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At Columbia, we can set you up with a variety of skydiving services available to you. You will be jumping out of a plane and soaring down to the ground before you know it. With a Tandem jump, even complete newbies to the sport can experience the full skydiving experience. Plus, there is Advanced Training options for individuals who want to become lifelong, certified skydivers. Why not break the mold with a skydiving thrill?

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Give us a call at 803-567-3137!

At Columbia, we have a wide array of skydiving services available to you. You will be jumping out of a plane and soaring down to the ground before you know it. With one of our Tandem jumps, even complete newbies to the sport can experience the full skydiving experience. Plus, Columbia Skydiving offers Advanced Training options for individuals who want to become lifelong, certified skydivers. Why not break the mold with a skydiving thrill?

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Columbia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Columbia, South Carolina
Columbia Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages in Columbia, South Carolina
Columbia Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving in Columbia, South Carolina

Are you looking for your next great adventure? Are you ready to do something some only dream of, yet alone try? Then, a skydiving experience with Columbia partners is the best place to go. Even if you’ve never done anything wild before in your life, going skydiving is accessible to you right here in the great state of South Carolina. You will feel so proud of yourself and have an undeniably awesome experience that you’re sure to remember.

Insane Skydiving Experiences!

Columbia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Columbia, South Carolina

Tandem Skydiving

Even if you’ve never been up in a plane before or done anything related to flying or extreme sports, you can jump right into a skydiving adventure! Tandem Skydives are the ideal way to introduce yourself to skydiving while still being safe and secure. You will be harnessed to a licensed skydiving instructors through the whole jump and free fall. Why not give yourself the adventure you’ve been waiting for? Learn more…

Columbia Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Columbia, South Carolina

Advanced Skydiving Training

For those of you who have adventure running through your veins and want to become lifelong skydivers, check out the Advanced Training options. These “skydiving school”courses will get you United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified to be a solo skydiver and take your free fall adventures all over the country. You can have experiences in one or both Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression. If you’ve got nerve and heart, you will be a certified skydiver in no time! Learn more…

Columbia Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Columbia, South Carolina

Video Packages

How will I remember this experience and share it? You might be asking yourself this question, but have no fear. Columbia partner video packages are here! There are a couple of different options for you. These videos also come in easy to use formats that can be shared on social media. So, you can show everyone you know your bravery and skills! Add a video package to your skydive and relive the experience over and over! Learn more…

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Do you live and work near Columbia, South Carolina? If so, then you have a perfect opportunity to have a skydiving adventure in the area. You can finally enjoy the best skydiving experience and team along with the full range of skydiving services. You will be flying through the SC skies and then free falling through those skies with world class instructors. So, if you are someone who is a thrill-seeker, adventure-lover, or gravity-defier, you can have a skydiving experience and get your fix with us.

Tandem Skydives are a preferred choice for those of you who are new to the skydiving experience. These are a great way to introduce yourself to the sport and have a new adventure. Also, there is a skydiving school, also called Advanced Training, which will help you achieve your goal of becoming a USPA certified solo skydiver.

For those looking to give a gift that will shock and awe, Columbia offers skydiving gift certificates. Plus, if you need to get a hold of us, one of our customer service agents is available seven days a week. We also have holiday and group discounts.

So, what is holding you back from doing something that will change your life?

Columbia Is a Stunning Place for a Skydiving Adventure!

Columbia is the beautiful capital of South Carolina and the largest city in the state. This means there is no shortage of things to do and try in this green, diverse city. You can visit the South Carolina state capitol building and learn about the history and politics of the region.

Sitting near the Saluda River and the Broad River, the city offers great vistas of riverside scenery. The two rivers merge together to become the larger Congaree River. With all of this riverfront estate, you can enjoy a stroll along the riverbanks and view the beauty of all the greenery and plants around it.

Along with all of the riverside nature to be found in Columbia, the city is also next to the Congaree National Park. This national park is a great place to have a canoeing adventure. For those who like the outdoors but enjoy a bit more of a landscaped look, the Finlay Park has beautiful swings and man-made waterfalls.

If you have kids or are just a kid at heart, there are some great places to go in Columbia. There is the EdVenture learning center that offers hand-on learning for kids. Also, you could check out the Riverbanks Zoo and learn more about wildlife.

For those who are interested in art and culture, there is the Koger Center for the Arts. This event center hosts a wide array of different theater, music, and arts events. There is also the Columbia Museum of Arts which features different exhibits. Furthermore, The Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum focuses on American history.

There are many events, experiences, and parks to check out in Columbia, and you will be amazed as you learn more about all the city has to offer. You could consider planning a fun, weekend trip where you explore the city where you live and work. And, if you are wanting to take your Columbia experience up a notch, you could end your Columbia journey with a free falling, skydiving jump! From the skies, you may see the tall buildings of downtown and the rivers converging. Cities look completely different from high above as you fly up in the plane to the jump point. The view will take your breath away and give you a better understanding and appreciation of the landscape and design of the area.

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Columbia Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Columbia, South Carolina

Experience Skydiving as a Beginner with a Tandem Skydive!

When you were a kid, did you ever watch movies or read comics about superheroes? Or maybe you were a big fan of action movies? In these films and comics, there are so many scenes of skilled, trained men and women jumping out of planes carrying out daring deeds to save the world.

While you probably won’t be saving the world, you could have your own scene straight out of an action movie with aTandem Skydive. You will be jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air and free falling toward the ground with just a parachute to slow you down. This is the ultimate adrenaline rush, and you will definitely feel like some sort of superman or woman while you experience this adventure.

A Tandem Skydive at Columbia partnered dropzones will allow you to defy gravity and spread your wings with very little training. You don’t have to go through days and weeks of instruction to experience the extreme sport of skydiving. With a Tandem dive, you will be jumping out of a plane the same day you arrive. While you will need some training, it will take less than a few hours, and then you will be good to go.

A Tandem Skydive is a dive where the student is harnessed to a licensed skydiving instructor. The instructor will be connected to the student throughout the skydive process. This means you can feel at ease knowing that your instructor is orchestrating the jump and you don’t have to be in charge of it. They are experts who have been skydiving for years and are fully certified. The instructors are fun to work with and more than willing to answer your questions and do whatever they can to make your skydive great. Your instructor will guide the jump from the plane, the free fall, the pulling of the parachute, and the landing of the dive.

If you are still feeling unsure about the ins-and-outs of the process and how it will go, the skydiving experts can soothe your worries. You can expect to show up to the skydiving facility the day of your jump and then go through ground school instruction. This on-the-ground training will last a few hours and is an essential part of the skydiving process. Every person who does this training should pay close attention and treat it seriously. But, also, feel free to get psyched about your upcoming jump and to enjoy yourself.

After the instruction, you will go through the process of getting your gear on. This may take a bit of time. Then, you will fly up in the plane with your instructor and any others in your group. You will jump out and begin your free fall! The free fall portion typically lasts for around one minute.

Here Are Some Other General Things to Keep in Mind About What to Do, Wear, and Expect the Day of Your First Skydive.

  • The age requirement for skydiving in the state of South Carolina is 18 years old.

  • You must bring a valid form of ID to the skydiving facility the day of your jump.

  • Skydivers on Tandem dives cannot weigh more than 225 pounds. The equipment used for the Tandem dives can only support a certain amount of weight.

  • As mentioned earlier, you will go through training before getting up in the air. So, plan on your skydiving adventure lasting most of the day.

  • You can take pictures on the ground, but you will not be able to take camera or phones up in the plane. Don’t worry though. There are video packages to ensure you always remember your skydive!

  • Consider taking motion sickness medication beforehand if this is something you know is an issue for you.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable, loose-fitting, and won’t get in your way.

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable and close-toed. No sandals or flip-flops.

  • Most importantly, be prepared to have a great time!

You can skydive right in South Carolina with a safe Tandem Skydive! Make your adrenaline-filled dreams come true and give it a shot!

Build upon Your Set of Skydiving Skills! Call Columbia 843-790-3443 Today!

Columbia Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Columbia, South Carolina

Skydive over and over Again While Becoming Certified!

Are you the type of person who like to be the best? Do you like to push yourself farther and harder than is expected of you? Or maybe you are just someone who needs to have adventures all the time. You don’t want to just do something outside of the box a few times in your life, right? You want to experience new thrills and adventures on a monthly or weekly basis!

If this sounds like you, then consider signing up for one of the best Advanced Training courses. These courses will get you certified to become a USPA solo skydiver who has the ability to skydive all over the country. You will be able to skydive again and again in South Carolina and even take your skydiving skills to many other cities from coast to coast.

There are two common, yet different methods of skydiving training available. The first is the popular Accelerated Free Fall, or AFF, training program. This is the fastest way to become a certified skydiver and start a promising career or lifelong hobby doing this amazing extreme sport. For those of you who want to experience skydiving training at a more methodical pace, then there is Tandem Progression training courses. You will achieve your goal of becoming a certified solo skydiver with either route, so it just depends on which one works best for you. A team of skilled, friendly instructors will help you on your way and impart their knowledge of skydiving to you.

Are you ready to take your skydiving world to new heights?

Columbia Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Columbia, South Carolina

Get Certified Quickly with an AFF Training Program! Columbia knows that your time is valuable and that you are busy. What with school, work, family, hobbies, and all the other things you have to do and want to do, it can be hard to fit one more thing into your schedule. That’s why an Accelerated Free Fall training program is a great way to get your USPA skydiving certification. This is the most efficient, fastest way to become fully certified. You will definitely be able to fit this training into your schedule, and you will be done faster than you would expect.

AFF training through Columbia will help get you to your goal of skydiving by yourself in South Carolina and all across the United States. This training program is fast paced and intense. It’s perfect for adventure seekers who are ready to apply themselves and take on a challenge. The idea is to be presented with a lot of information quickly and “jump right in” the training. Some people learn best while doing, so this method of training will get you started doing skydives quickly. But, don’t worry, your instructor will still be right there the whole time to keep you safe.

You will be jumping out of a plane at heights of around 10,000 to 15,000 feet above the ground. This is exciting and thrilling, and you will get to jump multiple times throughout the course of the training program.

Another part of the AFF training that makes it accelerated is that each student has one or two instructors who are devoted to their training. This makes it easier to learn the information and get individualized instruction. Your instructors will get to know you and be able to help you learn quickly. Plus, you will be able to ask a lot of questions and learn from them as you talk.

What is AFF training like?

You may be wondering what the training process is actually like. There are general levels, or steps, that every student goes through in an AFF program. But, of course, every person is different, so it may take longer or shorter periods of time depending on what the individual student is ready for. The instructors will determine when it is safe for the student to graduate to the next level of training.

The first level of training is called Ground School instruction. This is when the student learns lots of information and what to expect before going up in the air to skydive. This portion usually lasts around a few hours.

The second step of training is Harness Hold Training. This is when the instructor keeps a hold onto the student’s harness during the jump until the parachute is deployed. The instructor will also stay close by to help deploy the parachute if needed.

The third level is referred to as Release Dives. The student demonstrates that they are able to pull their own canopy during this tier of training. The instructor also makes sure that the student can adequately manage the free fall.

The final or fourth step of training is demonstrating final proficiency. This is when the instructor evaluates the student’s ability to manage all aspects of the jump.

At the end of training, the student can get their USPA license and be able to skydive as an expert skydiver in cities all over the country! You will be well on your way to becoming a pro with AFF skydiving training!

Columbia Skydiving - Columbia, South Carolina Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Check out Tandem Progression Training!

Another method of skydiving training called Tandem Progression. While AFF training is the most common way to get certified, Tandem Progression is also a viable option. Some people like to take their training a bit slower, and we understand this. Because of this, dropzones offer different courses for different individuals with varying needs. Both of these programs will get the student certified as a USPA solo skydiver upon completion, so it really is just about choosing the best option for you.

At Columbia partners, the Tandem Progression training courses are also taught by expert, professional instructors. They will be happy to answer your questions and will guide you through each step of training.

The training in a Tandem Progression program is similar to AFF except it involves one extra step. In Tandem Progression courses, the student will participate in a series of Tandem dives with an instructor first. Then, after completing this portion of the training, the student will transition into the same training program and steps that are executed in the AFF program.

Tandem Progression is a great way to get certified as a solo skydiver! This is a slower paced method of training that works well for some individuals.

Become USPA Certified to Skydive! Contact Columbia at 843-790-3443!

Columbia Skydiving - Columbia, South Carolina Skydiving Video Packages

Add a Video Package to Any of Your Skydives!

As you prepare for your skydiving adventure, there are probably a lot of thoughts running through your your mind. You are probably a bit nervous if it is your first time skydiving, which means you might be wondering how you are going to catch your big, brave act on camera. It obviously doesn’t work to bring your camera or phone and hold it while free falling thousands of feet in the air. But, you want to be able to show your friends and family your experience and prove to them that you are beyond cool and a risk taker. Also, you want to be able to see yourself skydiving and be able to post video of yourself on your social media.

Don’t sweat it! There are video packages that can be easily added to any of the skydives. One of these video packages will solve all of your concerns about recording and remembering your skydiving experience. We know you want to be able to share your awe-inspiring adventure with everyone you know. So, don’t worry. You will be able to share your skydiving video on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, or whatever other social media site you prefer.

All dropzones typically have a couple of different video packages, so you have some options about which one works best for you.

The first option is the popular GoPro video package. This option is affordable, which makes it a common choice for many people. With this video package, your skydiving instructor will wear a GoPro and film your skydive up-close-and-personal. This will give you a video with a point of view that is very similar to yours while you were skydiving.

The second video package option is a videographer. This is the best video experience you can get with a skydive. A videographer will jump alongside you and land before you to be able to capture your landing and celebratory dances and jumps for joy. Your videographer will capture you before the jump, in the airplane, during the jump, and after the jump. This is a truly professional, unique video you will treasure for years to come.

No matter which video package you choose, you can be sure you will be getting a quality video that is easy to share. You will love impressing family and friends with your video because they will get to see you in skydiving action. Plus, you will get to watch your video over and over and enjoy all the moments and memories of your skydive.

Give Columbia a Call at 843-790-3443 to Add a Video Package to Your Jump!

Columbia Skydiving - Columbia, South Carolina Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give Someone You Love the Gift of Adventure!

It can be a little stressful to pick out the perfect gift for someone you love. This process is especially nerve-wracking if you love giving someone just the right gift that they will remember and love for years to come. There are lots of great gift ideas out there, and everyone is different. But, in general, experiences are what we really remember. That amazing vacation or exciting experience you receive every once in awhile is more memorable than an object most of the time. So, why not consider giving a gift that will be thrilling and offer your loved one a new perspective? With a Columbia gift certificate, you can do just that very thing!

If you know someone who deserves an adventure or someone who has always craved an adventure like skydiving, then this gift certificate is sure to be a showstopper. You could give this gift certificate for any occasion, from a holiday to a birthday to an anniversary. Maybe you know your best friend deserves a break from the daily grind. Or maybe your spouse deserves something special to let you know how much you care about them. A skydiving gift certificate is a great way to give an unforgettable gift your loved one is sure to thank you for!

Gift certificates from Columbia are also easily used and include many flexible features. You don’t have to worry about your loved one not being able to use their gift certificate as they will have time to do so. They will be able to use their gift certificate at a time that’s best for their schedule.

Our gift certificates come with many different features, including:
  • They are fully transferrable.
  • They can be used for two years after the date they are bought.
  • They can be used at over 80 locations across the United States. Columbia partners with a large network of skydiving facilities.
  • Our gift certificates can be used for video packages, AFF training programs, and Tandem Skydives.
  • Our customer service representatives are also available by phone seven days of the week. You won’t need to wait over the weekend to get more information or get help about these gift certificates. Call Columbia whenever is convenient. Our team is happy to help.

If you are looking for the perfect present for your loved one, then a gift certificate from Columbia is a great route to take. You will love seeing how happy your family member or friend is, and they will be happy to get the experience of a wonderful adventure!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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You have Tandem Skydives for beginners and Advanced Training options for those looking to become certified skydivers! If you are in need of a gift to give a loved one, one of our gift certificates is sure to please. You can also add a video package to any of the skydiving options to remember your adventure for years to come.

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