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Turning aspiration into actuality is the norm here at Dayton. Our singular priority is the assistance in the delivery of professional, personalized service to satisfied customers. The wide array of available solo, tandem, and advanced diving packages all but guarantees a dynamic thrill of an experience. Discover why we have what it takes to satisfy your craving for adventure. The view from 14,000 feet is the distance between expectation and reality.

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Skydiving Dayton Ohio provides you with all of the latest skydiving information in Ohio!

Land Skydiving.Com Dayton as Your Next Unforgettable Adventure!

Land Dayton As Your Next Unforgettable Adventure!

Turning aspiration into actuality is the norm here at Dayton. Our singular priority is the delivery of professional, personalized service to satisfied customers. The wide array of available solo, tandem, and advanced diving packages all but guarantees a dynamic thrill of an experience. Discover why we have what it takes to satisfy your craving for adventure. The view from 14,000 feet is the distance between expectation and reality.

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The chance of a lifetime is easy. Witness the world from unprecedented angles in a protected environment, where a breathtaking aesthetic is outdone only by the rush of pure adrenaline. Let us validate our partner’s standing as the state’s premier skydiving facility. Start making for an unforgettable tomorrow, today!

Tandem Skydiving near Dayton, Ohio

Tandem Skydives

The chance of a lifetime is easy with the help of Dayton. Witness the world from unprecedented angles in a protected environment, where a breathtaking aesthetic is outdone only by the rush of pure adrenaline. Let us validate our partner’s standing as the state’s premier skydiving facility. Start making for an unforgettable memory tomorrow, today! Jump in!

Dayton Skydiving School

Advanced Training

Put the insight of the Dayton team and partners to work for you with the Advanced package. Check out personalized courses in Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, instruction perfectly catered to aspiring skydivers of any skill level. Let this Advanced Skydiving Jump bridge the distance between you and your bucket list. Fall in…

Skydiving Video Packages - Dayton, Ohio

Video Packages

Relive your skydiving experience for years to come with the exclusive Video Packages. The affordable GoPro option is among several select recording possibilities. Amazing first-person camera footage is yours, capturing every second of your dive from jump to landing. All recorded video is also conducive to social media, allowing you to show the world your exploits Learn more…

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There is but a sliver of the world’s population today who can accurately testify to the glory that is terminal velocity. Only a handful of individuals worldwide possess the drive, the desire, and the courage to pursue skydiving as an activity worth its intensity. To surrender to the rush of the wind between your limbs is to taste a unique flavor of freedom, one to which only skydivers can attest. Become one of the few who can witness to the joy of diving through the skies! The flight to altitude is pure adrenaline, the plummet is the thrill of life at its maximum, the canopy is the view of the world from the perspective of the clouds, and the landing is the completion of an endeavor never to be outdone.

Skydiving in Ohio is the pursuit of pure adrenaline, the sport of jumping from an aircraft and into the privilege of absolute freefall, before the deployment of a parachute provides you a glimpse at the glory of the waiting world below on your way to a safe return to earth. Here at Skydiving Dayton Ohio, we understand what it is to satisfy the craving for pure, elusive adventure. Come see for yourself why our partners are some of the state’s premium options in terms of exhilaration and excitement!

If there’s fun to be had in Ohio, you’ll find it with Skydiving. Check out a complete array of skydiving services, the area’s most thorough provision of skydiving options. Our affiliate expert, on-site personnel are dedicated to the preservation of your safety and the quality of your experience. Group and holiday discounts are available for purchase as are gift cards, for those who wish to grant the gift that defies explanation. The feeling is incomparable, the elation is indescribable, and the endeavor is incontestably among the greatest your life will include! Dayton Is Your Next High-Grade Skydiving Experience!

Become a part of Dayton’s rich aviation history when you dive with the help of Dayton’s partner network: home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force and birthplace of renowned flight pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, the “Birthplace of Aviation” abounds in heritage, a haven for those whose feet are never content while on the ground. The region boasts an ideal average high temperature of 63°F, and with winds only 1 MPH faster than the national average, picture-perfect skydiving conditions await. The Dayton skies that play host to air shows year-round are now yours to experience! Catch a glimpse of the city skyline from above, outlined by the 30-floored Kettering Tower, Dayton’s tallest building.

Soar above Cuyahoga Valley National Park, home to crushed limestone trails, local waterfalls, and caves which pepper rolling hills with intrigue. Its pristine cross-country skiing trails in the winter turned maze of bike paths during the fall make for a breathtaking sight year-round. In summertime, look closely to spot a low-flying bald eagle! Fallen Timbers Battlefield, which marks the location of the pinnacle battle of the Northwest Indian War, also brims with history. Pick out monuments and wildlife alike above this site, from your spot in the skies.

Dayton’s own Aviation Heritage National Historical Park is always asking for a fly-over; often, interactive, park-sponsored exhibits transpire just outside the park grounds. Catch a glimpse of brightly-colored parachutes and eager faces as you live the view they dream of. Dayton also plays host to a spattering of regional outdoor festivals and street markets during the summertime; wine festivals, art showcases, and the like become your backdrop. After you fall through clear Dayton skies, fall for local culture, with draws Dayton Art Institute, Victoria Theater, and Carillon Historical Park only a short distance away.

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Tandem Skydiving near Dayton, Ohio

Make your first skydive a TANDEM Skydive!

Looking for more ways to experience the fun, with less work? By far the most popular skydiving option, tandem skydiving allows for all the of freedom of a skydive, all of the security and experience of a trained professional, and less hassle for you! Attached by harness to tandem instructor, the participant is guided through the engaging experience. This popular mode of skydiving is considered essential for first-time divers. We recommend skydivers wear loose-fitting clothes, with well-clasped shoes. Certified instructors ensure your safety from exit to freefall to canopy to landing, to celebration!

In preparation for tandem diving, you are helped into your harness by trained members of the dropzones staff. Our Dayton experts calm nerves, and answer any and all questions you may have over the phone. Spirits are sky-high, as you are harnessed into a suit which will clip into that of the tandem instructor, once aboard the plane. After viewing an instructional video to better familiarize yourself with the minutiae of tandem skydiving, it’s time to meet your certified instructor! Each of your instructors has made at least 500 jumps, and completed an extensive training program, before receiving his or her certification. Once you familiarize yourself with one of our amiable guides, your harness will be double-checked for security and correct fit. Next, you are fitted with diving goggles and a helmet. Feel free to take pictures to preserve the look!

After the instructor dons his flight suit and parachute, it’s time to make your way to the plane! While seated beside other divers, your plane ride will last but a short fifteen minutes, as you rise to dive height. En route to 14,000 feet, you will be briefed by an enthused instructor as to the final steps of your preparation. Again, each instructor is more than willing to answer any and all of your last-minute inquiries and hesitations. At 8,000 feet, the instructor will attach himself or herself to your harness, at four distinct points: two at the shoulders, and two more at the hips. At 10,000 feet, he or she will work their way toward the door after a final safety inspection, with you now attached to their back. The dive is imminent!

Once the plane door has been opened, the rush of the wind will meet your face, and whatever fear you experience will be instantly overrun with dynamic adrenaline. Once over the drop zone, the instructor will step from the plane. Just like that, you’re skydiving! You’ve never felt more alive. At 120 miles per hour, life rushes by at unprecedented angles. Welcome to freefall! Most first-time skydivers are amazing at the the similarity of the experience to the feeling of flying.

Freefall lasts only 45 to 60 seconds, and your only role during that time is to enjoy each and every second of the indescribable experience. Once you receive a tap on the shoulder from your instructor, you will stretch arms and legs wide, in what make for an excellent photo from above, should you elect to employ the services of a videographer. At 5,500 feet, the instructor will deploy his parachute. You can expect a sudden slowing of speed, given that you were falling near terminal velocity. At this point, your instructor will loosen the linking points at your hips, increasingly your comfort. You are again free to survey the beauty of the landscape still well beneath your feet! You spend 4-8 minutes underneath the canopy of the parachute, and given the canopy’s adept maneuverability, this is the time to spin, turn and glide to your heart’s desire, as well as to converse with your personable instructor! Many describe this portion of the skydive as their favorite, given the unprecedented view from above, and the calmness of a gradual descent. Your instructors are also more than happy to point out local items of interest, noticeable from above.

As the ground appears closer, you instructor will brief you on the easy landing process. Until the expert’s feet touch the ground, you keep your knees bent, and enjoy the ride. Once on the ground, it’s time to celebrate! You can call yourself a skydiver! Take pictures, relish the moment, and hurry back to schedule your next visit!

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Dayton, Ohio Advanced Skydiving Training

Take Your Next Step with USPA Training

Already completed your first dive? Looking to feel that rush of adrenaline again? Don’t let that memory of exhilaration fade into the past! Your next jump is only a decision away. Upgrade your fun with advanced training, and establish yourself as a fully certified USPA solo skydiver! It’s as easy as earning your “A License” – your ticket to skydiving solo at any USPA-approved skydiving location worldwide, including any and all partner sites! Reception of the license necessitates the completion of 25 dives, supplemented by USPA training through learned proficiency in eight distinctive fields. Your “A License” is the first step toward earning access to more advanced skydiving certification!

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) issues four progressive skydiving licenses, levels A through D, each indicative of additional training, mastery of technique, and experience. To receive your A license, you need only the experience of 25 dives, as well as the complementary classroom time! Dayton is here to help turn that dream into a reality. Check out the advanced training courses necessary to certify you as a USPA solo skydiver! If you possess the dedication and the work ethic necessary to check Certified Skydiver from your bucket list, this endeavor is for you!

Through Accelerated Freefall (AFF) at Dayton partnered sites, you can, at your own pace, achieve your license. Also available at select locations is Tandem Progression, an alternative method of skydive training specifically catered to your preferred pace of learning.

You will enjoy the entire process with the help of our fully certified skydiving crew. Our partners hire only the top certified instructors available, each of whom has completed extensive amounts of skydiving protocol training, making them each more than capable of ensuring your safety, security, and serenity during the learning process in its entirety. Make a USPA solo skydiving certification the next step between you and the freedom to freefall the skies!

Dayton, Ohio Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Training

Enrolling in Accelerated Free Fall Training

Make your next jump an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) jump, where skydiving takes a leap toward independence. Instituted in 1982, AFF is a dynamic method of skydiving wherein the jumper learns first the basic approach to skydiving logistics, progressing toward more advanced concepts on the way to solo skydiving certification. First, you will enjoy training sessions specifically designed to allow you to accrue specific skydiving-relevant skills, immediately pertinent during the jumps themselves. After such classroom time is successfully completed, you will join instructors for your first dive! Dives typically begin at 10,000 to 15,000 feet. With increased responsibility comes a parallel increase in adrenaline!

Two qualified skydiving experts will jump beside you, gripping your harness during the initial stages of the jump. First Accelerated freefall dives include freefalls just shy of a minute in duration. The presence of two dedicated divers per student allows for mental security and physical freedom, as one experiences the same rush of air that makes diving itself worth its preparation. Your accompanying instructors will allow you to enjoy a stable descent, as you collectively employ the skills first demonstrated and mastered during ground lessons.

Once the student demonstrates correct ripcord pull technique on practice ripcords and descends to the altitude of around 4,000 to 5,000 feet, he or she is are allowed the liberty of deploying the canopy, at which time instructors deploy their own parachutes at a safe distance. Communication between student and instructors occur through two mediums: first, pre-established hand signals remind the student of rudimentary steps in the landing process which in the moment may seem difficult. Second, Dayton provides two-way radio contact between divers and instructors, to allow for personalized advice, instruction, encouragement, and guidance. For additional safety, extra canopy deployment handles are installed on training harnesses, allowing certified experts the liberty of activating the parachutes of students, whenever they feel as though circumstances warrant such an intervention. Canopy direction is controlled only by the diver, allowing students more control than ever before in their own descent.

Students at Dayton will progress through seven levels of AFF, receiving credit for the completion of objectives once proficiency in basic skills has been demonstrated. The first three levels of Accelerated Freefall necessitate the presence of two certified instructors to jump alongside of you; such jumps allow for the practice of basic skydiving techniques under the watchful guidance of our Dayton experts. Level three marks the first time that you will participate in freefall without the grip of an instructor’s guiding hand. Items like body position, freefall tactics, canopy flight, and hand signals are all monitored and achieved.

Levels four through seven of Accelerated Freefall warrant only a single accompanying instructor, and will teach you increasingly advanced in-air techniques. Students learn aerial maneuvers, including turns, flips, and control of individual fall rate. Once level seven is surpassed, students progress to an informal “Level 8” stage, where in groups they partake in the remaining necessary skydives between them and solo skydiving certification! Take more responsibility than ever before for a safe landing here at Dayton with Advanced Freefall dives, the next step between you and skydiving mastery!

Dayton, Ohio Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Remain Safely Tethered with Tandem Progression

This method of skydiving is a gentle introduction to the sport of skydiving, from basic techniques to complicated maneuvers. Ground school exists as the first step of Tandem Progression, where you will learn emergency procedures, as well as freefall and canopy control techniques. After you are introduced to safety equipment, training jumps begin!

You will be taught various freefall movements during your first two dives, as a certified instructor aids you in the deployment your canopy and the control of your descent. In the air, you will master techniques first practiced in ground school. Your third tandem jump will allow you the opportunity to monitor your own freefall, activate your own parachute, and manage your own descent! You will choose the appropriate landing area, and perform correct landing techniques, authorized but unassisted by experts.

Two AFF jumps will follow, during which you will be allowed more responsibility. You will jump from the plane while held by the instructor, this time with an increased focus on advanced versions of altitude monitoring, and constant critique on bodily positioning. Radio assistance will be provided post-canopy deployment, to accurately return you to the correct area of landing.

Now increasingly familiar with skydiving, you will perform two additional AFF jumps, during which you will execute controlled turns of 90, 180, and 360 degrees. These falls also include an exit from the aircraft unassisted by the instructor, which allow you to build confidence in your own exit techniques. At this point, you are only one AFF skydive from completion of the program! One final jump follows, which many divers regard as their favorite of the tandem progressions! Your instructor is present during all aspects of the dive as a formality, and you will perform aerial movements which include barrel rolls and front-loops. You will descend unassisted, utilizing your now-advanced canopy skills, and on the ground you will receive formal recognition as a proficient skydiver!

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Dayton Skydiving Video Packages

Relive the Experience with Available Video Packages

Want to ensure that your adventure with is truly unforgettable? With video packages available for tandem skydiving, accelerated freefall, and tandem progression dives, not a moment of adrenaline is left uncaptured.

Don’t let the memory of freefalling with the nation’s best skydiving agency slip away from you.

Take advantage of the best video package offered statewide, with the help of professional videographers. These dedicated experts spend the day beside you, from pre-flight preparations to freefall to post-landing celebration. Your initial nerves and harness fitting are captured in high-quality audio and video, as is every subsequent moment of the thrilling endeavor. The videographer boards the plane alongside you, capturing every moment of your flight to 14,000 feet, from your conversations with certified instructors to the opening of the plane’s door to the moment of escape. When your feet leave the airplane bay, the videographer will follow, capturing every glorious second of your freefall. His jump will slow with yours to capture constant footage of your canopy-assisted descent, from parachute deployment to touchdown. Any sights you have have missed as a result of your unadulterated 360-degree panorama above picturesque Ohio, his lenses will confidently capture, for your future viewing enjoyment. Your return to earth and subsequent celebration will all be captured on camera, packaged in high-resolution video format for your future viewing pleasure. Relive your entire experience with the help of our videographers, in the best skydiving recapture service offered anywhere!

Looking for an affordable, up-close capture of your adventure? Check out dynamic GoPro packages, an alternative means to capture the adrenaline of every impending moment. Your instructor, riding tandem beside you, will don a GoPro, a high-definition sports action camera that will document uninterrupted footage of your jump. This perspective will capture each and every intimate detail of your dive via the privilege of a close-up lens. Package all the intensity of a skydiving experience with the GoPro package, to ensure no facial expression goes unrecorded.

On-site professional video editors carefully remaster the quality footage of your visit, and finalize your video package. Videos are available in multiple formats, all of which are easily shareable on social media platforms. You, your family, and your friends will love rewatching the priceless capture of an equally priceless experience. Take the adrenaline home with you with video packages!

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Dayton Skydiving Gift Certificates

Treat Someone You Know to a Skydiving Gift Certificate

Not sure what to gift your loved ones on special occasions? Want to give that gift everyone will be talking about? The gift of skydiving is an experience unlike any other, one sure to have them thanking you for your thoughtfulness. Get in touch with Dayton today to determine the gift certificate packages offered. To give the gift of freefall is to present to friends and to family the chance to live what might otherwise remain for them a dream!

Gift certificates are available primarily for Tandem Skydiving packages (the most popular offer), but are also available for select Accelerated Freefall dives. Certificates are valid for two years after their purchase, allowing the receiver to select the opportune date to take advantage of our exclusive gift certificate packages. gift certificates can be purchased both online, and at any affiliate site; certificates are redeemable at any one of more than eighty affiliate sites nationwide, as well as online during the purchasing process!

Certificates are also entirely transferable! Not able to redeem the gift certificate yourself? Do you know someone who can’t find the opportunity to use the gift of skydiving through the rush of air? Transferable gift certificates ensure that the gift of unparalleled thrill may be redeemed and experienced by any available, willing party. Helpful Customer Service representatives are available seven days a week, in order to assist you with all of your purchasing needs, and to answer any and all questions. Prospective purchasers of both gift certificates and skydiving packages alike are encouraged to call, to receive more information on specific gift packages, and to order the gift certificate package that best suits your immediate interests!

Want more options? Today, gift certificates can also be used to purchase HD video packages! Give friends and family the gift of preserving what will inevitably prove one of life’s highlights, with Dayton gift certificates, now redeemable for any of the high-definition video packages. Whether you want the talents of a videographer by your side, or the services of a GoPro to capture every moment of the jump, gift certificates accurately capture those valuable memories.

Tandem and AFF level 1 skydives, paired with video packages or without, are available for purchase in certificate form both online and on-site. Allow for the experience and memory of adrenaline, the product of Dayton, to be relived again and again!

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Everyone seeks a fun way to alleviate boredom from time to time. Make this fun solution a thrilling one with a skydiving adventure! This unique affiliate location in Ohio offers amazing aerial views that can not be beat. Whether you are a first time jumper or are seeking a way to advance your skydiving skills beyond their current level, we’ll set you up with a skydive just for you. Seeking a way to encapsulate your skydive forever? Check out some amazing Video Packages! This option is available for beginner dives and provide yet another great reason to appease your inner thrill seeker while in Ohio. Ready to jump and feel the atmosphere swiftly change during your descent? Let us know!

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