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Experience the thrill and exhilaration of going skydiving in Charlotte with Charlotte! Our highly-qualified instructors will guide you towards the best possible skydiving experience. Charlotte helps you experience a sense of freedom while being securely harnessed. It allows you to experience the thrill in a fun and safe manner. Skydiving is made easy and possible when you allow one of our qualified instructors at to guide you in the right direction.

Call us to schedule your adventure at 1-800-617-7948 today! Charlotte offers you the best skydiving experience in North Carolina.
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now! Charlotte offers you the best skydiving experience in North Carolina.
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Experience the thrill and exhilaration of going skydiving in Charlotte with Charlotte! Our highly-qualified instructors will guide you towards the best possible skydiving experience. Charlotte helps you experience a sense of freedom while being securely harnessed. It allows you to experience the thrill in a fun and safe manner. Skydiving is made easy and possible when you allow one of our qualified instructors at to guide you in the right direction.

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If you have ever wanted to skydive, this is the perfect time to do so. Not only is it liberating and an excellent activity to do with family and friends, it is also an adventure you will never forget.

Tandem Skydiving near Charlotte, North Carolina

Tandem Skydiving

Acquire the ultimate free-falling experience when you attempt tandem skydiving. If skydiving has always been of interest to you but you have been a little nervous, tandem skydiving is the way to go. Tandem skydiving offers you the exhilaration of skydiving while being guided safely by one of our affiliate professional instructors. Learn more about tandem skydiving with us below. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Charlotte, North Carolina

Advanced Training

Have you always wanted to skydive, but had no idea exactly how to go about it? We are here to help! Our professional affiliate instructors will guide you in the right direction. We offer two different courses, through partner dropzones, that allow us to identify which route would work best for you when it comes to skydiving. The idea is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while enjoying the ultimate skydiving experience. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Charlotte, North Carolina

Video Packages

Why settle with experiencing skydiving once when you can relive the very special moment every chance you get! We can find skydiving packages that help you do just that. Our customers have the option of multiple different video packages that allow them to relive their special moment as many times as they wish to do so. Ask about these affordable skydiving video packages when you give us a call today. Learn more…

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Have you ever experienced the urge to do something spontaneous? Something that is completely out of your ordinary routine? Every so often we all experience the feeling of being in a rut and wanting to get out of our usual routine. In order to do just that we might consider trying something new and fun. Skydiving can give you the rush of adrenaline you desire in a fun yet adventurous way. That is where we at Charlotte, come in handy. We can hook you up with the ultimate skydiving experience.

The idea behind skydiving is feeling free and experiencing the ultimate feeling of adrenaline. Our professional experts are friendly and knowledgeable. They are able to answer all of your questions and concerns while sharing with you all of the information you should know about skydiving. Skydiving isn’t only an experience of a lifetime where you are able to create unforgettable memories. It is also an experience you will want to repeat over and over again.

We will guide you in the right direction and towards the best skydiving plan that works for you. We want to make you feel safe and secure which is why Charlotte focuses on safety. Our goal is to have all of our customers enjoy the experience of a lifetime while feeling completely secure. We take the safety of our customers seriously. Charlotte partners offer multiple different skydiving experiences so you are always capable of finding exactly what you seek.

We also help you create new memories and experiences with your friends, as we offer a variety of group and holiday discounts. Not only that, but we will film your entire experience in the air with your group of friends with our multiple different video packages. Charlotte partners offer you the complete skydiving experience, one that is truly unforgettable and tailored specifically to you.

Skydiving is always a fun adventure regardless of where you may live or choose to skydive in. With that keep in mind, North Carolina happens to be one of the very best cities to participate in skydiving because of its climate. Charlotte’s climate is considered humid subtropical which includes 4 distinct seasons. If you happen to dislike snow, Charlotte is the city for you. It has not received a large amount of snow in years. Instead, it has received “measurable snow” which means 2-12 inches at most.

Charlotte is considered the second largest city in the south of the United States. It features a population of 827,097 residents, which makes it the third fastest growing city in the United States. One interesting fact that we discovered about Charlotte is that it is the largest Metropolitan area that does not have a zoo. However, just 75 miles away from Charlotte in North Carolina, you can expect to find the North Carolina Zoological park, which is home to one of the largest chimpanzee families in the country.

Charlotte is also the hometown of Charlie Duke. Charlie Duke was the 10th astronaut that walked on the moon. As of today, only 12 astronauts have been able to do that. Currently, Charlotte hosts the headquarters of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which makes it the second largest banking center next to New York City. This makes Charlotte a top economic hot spot.

If you are a lover of food, specifically barbecue, Charlotte is the place to go. It has been reported that Charlotte is home to the very first barbecue restaurant. This makes Charlotte a great place to go and enjoy some delicious barbecue.

Now that we have shared with you why Charlotte is a great city to live and visit, it is time for you to experience Charlotte from the sky. You will be amazed at how beautiful the scenery is when you are 18,000 feet in the sky. You will be witnessing the best view in town when you let Charlotte make your skydiving experience an unforgettable one.

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Tandem Skydiving near Charlotte, North Carolina

Tandem Skydiving in NC Done the Right Way

If you have ever considered skydiving, we are here to tell you now is the time to do so! Charlotte will set you up with everything you need to skydive safely while having a blast. Take yourself on the skydiving experience of a lifetime. Here at Charlotte, we believe in order for you to have fun while skydiving, you need to feel secure every step of the way and that is exactly what we do.

Before going skydiving it is important to remember that there is an age restriction to skydive in the United States. In the United States in order for you to skydive you need to be 18 years old or older. Nevertheless, this does not apply if you are in another country as there may be higher or lower age restrictions.

Going skydiving allows you to experience an astonishing view of North Carolina that you can only encounter from the best spots, or as we like to call it, the sky! When you are skydiving, you will be approximately 14,000 feet in the air. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually multiple ways to experience skydiving. Some ways are more popular than others and some even allow you to become part of our team of experts. However, let’s focus on the most popular way of enjoying skydiving.

One of the most popular ways to experience skydiving is to tandem skydive. Charlotte partners give you the ultimate tandem skydiving experience. We make sure you experience the view of a lifetime while enjoy yourself every step of the way. With tandem skydiving, we guide you through every step to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Tandem skydiving consists of being strapped in a harness using professional attire to a skydiving professional. Being harnessed to the professional gives you the security that an expert is there to guide you every step of the way. Your instructor will guide you through freefall, piloting the canopy and landing to ensure you get the very best experience. This form of skydiving is the most popular among beginners since it does not require much instruction from our experts. However, it does require some training.

Tandem Parachuting in Charlotte!

Training consists of teaching our skydivers how to exit the aircraft, how to do maneuvers in the free fall and even how to open the main canopy. This is essential as we want our skydivers to feel sure that they can handle what is happening while they are skydiving. The tandem skydiving expert will be in charge of safely deploying the parachute at the appropriate timing. However, we have found that educating our skydivers beforehand makes them feel more prepared and secure before they take the plunge. This makes you feel in charge of what is happening without needing to do much.

When it comes to the actual act of skydiving, you will be required to wear special attire to ensure your safety. You will be required to wear a skydiving suit on top of your clothes. This suit will come with a drogue parachute that will be deployed shortly after leaving the plane. This is done with the intention of decreasing the skydiver’s instant velocity. This is a necessary step for proper parachute deployment; the step helps extend the length of the skydive. Doing so, guarantees the skydiver falls at the same time as the videographer. This is done to capture the skydivers experience every step of the way.

Since tandem skydiving consists of having a skydiver skydive with an expert, the parachute that is released is 360 square feet or larger. This is done with the purpose to ensure the parachute is able to support the extra weight of two passengers. When you go tandem skydiving, you will actually be appointed two parachutes; a main and a reserved parachute as well as an automatic activation device. An automatic activation device, this is a safety device that automatically deploys the second parachute if it identifies that the skydivers are freefalling from a high altitude. This is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to give skydivers a second layer of protection.

Our goal at Charlotte is to help provide our customers with an enjoyable and safe experience that is also memorable. We want you to want to come back and relive your skydiving experience with partner dropzones time and again. Let us help you have the best experience of your life when you try tandem skydiving. Not only do we provide you with an excellent service, but our affiliate professionals are up to date with the latest skydiving requirements. This is done with the intention of providing you with the most satisfying service.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Charlotte, North Carolina

Become Part of Our Team of Experts Today!

Want to become a skydiving pro? Let us teach you how to get there! Charlotte partners will teach you how to become a certified skydiver. We want to teach you everything we already know. Our affiliate instructors are United States Parachute Association certified with extensive and multiple years of experience. Our partners are able to take you from a tandem skydiving newbie to a full on professional in a matter of months. Did you try tandem skydiving and fell in love with the rush of adrenaline and the impeccable view?

Well, the good news is once you become a USPA certified skydiver, you will be able to jump solo at any USPA certified skydiving center. What this means is you will no longer need the approval or the help of a professionals. You will be well aware of what you need to do in order to skydive safely and enjoyably.

When it comes to learning how to skydive on your own, choosing the right school that offers the proper training is key. We feature two advanced training courses that will set you on the right path. Check out accelerated freefall and tandem progression. Each of these advanced training courses were designed to teach our students how to skydive with little to no supervision. Our partners aim to create a team of well-trained skydivers that are able to help skydiving newbies enjoy their experience in a safe and memorable manner.

All of the students who are trained by a professional will graduate with a USPA certification. By earning this certification, you will not only be able to fly solo at any USPA certified skydiving center. We pride ourselves in our ability to set you up with the dropzone that knows how to tech you to know the fundamentals of skydiving so you are well aware of how to handle any situation that is presented in front of them. We here at Charlotte also pride ourselves on giving the best customer service in town. We want our customers to feel part of our team. Here at Charlotte we work towards having the best skydiving team possible, which is why we want to train you to be part of it.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Charlotte, North Carolina

Accelerated Freefall: Learn How to Freefall the Right Way

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the most common method of skydive training, but it isn’t the only skydiving training method there is. This method of skydive training is considered accelerated because it is the fastest way to experience solo skydiving. The accelerated freefall training is for the students that wish to experience skydiving on a whole new level. Accelerated freefall allows the student to learn how to skydive in a more independent setting, which means that after a certain amount of jumps with a professional instructor, the student will be able to jump on their very own.

When the student signs up for accelerated freefall classes with one of many professional instructors, they can expect the following steps to take place. During the initial Accelerated freefall program, one instructor or more will jump with the student during the first three jumps. This is done in order to help the student feel comfortable from the very beginning. We want all students to feel as secure as possible during their training program.

During the first level, the instructor will hold on to the student until the student opens their parachute. As stated above, this is done to create security and confidence in the student’s ability to open their parachutes at the correct time. This method is categorized as “Harness Hold Training”. The instructor has no physical contact with the student besides their grip on the student which is then removed once they open their parachutes.

At this stage of the program, the instructor is able to analyze if the student has any problems with the deployment of their parachute. In the case that the student does have a problem deploying their parachute, the instructor will first use hand signals to remind the student to “pull”. If the student is still having difficulties, the instructor will physically put the students hand on the pilot chute. Then, if the student continues to have difficulties, the instructor will pull the chute him or herself. The instructor has access to the student’s main canopy and may pull it any time it is needed or if the student feels in danger.

This will subsequently happen for three or so falls and then the student will be put to the test and they will be in charge of showing their instructor that they are capable of deploying their own parachute. After the student, has proven that they are capable of deploying their own parachute, the student will reach the next level. They will be required to prove to their instructors that they have the basic flying skills that are necessary to maneuver in free fall without assistance.

The next level of the AFF program is called released fall. A released fall consists of the student being informed that at a certain point during the freefall, they will be released. However, the instructor will be nearby to assist in safety and teaching. During, the release, there will be the possibility that the instructor may not be able to dock and assist at pull time, so it is essential that the student is able to do so themselves. As the instructor and student fall, the instructor will be able to correct the student’s posture, position and give them precise hand signals that will aid them along the way.

The very last level will require only one instructor and it consists of the student learning aerial tricks, flips, turns and different maneuvers in the air. After every level, the student needs to be evaluated by the instructor to ensure they are reaching the levels they should be in order to pass. Once the student has passed all the levels with the utmost comprehension on how to open their parachute in the correct manner, they will become USPA certified.

We ensure that you get the necessary training to prepare our students to handle any situation that may arise while freefalling at our affiliate dropzone. Our goal at Charlotte is to help our students become the best skydiving instructors they possibly can.

Charlotte, North Carolina Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Become A Certified Skydiving Expert in NC at Your Own Pace Today!

If AFF doesn’t seem your pace, check out the alternative training method known as tandem progression. This method is not as popular as accelerated freefall because it is a longer process for the student to achieve their USPA certification. Once the student completes their tandem progression program, they will advance to Accelerated Freefall training and then finally they will be prepared to receive their USPA certification. Charlotte partners offer this training program to provide a more comfortable introduction to skydiving. This is an excellent training program if you would like to become a certified USPA but want to be introduced to skydiving at a more comfortable pace. It does take a longer time to achieve this, but many students prefer it as they have a longer time to fully grasp the concept without being directly in the air.

When students sign up for the tandem progression training program, they can expect the following steps to take place. The initial level of tandem progression is called the ground school. The ground school progression consists of a course curriculum that will teach our students emergency procedures, canopy control, basic equipment control, free fall techniques and many other topics. Once the student has completed their ground training, they will begin their training jumps. Training jumps are broken down into the following categories.

Category: A&B Tandem (3 Jumps)

During the first and second jump, the student will execute different freefall maneuvers, deploy the parachute and monitor their altitude all with the supervision of a professional. An instructor will give you hands on instructions to help you perform all of these procedures with accuracy. The third jump will be the demonstrating jump where the student will show the instructor what they have learned. Once the student has demonstrated that they are capable of completing all procedures with the utmost accuracy, they will be able to move on to the next category.

Category C: Accelerated Freefall (2 Jumps)

During, Category C, you will be engaging in jumps just like you would in category A&B. The different this time is there will be an instructor to guide you along the way. However, the instructor will only assist you when it is truly needed. If it is not needed the instructor will only correct your form where he or she sees fit. In this case the instructor will be holding on to you as a form of offering you support. This is a way to give you the confidence you need to use the knowledge and safety steps you have learned thus far.

Category D: Accelerated Freefall (2 Jumps)

Now that the student has become more comfortable with free fall, they will begin to perform 90, 180 and/or 360 turns while monitoring their altitude. During these jumps, the instructor will slowly begin to exit the aircraft with you while not holding on to you. This is done to further encourage you to try your abilities in what you have learned.

Category E: Accelerated Freefall (1 Jump)

In this portion of the program, it is now time for the student to discover what skydiving is all about. This time the student will be left with little to no supervision of an instructor to freefall. If the instructor feels they are needed, they will assist the student.

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Charlotte Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure on Video!

At Charlotte, we want you to share your unforgettable skydiving experience with all your family and friends, which is why we recommend one of many amazing video packages! The video packages are available for tandem skydiving, accelerated freefall and tandem progression skydives. We believe if you are going to experience skydiving, you should be able to film your experience and share it with your loved ones. There are a few options you can choose from when it comes to finding the right video package for you:

A videographer – This is the ultimate skydiving experience as a videographer will be skydiving with you to capture every moment. Your ride to altitude, your exit from the plane, the entire freefall as well as your landing and even the post jump celebration. Imagine being able to share your entire adventure with your family? This package makes it possible for you to share your entire experience from beginning to end with the help of a videographer.

GoPro video – The more affordable option is the GoPro video. This package consists of your skydiving instructor having a GoPro camera attached to them so that they are able to record your jump from a close proximity. Although, this video will capture your excitement right the instructor’s point of view you will not receive the entire experience on film. Which means you will miss out on capturing a large part of your skydiving experience.

These packages were created to help you capture your unforgettable moment on film. Not only will we record your moment, but all video is also professionally edited together by drop zone. The cameraman will tailor the videos to the uniqueness of every person. No two videos will ever be alike because no two experiences are ever the same. Your video will be formatted professionally so you are not only able to watch it repeatedly, but you will also be able to share it with your friends and follows on all your social media accounts.

Skydiving is a lot of fun and an extremely unique experience. Why not share your best moments with the people you love? That is exactly what one of our video packages is able to do. We are able to capture every moment and bring it back to life so you can experience it time and time again. Don’t just experience your skydiving adventure once. Experience it any time you want by getting a video package from us! Give us a call today and ask about some awesome video packages.

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Charlotte Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift the thrill of skydiving to one of your loved ones!

Is there a thrill seeker in your life? If so, is it difficult for you to find the perfect gift for the them? Well, we are here to tell you that now you can give them a gift they will never forget. Charlotte offers our customer gift cards for our services. Our gift cards give the thrill seeker in your life the ability to experience skydiving. The experience of skydiving is more than just a gift; you are giving them the ability to create memories that they will cherish for a very long time.

Our gift cards are primarily for tandem skydiving. However, we also offer a gift card for accelerated freefall level 1 skydive lesson. You are also able to purchase a gift card with added video packages so your friend is able to capture their special moment on film as well. We wanted to be able to offer gift cards to our skydivers since we want them to share their experience with their loved ones. We are so certain you will love the experience you’ll have when you skydive that we have made sure our skydiving gift cards are valid for two years after purchase

Give your friend the gift of an experience of a lifetime when you give them a gift card from us. Our gift cards are accepted at over 80 skydiving centers in addition to anyone near Charlotte. Here at Charlotte we also offer customer service 7 days a week. We are firm believers of great customer service. Our goal is to make sure every single skydiving enthusiast that comes to us is able to get the best experience possible with the help of our professionals.

If you are interested in one of our gift card options but have no idea which one to choose, give us a call so we will be able to guide you in the right direction. Our experts will be able to come up with the best skydiving gift card experience possible. We will put together the perfect gift for you so you don’t have to. We can almost see your family’s or friend’s face of excitement when they get to open their skydiving gift card. Why give the thrill seeker in your life an ordinary gift when you can give them the opportunity of skydiving with the very best? Give us a call today and let one of our professionals guide you in the right direction. We will find the best gift card package that works for you and your loved ones.

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