempting to come back again and again. This has been proven many times by clients choosing skydiving in destin for more and more jumps, each time experiencing something new and exciting. If you’re one of these people, who just can’t stand still knowing that there are more and more skydiving adventures to experience, then it’s time to become a certified solo jumper!

While jumping in tandem is a great way to have a look at the coast from above in record time, it’s also only the first step. The beautiful sights of the Emerald Coast, the Destin Harbor Boardwalk and all other local landmarks is just a small taste that most visitors get on the ground. The real world of skydiving opens up for you when you become a solo skydiver. With a United States Parachute Association (USPA) certification, the world is at your feet, and adventures are everywhere. With thousands upon thousands of drop zones with great sights, incredible heights and breathtaking panoramas all around the world, becoming a solo skydiver is the next step in adventure.

Every jump is an experience in its own. Imagine seeing the Grand Canyon from the bird’s point of view. Picture yourself gliding above the Kennedy Space Center, where rockets are engineered and prepared to take people into space. All these sights have one thing in common – they’re best enjoyed from high in the sky. Your perspective absolutely changes when you view places and things from thousands of feet in the sky, accelerating rapidly towards the ground. And then comes the relieving moment of parachute deployment, from where you get multiple minutes of care-free and relaxing gliding.

If this sounds like something for you, there’s a good chance you’ve got what it takes to become a certified solo skydiver. It can be compared to becoming an astronaut, as the possibilities opened up for you after becoming a master of the sky become virtually limitless. Countless locations all around the world, countless adventures and countless great memories are there for the taking. All it takes is a dedication and willingness to learn! With some of the best instructors and equipment in the area, Destin’s Network is here to help you achieve your dream, become a true adventurer of the sky and get your own solo skydiving licence!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Destin, Florida Accelerated Free Fall Training in Destin, Florida

Accelerating Towards Solo Sky Adventures!

If you enjoyed how quickly you can get in the sky and experience the best views with a tandem skydive, you may want to keep the pace up when learning to become a solo skydiver. The quickest way towards becoming a USPA certified solo skydiver is by taking the Accelerated Free Fall course. The name says it all – it’s the quickest way to become a qualified solo jumper, opening up the world of skydiving for you in record time.

Unlike regular training, Accelerated Free Fall puts you right into action. You’ll be accelerating both towards the ground at record speeds from great altitudes, as well as towards attaining your solo skydiving licence. You can expect lots of action quickly, with more and more challenges and fun stuff to learn every day. Accelerated Free Fall is basically a crash course (obviously, this is not meant literally) for those looking to start their journey in the world of skydiving. By completing this course, you’ll become a certified United States Parachute Association (USPA) member, proving that you have both the skills and experience required to perform solo jumps at USPA locations.

As opposed to usual skydiving training, Accelerated Free Fall puts more focus on the student. Instead of groups of skydiving learners jumping together with a single instructor, you’ll be accompanied by one or even two instructors every jump. They’ll monitor you, provide support and help you learn. As a result, every jump is much more focused on learning and jumpmasters will provide extensive feedback on your technique and skills. This way, you can find more and more ways to improve yourself and become a better skydiver, ready to conquer the sky!

The Accelerated Freefall certificate is not just something you put away in your drawer and forget it ever existed. The program entails all the know-how and techniques of a safe, enjoyable and beautiful skydiving experience. You’ll learn practical skills on the ground, including proper aircraft exiting, free fall maneuvering and parachute deployment. The instructors pay close attention to every student’s skills and learning process, ensuring maximum learning value during each training session. As seasoned skydiving veterans, jumpmasters have lots and lots to tell and teach about the world of skydiving. From basic procedures, to nifty tips and tricks, you can expect the classes to be filled with tons and tons of useful information.

Once you’ve gone through the initial training, you’ll immediately be taken to the skies. Unlike tandem skydiving, you are not physically attached to the instructor, so right from the first jump you’re skydiving solo. What a way to kickstart the adventure! Over the course of the first few jumps, the instructor will grip your harness with their hands until you deploy your canopy, helping you perform the free fall and learn all the necessary techniques to safely jump completely solo.

The real benefit of Accelerated Freefall training is how quickly you learn new skills. Instead of countless jumps in groups with other students, you’re thrown right into action and forced to learn. And learning becomes something you do both through training and instinct, as you fall through the beautiful Florida sky. Just imagine the awesome feeling of accomplishment and achievement as you attain your USPA licence all the while enjoying the spectacular panorama of Florida. The wonderful sights of the sunshine state lures skydivers from all around the world, and this picturesque place could be where you get your licence and become a certified solo skydiver!

But don’t expect the training to be easy. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, and there’s lots of challenges along the way. Being the fastest training technique, Accelerated Free Fall focuses on getting the student ready for solo adventures as quickly as possible. As a result, you’ll be asked to perform new tasks with every jump. Starting from the third jump, the instructor won’t even be holding your harness for the length of the fall, so that you can prove you know how to deploy the canopy successfully and perform solo landing.

But the result more than makes up for the stress of the learning. You’ll become a qualified solo skydiver in the quickest time possible, and earn a licence opening up a whole new world of adventure. Just imagine that every location on Earth is now available to you for a spectacular skydive. See new panoramas, experience the world from a whole new point of view and go on adventures that will make your friends, colleagues and family green with envy. As a solo skydiver, the sky is no longer the limit!

Destin, Floirida Tandem Progression Skydiving Training Destin, Floirida Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learning in Comfort: Tandem Progression Training!

If Accelerated Free Fall sounds too adventurous for you, perhaps it’s worth considering Tandem Progression. This is the tuned-down and less stressful method of learning, and it provides more comfort and less thrills than Accelerated Free Fall. Instead of putting you right into action from jump 1, Tandem Progression eases into solo skydiving slowly, with three tandem jumps with an instructor before your first solo jump.

Just like before, you’ll undergo ground classes to learn vitally important information about jumping, necessary actions during free fall, introduction to equipment and proper procedures during all parts of the jump. Expect to learn a lot from our experienced instructors, as they have hundreds and hundreds of jumps under their belt. From beginners to actual skydiving pros, there’s always room for improvement, and our jumpmasters have plenty of experience, tips and suggestions for everyone.

From ground classes, you’ll be taken up in the air to jump in tandem with one of the instructors. This is the main difference from Accelerated Free Fall, as you won’t be required to perform all the aspects of a skydive by yourself right away. The training provides a more gentle approach to those who’ve yet to overcome their fears and are afraid of making mistakes during the jump. The first three jumps will be performed in tandem with an instructor, thus making the learning process more gradual and less stressful. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to become solo skydivers, but don’t want to lose all their hair due to stress in the process.

The introductory tandem skydives also serve another purpose. Without the need to do a jump in solo right away, you don’t need to be fully trained and knowledgeable before you enter the airplane. This means that information and lessons come more gradually, and you won’t be expected to learn everything at once. You’ll acquire all the same skills and learn all the same techniques, but the process will be more step-by-step. After the third jump, however, you’ll be expected to have learned everything needed and you’ll be jumping solo from there on out. Still under the supervision of an instructor, but they won’t be attached to you by harnesses. But no worries – with professional instructors, by this time you’ll be fully prepared and nothing will stand between you and enjoying a skydiving adventure to the fullest!

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Destin Skydiving Video Packages Destin Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure on Video!

Anyone who’s ever gone skydiving will tell you that the experience compares to no other. The thrill and the sense of adventure is absolutely unique, and gets your blood rushing. It’s something that turns your day into something out of a book or an action flick, where you are the main hero. So why not capture these incredible moments on video?

There will always be people who don’t believe you actually went on a skydive. Likewise, there will be friends and colleagues who hear your story but are not captivated by it. A video of your adventure is the perfect way to convince everyone that your adventure was one of the most incredible things ever. It’s the perfect way to say “I’m a wild spirit”, and the most interesting way to present yourself to others.

Seeing Right into the Heart of the Action Destin partners offer video packages to go with your skydiving experience and create lasting memories on film for you to enjoy again and again. There are GoPro cameras to be worn either by your tandem jump instructor. They’ll capture the thrill of the free fall and the relaxing descent of the glide once the canopy is deployed. All this is filmed from a first-person perspective, putting the viewer of the video in your shoes, seeing just how exciting and fun a skydive is.

The next level upgrade is having a professional video operator accompanying you on the jump. These expert cameramen are experienced in capturing the jump from various angles and perspectives. All put together, it looks like a true action movie, where you’re the lead star. Filmed in high definition by a professional videographer and certified skydiver, the video will be a perfect conversation highlight for you to share with your family members, colleagues and jealous friends.

In addition to professional filming equipment, featuring high class stabilizers and top-notch cameras with high definition, Destin also performs skillful editing on your video. Using world class editing software, we turn the captured moments into a truly captivating and exhilarating video that fully reflects the thrill of the experience. Watching it will be just like reliving it again and again, reminding you of the time you dared to step into a new world of adventure. The video will reflect your free spirit and your sense of excitement, creating a perfect business card saying that you love being wild and free.

Share the Perfect Adventure

From the first moments of training where you learn what will come next, to the somewhat stressful walk to the plane where you’ll begin to realize what’s about to happen. Then comes the interesting, yet adrenaline filled ascent from the drop zone, followed by the moment of truth. Jump and prove yourself or chicken out and miss out on the adventure. Of course – you choose to jump, with no way of getting back on that plane again. This includes a few moments of free fall that seem to stretch for a lifetime, with blood pumping and thousands of thoughts running through your head as you rapidly fall towards the ground. Then suddenly you’re in the moment of salvation, the deployment of the parachute and the instant gratification it bears with it. The sense of peace and serenity enjoyed while gliding above Florida can’t be put into words. It’s simply an experience you have to partake in, to fully appreciate. A professional video of all these moments will let you relive it again and again, creating a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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Destin Skydiving Gift Certificates Destin Skydiving Gift Certificates

Giving the Ultimate Gift of Thrill: Skydiving Gift Certificates!

The most precious moments in life are the ones that you keep on remembering for years and years to come. Likewise, the most precious gifts are the ones that create these memories. A skydiving gift certificate is not a tangible good, instead it’s a promise of a great time and and an adventure that gets your blood pumping. It’s the perfect choice to surprise someone with something completely out of the ordinary, an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

There’s no need to rush it. Destin gift certificates are valid for up to two years. The recipient can go on their escapade when they feel like it, without pressure. In fact, the gift certificate is a great choice for frequent travelers as well. The certificate is accepted in more than 80 affiliate locations around the US! What better way to explore a new location and to collect incredible memories from a trip than by skydiving at the location!

Imagine the surprised look of your friend, family member or colleague as you hand them the skydiving gift certificate. It’s not just another small item that will get put on the shelf and forgotten about. The gift certificate includes an entire day of rollercoaster emotions, from absolute anticipation to incredible thrill and exhilaration. The recipient will appreciate your sense of gift giving style and your appreciation of their need for adventure. After all, there are few things more daring and incredibly adventurous than a jump from an airplane from an altitude of 10,000 feet or more!

Surprise Your Close One with a Skydiving Adventure

Here at Destin we work hard to make your gift-giving process as convenient and comfortable as possible. We understand that sometimes gift ideas come in the last minute, which is why our friendly consultants are here 7 days a week to help you place your purchase. With us, you’ll receive the gift certificate quickly and hassle-free. Just as you decide that a skydiving adventure would be the perfect surprise for someone you appreciate, we’ll be here to help you make it happen. We understand that the spirit of adventure knows no limits, so we support last-minute requests all in an effort to make someone’s dream come true. Destin gift certificates come in many variations, from our tandem skydiving experience (a great way to put a newbie right into action!) to solo skydiving training sessions. Whatever the level of preparedness and preferences of the recipient, we’ve got the right package. For people of all ages and walks of life, we’ve got something to make their hearts pound and their minds race. The spirit of the free is alive and sprawling here, and we’re ready to share the awesome sensation of conquering the sky!

You don’t often come across adventures that give you a whole new outlook to life. Skydiving is one of those adventures. It opens up a whole new world of thrills, excitement and fun for anyone who participates. Give this incredible gift to someone you truly appreciate!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

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