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Skydiving is an extreme sport that many will not have the courage to try. Are you one of the brave few? Find out if you can take it to the limit in Chattanooga with! Let one of our skydiving experts give you all of the latest skydiving deals and discounts that are currently available and get you into in the Volunteer State!

Go Skydiving in Tennessee!
Call 423-208-9400! Today! Chattanooga provides you with all of the latest skydiving information in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Soar like an Eagle Through the Clouds!

Have you ever wished for or dreamt of having the ability to fly? Do you envy the birds in the sky? Well, your time has come. Don’t let another day pass without feeling the wind surround you. Chattanooga will help you get the chance to fly like a bird. Why wait another day? Come, enjoy the best skydiving experience in Tennessee. It’s never too late whether you’re 30 or 90 years of age! It is your time to fly!

Tandem Skydiving near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Go Tandem

Is this your first jump? Don’t worry, professional instructors have your back! A Certified Tandem Skydiver will assist you throughout your initial jump. Benefit from guided instruction from the moment you board the plane, on your freefall, while deploying the canopy and during the landing. The billowy white clouds flowing by are an indication of movement. The feeling of the crisp cold air kissing your face as you float back to earth is exhilarating. Taking your first Tandem leap of faith, leaving behind all worry and stress, will be an experience of a lifetime. A Tandem Instructor will ensure your safety while you take pleasure in your skydive. Schedule your Tandem jump today! Jump in!

Chattanooga Skydiving School

Get Certified

Want to be a Pro? Get certified! Skydiving is not just about jumping out of a plane. Proper planning and safety is an important part of the routine. Learn the art of packing a parachute, reading wind velocity, and perfecting your landing. The time spent training on the ground is a critical part of your skydiving certification. Think about how rewarding it would be to solo jump after completing seven AFF lessons. It is time to take the skydiving training course. Our partner’s training will teach you how to properly operate your parachute, rules of mastering the free fall, and body discipline during your flight. The Accelerated Freefall course will give you wings! Fall in…

Skydiving Video Packages - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Capture Video

Star in your very own skydiving video! A professional cameraman will record your adventure. Chronicle your first Tandem or solo jump for bragging rights or as a keepsake. Professionally produced DVD and digital images obtained by a videographer or via hand cam worn by your instructor. Show family and friends your ability to accomplish anything. Your skydiving video will change your view of life starting at 14,000 feet. Skydiving is a mentally cleansing experience. In between jumps, viewing your skydiving video allows you to reprogram mind, body and soul. Don’t forget to ask about the music we add to your web-ready video! Learn more…

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Why Go Skydiving?

Are you looking for an experience that will change your outlook on life and the world around you? Many skydivers say skydiving is a freeing experience. They love the ability to rise above their ordinary capacities. For some, it is a stress reliever. Skydiving encourages you to go beyond the ordinary! Join the millions of people who are taking the leap everyday. Skydiving allows you to live in the moment. It is just you, the big beautiful sky and maybe those you decided to bring along for the ride. Empowerment and a positive outlook on life at 14,000 feet are what motivates skydivers to come back for more. Free your mind as you freefall 120mph through the air. “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss” -Douglas Adams. Will Help Teach You How to Master This Skill! It’s Okay to Live a Little!

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Individual or group jump options are available. Chattanooga successfully fulfills all requests! Call to arrange your individual or group skydiving session today.

Tandem Skydiving near Chattanooga, Tennessee

A Cure for Boredom.

Life starting to feel a little too mundane? The same old zombie walk day after day, week after week? Chattanooga has the cure for what bores you! We welcome you to see Tennessee from 14,000 feet. You’re standing at the opening of the airplane. Arms crossed on your chest, shackles tighten around your thighs. Seconds later you’re off! Sucked into the great expanse of sky, the wind roaring in your ears. The earth summons you back to the ground during the 60 second free fall. Imagine the feeling of flying through the air, adrenaline pumping, your blood racing through your veins and the wind fiercely whipping beneath you. The only thing you need to remember is to breathe and smile for the camera.

As you descend, you can use that time to reevaluate life, clear your mind, or think about the song you will have on your skydiving video. Skydiving is a memory that will stick with you for a lifetime. What makes this experience even more impressive, is you will have captured it all on video from beginning to end. Chattanooga can help make this dream a reality! Whether this is your first time skydiving or you have not skydived in a while. Our affiliate certified skydive instructors will have you safely flying high in no time. Walk away from the mundane and fly with the best!’s Elite Awaits You! Call 1-800-617-7948 to Join the Team!

Why wait? Call today for a personalized quote on our individual and group packages. Ask about Tandem jumps, gift certificates and advanced certification courses. Our goal is to satisfy all of your skydiving needs.

Chattanooga, Tennessee Advanced Skydiving Training

Go Tandem in Tennessee.

So, you’re thinking about going Tandem skydiving. Not exactly sure what to anticipate? Well, the first jump jitters are to be expected. Just remember why you chose to go Tandem skydiving. No one can describe to you the feeling you will get when you partake in your first jump. The view through the clouds are something you have to see for yourself. Why take someone else’s word for it? Check out the mesmerizing view of Tennessee from 14,000 feet in the air. One of the benefits of Tandem skydiving is the ability to take in the beauty of your surroundings. Worried about safety? Skydiving instructors are required by FAA rules to have 3 years of experience, 500 jumps, and a master parachute license by an FAA recognized organization. Going Tandem Skydiving is the safest way to start your skydiving career. Arrive early and ready to attend your 30-minute pre-flight safety training. The length of this pre-jump training may delay your initial jump time.

Now, that our affiliate certified skydive experts have informed you of the safety procedures, it is time to adorn your skydiving attire. Boarding the plane with your certified jump expert and fellow skydivers is where the fun begins! Feel the increase of adrenaline as the aircraft ascends to 14,000 feet.

Now, you are as free as an eagle! Freefalling from an altitude of 14,000 feet while taking in TN from a bird’s eye view. Relax and enjoy the dive. Many feel the urge, but few choose to make the leap. Congratulations, you are now a skydiver!

Chattanooga, Tennessee Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Training

How to Obtain Your Skydiving Certification. We Can Help!

The thrill has now become a passion. You have completed quite a few jumps; now you are ready to take the next step. How do I join the elite group of licensed and certified skydivers? Get started with the best Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program! The Chattanooga AFF program will equip you with all the skills needed for unassisted skydiving.

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has an instructional course that it offers through Chattanooga partners. This Integrated Student Program is available through our partner facility, as well as other affiliate skydiving academies. Throughout the seven levels of instruction, you will benefit from the convenience of Targeted Learning Objectives referred to as TLO’s. Trainees must complete the required TLO’s before they are allowed to progress to the next level. A certified skydiving instructor will assist you on all seven levels of your training.

You are almost there! You have completed all seven levels. Now, for more fun, perform 25 or more skydiving sessions with your jumpmaster. Once, you have reached the required 25 jumps and completed the A License Check Dive, you will have fulfilled your A license requirements. You are a certified and licensed thrill seeker. How awesome is that? The USPA has four skydiving licenses, the primary A license which you will receive after 25 successful jumps to the expert D license after the completion of 500 jumps.

Chattanooga, Tennessee Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Accelerated Freefall Instruction

Interested in Accelerated Freefall? Chattanooga partners will teach you the skills you need to become Accelerated Freefall certified. The training will begin with “Tandem Progression” which consists of three Tandem skydives and Accelerated Freefall. Going Tandem is when you’re connected to an instructor with the use of a harness. Complete your Tandem jumps and you will be transitioned to the Accelerated Freefall method. What is great about the training is you don’t have to worry about cramming for the big test. The instructors will feed you a little information at a time, ensuring you progression to the next course. You will start with a “Ground School” training course. The training will teach you emergency procedures, canopy control, the different types of equipment and its use, free fall techniques.

Accelerated Freefall is a fast way to experience solo freefall from 10,000 to 15,000 feet. During the Accelerated Freefall Training, two to three instructors assist the students through their first three AFF jumps. Initially, the instructors hold the students until they deploy their parachute. This method we refer to in the skydiving world as “Harness Hold Training.” Accelerated Freefall instructors have little contact with trainees, once the student deploys their chute the instructor flies away.

Parachute deployment for AFF students is 5,000 feet above ground level. If the student has difficulty using their parachute, the instructor will utilize hand signals, as a reminder. If trouble persists, the trainer will place the student’s hand on the pull chute. In an emergency, the instructor would physically deploy the student’s parachute. For added security, students are in contact with dropzone crew members via radio. Although, in the case of a radio malfunction, the student should utilize the skills they learned.

It is critical that the student proves they have the ability to use their chute during the first few jumps. Mastering this skill will promote the trainee to the next level. Proper parachute operation will show instructors the student has knowledge of the basic flying skills needed in unassisted free fall training.

When the instructor free falls with the student, they use this time as a teaching moment by making corrections to body position and other issues before and after the skydiving session. As the student advances to higher levels, they are then required to perform turns, flips, forward movement, fall rate control and other aerial maneuvers. Accurately completing these actions shows the instructor the student can regain control after instability.

Now, that you have moved on to coached jumps, you’re basically on your own. The coach will give you any further assistance or information from the comfort of the airplane. You will learn the skills needed to safely skydive with experienced skydivers. You can quickly obtain the 25 jumps you need and practice the skills, such as various exit techniques you learned by your coach. Each jump will advance you closer and closer to your A-License. Upon completing the courses and the mandatory 25 jumps, an instructor will sign off on the requirements. You are no longer a student!

Our partners proudly meet all USPA and FAA requirements. Instructors and coaches teach according to the United States Parachute Association(USPA) Basic Safety Requirements (BSR). A license is not required to jump, although it does allow skydivers to travel to other drop zones and prove they have skydiving skills. USPA requires instructors to possess a valid FAA Class III Medical Certificate and pass a USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course. Now that you know the requirements for your accelerated freefall certification make the call to Chattanooga to reserve your seat in the next class today!

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Chattanooga Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages Available

Record the Greatest Adventure Ever on Video!

No need to attempt to find the words to describe your skydiving experience to family and friends. Chattanooga helps provide you the opportunity to capture on video the exciting moment mere words cannot describe. With your very own skydiving video, you can turn doubters into believers. They will be intrigued by your bravery and sense of adventure. Who does not like to brag?

You are the star of the show! What person would not enjoy being interviewed and followed by their very own cameraman? We will record your pre-flight video; to capture your feelings about the adventure you are about to experience. Our Chattanooga affiliate videographer will capture moments in between the flight to the drop zone when the doors open right before your big skydive debut. Wait, the video will not stop there!

As you look around and take in the sights at 14,000 feet and descending, the camera is still rolling. Yes, the cameraman has made the jump with you. Smile!!! No need to worry about deploying your parachute. Your Tandem Skydive instructor has your back. So, feel free to let everyone know how much fun you are having! The perfect time for your after flight interview is as soon as your feet hit the ground. A web-ready HD video of your first jump is a memento that will last forever.

*There are several options available. From reality photos and videos to ultimate photos and videos that are edited and shared through social media. Add two songs and maybe even an extra camera angle for added effect. Check for the videographers availability when you schedule your Tandem skydive.

Are you a photographer who has just received your skydiving certification? Complete 200 jumps to become a skydiving photographer/ videographer. Why not fly high with a camera in your hand? Call Chattanooga for details.

Contact Chattanooga for Video Packages at 1-800-617-7948

Chattanooga Skydiving Gift Certificates

Purchase a Gift Certificate for Skydiving

Birthday, anniversary or to say thank you! Don’t know what to get a friend or family member as a gift? Share the skydiving experience! The recipient of your gift will take part in a 30-minute instructional class describing the specifics of their skydive.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! Will be their thought until their actual first jump. Their level of excitement will start to peak as they begin to adorn their skydiving attire and begin to board the plane. Once they are back on the ground and they are overwhelmed with excitement, their thought process will change. I can’t believe I did it! The best gift ever is the thought that will linger in the mind of your friend or family member. Not only are they singing your praises but you just became their hero. The perfect gift! You’re only worry is how do you top this one?

Hey, what about that next company outing? Not another boring company picnic or barbecue. Impress your department lead with a 14,000 foot Tandem skydiving adventure in Tennessee.

As the plane begins to ascend to 14,000 feet and make its way to jump elevation, their adrenaline will start to pump and heart race, the anticipation of the big moment will add to the excitement.

Now that they have completed their first Tandem skydive, they can share in your bravery. Your friend, family member or co-workers, now know the feeling of rushing towards the ground at 120 miles per hour. They know how it feels to fly! Thanks to you they had the ability to take in the beauty of the skydiving experience. Reserve your gift certificate today. Call Chattanooga and give someone a gift he or she will never forget! Gift Certificates are Available Now! gift certificates are available and redeemable for up to 24 months after purchase. You can conveniently buy it now and save it for later! Gift certificates purchased on are valid at our Chattanooga, Tennessee Skydive location or you can visit one of our 80 locations throughout the United States.

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Give a gift that will create memories that will last forever.

Take in the view of Tennessee from 14,000 feet. As an added treat, capture the event on video. Call us at 1-800-617-7948 to schedule your Tandem skydive or to purchase a gift certificate.

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Jumping in Tennessee offers the best views in skydiving. Are you a newbie to skydiving? Have you accomplished a couple of Tandem jumps and your thinking about getting certified? We are waiting for your call! The network is the perfect place to make all your skydiving dreams a reality. Contact us at Chattanooga to speak to one of our skydiving experts. We hope to see you at 14,000 feet!

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