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The view from 14,000 feet is better than ever with the Skydiving.com Chicago network! With an exclusive variety of personalized services meant to provide a premium skydiving experience, Chicago Skydiving’s affiliate dedicated team aims to help you experience a thrill-seeker’s dream. Your search for the perfect adventure is over; you won’t find heart-stopping adventure like this anywhere else! Let Skydiving.com partners prove their status as the state’s leading skydiving agencies!

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Fall for the free fall here at Skydiving.com Chicago!
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Fall for the free fall here at Skydiving.com Chicago!
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The view from 14,000 feet is better than ever with Skydiving.com Chicago! With an exclusive variety of personalized services meant to provide a premium skydiving experience, our dedicated team aims to help you experience a thrill-seeker’s dream. Your search for the perfect adventure is over; you won’t find heart-stopping adventure like this anywhere else! Let Skydiving.com Chicago prove its status as the state’s leading skydiving agency!

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Chicago Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Chicago, Illinois
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Don’t wait to book your life-changing visit, call 1-800-XXX-XXXX! Our dedicated Customer Service team is available seven days a week to answer all of your questions, and to craft a skydiving package to your ideal specifications. Or, book your adventure online, with our easy-to-use online platform! It only takes a minute to choose a thrill set to last you a lifetime, when you select our partner site as your next exciting outing! Find out why Skydiving.com Chicago will transform your definition of a good time, when you book a visit today!

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Chicago Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Chicago, Illinois

Tandem Skydiving

Looking to experience all of the fun with none of the work? The Tandem skydiving package is the way to go! Tandem skydiving is the perfect excuse to let someone else pick up the slack. Harnessed to but not inhibited by a certified instructor, your free fall, canopy-assisted descent, and landing are all logistics handled by the professional skydiving beside you. Keep the best for yourself with our Tandem skydiving jump! Learn more…

Chicago Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Chicago, Illinois

Skydiving Certification

If you’re looking to take the next step in your budding skydiving career, the advanced training jumps put you on the fast track toward earning your United States Parachute Association (USPA) solo skydiving certification. Participate in informative, dynamic skydiving sessions augmented by engaging classroom work, and find the learning pace that best suits you! Skydiving.com Chicago partners can offer inviting learning conditions, turning your advanced training jumps into your lifelong memories. Learn more…

Chicago Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Chicago, Illinois

Video Packages

Turn the experience into a shared memory that you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come! With our exclusive, high-definition video packages, you can take a life-changing experience anywhere, to re-experience the adrenaline that first made the moment a priceless one. These wildly popular video packages include the services of a professional, onsite videographer, and an affordable GoPro option, to capture uninterrupted footage of your finest moments. Learn more…

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To skydive near Chicago is to exist in the vast minority of the population, those who don’t allow their fears to inhibit their dreams. Skydiving by definition changes your life from above your world, as for the first time you witness the earth as few men will ever see it. The experience is made sweeter by the bliss of adrenaline, coupled by the rapid rush of air against your skin, in an experience many skydivers describe as the closest man will ever come to achieving flight.

From the moment you step onsite, to the moment you launch into your post-landing celebration, we remain entirely dedicated to providing you a pure, exciting experience, while simultaneously maintaining your personal safety at every stage of the breathtaking endeavor. Group and holiday discounts are also available, enabling you to take full advantage of a wide variety of high-quality services, guided by fully-trained certified instructors. We understand that your trust in us to deliver only the best skydiving adventure is a warranted one, given that a pristine skydiving history and undying adherence to proven success in the sky makes for an unforgettable experience!

Find the Best Skydiving near Chicago!

You won’t find a better location for your next skydiving adventure than Illinois’ “Windy City”! Home to the Cubs and former United States President Barack Obama, the area now plays host to another renowned attraction, where you can experience the finest form of entertainment in its best setting yet!

With an average high temperature of nearly 60°F, Chicago boasts the perfect continental climate for your skydiving needs. The city’s healthy average rainfall clears the skies of pollution, and its close proximity to Lake Michigan makes for breezy summers and mild winters.

You’ll find no shortage of landmarks at which to marvel during your skydiving experience. Catch a glimpse of Navy Pier, a sight from above which only enhances the visual experience of your skydiving endeavor. Spot the wide array of shops, rides and restaurants which characterize the carnival setting. From there it’s a short turn of the head to spot Millennium Park, the near-25 acre expanse of natural beauty set in the Loop community.

Those winds you’re riding? They’re brought to you courtesy of Lake Michigan! The shoreline will open up beneath your feet while you slowly drift toward the earth; during busy months, the location is alive with tourists, beachgoers and those who want to enrich their Chicago experience!

Your view of the Windy City wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of the Willis Tower. Formerly known as the Sears Tower, once the second-tallest building in the United States, the Willis Tower stands an impressive 110 floors in height, a majesty completed in the 1970s. Close by is the 900 North Michigan skyscraper, the 31st tallest building in the country, host to 900 North Michigan Shops!

Your stay in Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a sighting of Wrigley Field, the iconic home to the now World Series Champion Chicago Cubs! Complete with its ivy-covered walls and traditional scoreboard, Wrigley Field stands as a testament to the timelessness of one of America’s pastimes. Witness to history itself during your thrilling skydiving experience, a landmark location in both historical and aesthetic regard.

Potentially soar nearly above the Lincoln Park Zoo which houses the state’s impressive collection of exotic animals from all reaches of life. This free-admission attraction makes for the perfect sight from thousands of feet overhead, composing part of the perfect panoramic view that is a free falling experience!

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Chicago Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Chicago, Illinois

Skydive Tandem near Chicago!

If you’re looking for a skydiving experience that has you enjoying all of the fun with none of the work, then the Tandem skydiving packages are calling your name! This dynamic experience package gifts you all the fun and the freedom which you experience when skydiving, without the need to worry about any details. The logistical aspects of your skydive are handled by professionals! Our affiliate certified experts are trained and tested, and can promise you uncompromising safety for the entirety of your visit. Come experience Tandem skydiving to learn the true definition of hassle-free excitement!

Perfect for first-time skydivers, premium-grade Tandem skydiving at Skydiving.com Chicago partner locations allows you to dive tandem to, but not in the least inhibited by, a trained skydiving expert. He or she will answer any and all of your questions, dispel any nerves, skydive beside you, and celebrate with you after your skydive is complete! From classroom preparation to the completion of your jump, your personal instructor makes both the quality of your visit and the security of your experience his or her utmost priority. You’ll be amazed how simple skydiving becomes when you have a dedicated instructor to streamline your preparation!

You will first be introduced to your instructor upon your arrival at the dropzone. At that time, he or she will answer any of your initial questions, and may even assist in guiding you through your short, pre-dive information session! Once your session is completed and you are well aware of his duties and your own, it’s off to receive your skydiving harness!

As your instructor helps you into the secure harness and explains its safety features, feel free to snap a picture; it’s a great moment to remember! Your instructor will also point out the four points of attachment which, during Tandem skydiving, will fasten your body to his: two clasps at the shoulders, and two more at the hips. These attachments will allow you to skydive side-by-side with a verified expert, while the freedom of your dive is not compromised in the least by their presence.

After introductions are completed, you and your instructor will walk together to the airplane, where you will meet the eager faces of other skydivers! Seated next to your instructor, you will briefly discuss, as the airplane reaches optimum skydive height, what you can expect at 14,000 feet. A few minutes before you are to jump, your instructor will shuffle toward you, clipping his harness to yours, and thoroughly check all points of contact for their security.

Before you know it, the airplane door is open! You can see the clear Illinois sky waiting for you to join in the adventure. At that moment, whatever inhibition you’re experiencing will be instantly overrun by the bliss of adrenaline. After receiving clearance from the pilot and ensuring you are prepared, your instructor will work his way to the edge of the plane. And suddenly, you’re in the air, and you’re skydiving!

The feeling is unparalleled: the rush of the air past your face, the adrenaline coursing through your excited veins, the elation of it all. You’ll find yourself wallowing in adrenaline and energy! During your 45-60 seconds of free fall, when you will approach terminal velocity, you have only a single obligation: enjoy each and every moment of your experience! These are the moments you live for.

Once you and your instructor have reached an altitude of roughly 5,500 feet, you will experience a quick decrease in your ascent, as your parachute is deployed. Your instructor may even allow you the opportunity to pull the ripcord! As you float gently to the earth beneath your extended canopy, make sure you take in all of the sights beneath your feet! The slowly approaching Illinois backdrop will be well worth your attention, we promise.

At this point, feel free to converse with your instructor! Ask him or her to point out local landmarks on the ground. Or, make awe your priority, and marvel at the contour of the Illinois landscape. Your instructor may offer you the opportunity to pilot the parachute’s directional movement, as he or she teaches you the basics in canopy-controlled descent.

Once your feet are near the ground, your instructor will remind you of the landing tactics with which you first became familiar during ground school. Just like that, you’ve landed safely on welcoming soil, and it’s time to bust out your best post-landing dance move! When you skydive Tandem, let us handle the logistics. Your job? Experience the joy of the free fall!

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Chicago Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Chicago, Illinois

Take the Next Jump with Advanced Skydiving Training!

Already had the privilege of enjoying skydiving services? Now, is the time to experience more of what we are all about, by checking out advanced skydiving training! These advanced skydiving training courses offer you a unique blend of skydiving sessions characterized by all of the same adrenaline you experienced during your first visit. These sessions are complemented by dynamic classroom sessions, in order to provide you the greatest balance of information and experience.

Choose one of the Accelerated Free Fall courses for fast-track learning toward your “A License”. Or, indulge in the glory of Tandem Progression, a unique type of advanced skydiving training which allows you the comfort of learning at your own pace, under the watchful eyes of multiple instructors.

The best part? With advanced skydiving training, you’re well on your way toward earning your USPA solo skydiving certification! It’s just as easy earning your USPA A License; with this certification, you will be cleared to skydive solo at any one of our 80+ Skydiving.com affiliate sites nationwide, or wherever your USPA certification is accepted! With the increase in responsibility which solo skydiving necessitates comes a parallel increase in adrenaline and excitement! Become the master of your own free fall when you complete the advanced skydiving training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your skydiving career, then the unparalleled advanced skydiving training offered is yours for the taking. Take advantage of the best instruction around, from extensively trained Skydiving.com partner professionals who seek to make you proficient in the art of free fall! 14,000 feet only gets better when you allow us the privilege of training you in the practice of advanced skydiving!

Chicago Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Chicago, Illinois

Face Freedom Faster with Accelerated Free Fall!

The shortest distance between you and skydiving proficiency is Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). Offered in a wide variety of options, AFF combines the thrill of leaping from an airplane into the waiting arms of adrenaline, via an easy learning curve which precedes your certification. Accelerated Free Fall courses aim to make you the master of the sky, on your way to receiving your A License, as a recognized USPA solo skydiver!

This intensive course is completed with the specific directive of earning your USPA solo skydiving certification. Instructors work out an instructional pace that best suits your individual preferences, making for an experience unique in both excitement and education. You will experience the same thrill you first found in the skies, with a more intensive approach toward your education and progression as a budding skydiver.

The AFF packages allow you the opportunity to make your first few educational skydives, after brief classroom sessions, under the guidance of multiple instructors. During your first two dives, you will exit the airplane under the direction of those instructors, and will perform a series of rudimentary maneuvers in the air, as you take your first few steps toward controlling your descent. Your trained instructors will each dive with a grip on your harness, allowing you the freedom to practice the art of skydiving and the security to rely on their experience.

Once you reach an altitude conducive to canopy-assisted descent, your parachute will be deployed, and your instructors will relinquish their grip on your pack, allowing you the freedom to descend from that point unassisted, landing under their distanced instruction. During each dive, your instructors will communicate with you using a series of easy hand gestures. Selective dives may also employ the use of two-way radios, to facilitate easier communication.

Your subsequent jumps will allow you the opportunity to build upon your fast-learned skydiving talents. Instructors will maintain a grip on your harness, and will teach you various safety measures, followed by increasingly advanced skydiving techniques, including all manners of managed free fall, as well as the most effective means of piloting your canopy once it is deployed. During these intermediate dives, you will be released by your instructor at a predetermined moment during your dive, allowing you to practice in-air maneuvers under the watch, but not immediate control, of skydiving experts.

Advanced jumps follow, during which your instructors will perfect your body control, and teach you various other in-air maneuvers, including turns and exciting flips! At this point, you will most likely be allowed by your instructor to self-supervise, meaning that for the most, if not all, of the remaining experience, you will practice skydiving techniques independent of their immediate grasp.

Graduation from the Accelerated Free Fall program is determined by your instructor, after which time you need only complete the necessary remaining dives between you and the 25 jumps necessary for your USPA solo skydiving certification!

Accelerated Free Fall is the quickest means by which you obtain your clearance to dive solo, via your A License. As always, instructors will work at a pace you approve, and will cater to your specifications, creating for you a personalized study program where the skies are your classroom. Skydiving sessions augmented by educational sessions are meant to prepare you for solo skydives nationwide, during which time your discretion is the only thing that separates you from the adrenaline of the skies! Let us make your AFF training a short distance between you and skydiving freedom!

Chicago Skydiving - Chicago, Illinois Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn at Your Own Speed with Tandem Progression!

Looking to take your next step as a skydiver? Searching for a learning method that allows you to dictate the pace of instruction? Find all that and more with Tandem Progression sessions, your ticket toward earning your USPA solo skydiving certification at a pace of learning which best suits your individuality. Classroom sessions will bolster your learning process in the skies.

Three basic jumps begin your training, during which time you will perform generalized in-air movements, as designated and encouraged by your trained skydiving.com instructor. After demonstrated proficiency in these Category A/B aspects, you will progress to Category C dives, where you will master in-air maneuverability, learn technique adjustment, and practice canopy control during descent.

During two Category D jumps, you will demonstrate comfortability during free fall by performing 90, 180, and 360-degree spins, and will perfect your descent control and parachute tactics.

You’re ready for Category E jumps! Many students profess that this stage of the Tandem Progression training is their favorite, as you learn to master spins, flips and dives you once only dreamed of! After mastery of these skydiving aspects, you’ve completed your Tandem Progression training!

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Chicago Skydiving - Chicago, Illinois Skydiving Video Packages

Take Memories Home with Skydiving Video Packages!

We know that great adventures deserve great memories. That’s why we feature a diverse array of video packages to complement your jump, to provide you with perfect recall of your life-changing experience! Choose one of many choice video packages to ensure that your day is one you appreciate for life.

If you’re looking for uninterrupted, high-definition footage of your complete skydiving experience from preparation to landing, you’ll want to take advantage of professional videography services! Our partner location’s dedicated videography staff follows you at all stages of your skydiving outing: when you board the plane, they board beside you. When you jump through the airplane doors and into the adrenaline rush that is free fall, the videographer will fall prior to you to capture footage of your priceless, mid-fall facial expressions.

His fall will slow with yours once you begin canopy-assisted descent, allowing you the freedom to take in the panoramic majesty of your surroundings. Afraid you’ll miss even a second of the pristine landscape below you? Not to worry; with our videography staff shooting comprehensive footage of both you and the slowly approaching Illinois backdrop beyond your feet, you’ll be able to take in every bit of the scenery without a worry that you’ll miss a thing.

Later, relive your fantastic experience from the comfort of your own home!

Looking for even more video alternatives? Bring the adrenaline home with you, courtesy of an affordable GoPro video options. Your skydiving instructor will be fitted with a GoPro before you depart the site, capturing every expression, gesture, and movement of your skydive which will make your experience your own. This package allows you to bring every bit of the adrenaline from the sky with you once you leave!

Watch as family and friends marvel at your skydiving adventure, courtesy of an extensive set of video package options. The videography staff also digitally perfects their footage once you return to the site, and will offer you a package already in a format friendly to every major social media platform. The convenient video formats allow you the freedom to upload the footage from your skydiving escapades, for the world to take notice!

Don’t ever let the amazing memories of one of Illinois greatest attractions go unrecognized. skydiving is an experience like none other. Give it a video package that will allow you and the whole family the opportunity to relive your adventure at a moment’s notice. These affordable video packages gift to you high-definition, digitally optimized footage of the day you discovered how great the art of free fall really is! Sign up for a personalized video content packages today, to make sure that the greatest experience of the year is also the one that’s easiest to remember. Give Skydiving.com Chicago the treatment it deserves, and book your video package today!

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Chicago Skydiving - Chicago, Illinois Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Skydiving near Chicago with a Gift Certificate!

To partake of the privilege that is skydiving, is to experience life as few have known it. The rush of the air across your face, the thrill of terminal velocity, and the satisfaction upon your return to earth all make for a day well done. Now, with Skydiving.com gift certificates, available for purchase both onsite at any of our 80+ partner locations and online, you can give that gift to those you love! Allow friends and family to experience all the reasons you want to share skydiving. What might otherwise remain a dream can instead become one of life’s highlights, thanks to the impressive array of services now only a gift certificate away!

Your skydiving gift certificate is valid for two years after your initial date of purchase, providing friends and family to whom you present the certificate more than enough time to take full advantage of the experience. The deluge of adrenaline that is a day of skydiving awaits! Show your loved ones how much they mean to you, by presenting them with a gift certificate sure to thoroughly impress them! Give them the thrill of skydiving, the gift that instantly makes you the talk of the social scene!

Why would you wrap a box when you can give an unforgettable experience? Our gift certificates are just that: potential adventures, waiting to be enjoyed! Certificates are accepted at more than 80 Skydiving.com affiliate sites nationwide, and that number is only increasing as more people experience the joys of skydiving with America’s premiere skydiving agency. Now, is the perfect time to give a certificate redeemable for pure adrenaline.

Still not enough options to satisfy? Now, gift certificates can also be used to purchase more features than ever before! Any one of our video packages, the perfect way to remember your stay, are yours with a gift certificate! The only thing better than a safe, scintillating free fall is the knowledge that you can replay that adventure at a moment’s notice! Purchase a video package with your skydiving gift certificate and provide the perfect complement to your visit!

Our dedicated Customer Service team is available seven days a week, in order to answer all questions you may have regarding gift certificates, or any of the skydiving services. Give them a call today at 1-800-XXX-XXXX to take your first step toward purchasing the gift of skydive-induced freedom! Valid on every Tandem skydiving package and an advanced free fall training package, with and without video footage options, skydiving gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion! Call us today at 1-800-XXX-XXXX and purchase your gift certificate, or visit our online, easy access portal to complete the process! Let us work for you with skydiving gift certificates!

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Chicago Skydiving - Chicago, Illinois

Skydiving near Chicago!

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Experience the rush of adrenaline that accompanies your newfound freedom when you jump with the best skydiving network in the state! The free fall is sensational, the canopy descent is gorgeously panoramic, and the landing is satisfaction like you’ve never before experienced. Make one of our partner locations your next dynamic adventure! Call us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX today! Welcome to the best that skydiving has to offer.

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