Skydiving: The Ultimate Thrill in Colorado!

With millions taking the leap each year and thousands of professionals competing in annual events across the globe, skydiving is at a boom. If you are ready to join in on this rapidly growing sport there is no better place than with the Boulder dropzone network. In fact, at Boulder we like to boast about the entire front range of the Rockies. The youthful atmosphere brought about by the University of Colorado has created a metropolitan area that is vibrant throughout the year, though we much prefer the warmer months.

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Skydiving.Com Boulder Has Something for Everybody Looking to Get into the Air!

With millions taking the leap each year and thousands of professionals competing in annual events across the globe, skydiving is at a boom. If you are ready to join in on this rapidly growing sport there is no better place than Boulder. In fact, at Boulder we like to boast about the entire front range of the Rockies. The youthful atmosphere brought about by the University of Colorado has created a metropolitan area that is vibrant throughout the year, though we much prefer the warmer months.

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Skydiving in Boulder

From booking an afternoon in the skies above Colorado to professional skydiving training, Boulder can help make it happen. We also have an amazing support team that is ready to provide information and answer all of your skydiving questions. Trying to get a friend to join you in free fall? We partner with premium dropzones to offer an amazing range of skydiving gift certificates available upon request. If you are ready to achieve new heights, contact Boulder today!

Reach New Heights With Boulder

Tandem Skydiving near Boulder, Colorado

Tandem Skydiving

Combining our and our partners efforts, we have helped create an atmosphere that is comforting to rookies and have developed programs which ease everybody into the sky. Many people choose to simply do this once–and that is okay! Tandem skydives allow you to get into the sky in no time at all. By teaming up with a professional instructor, a tandem diver is able to enjoy everything that a skydive can be without much of the training that goes into it. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Boulder, Colorado

Skydiving Certification

For those who want to dive head first into the sport (all pun intended), Boulder partners offer advanced skydiving training. Any skydive student will tell you that the rush that comes with a free fall and the calming parachute ride that follows are something everybody needs to do at least once. Through the accelerated freefall program, students get a litany of experience in the sport on the way to becoming a certified skydiver and eventually performing solo dives. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Boulder, Colorado

Video Packages

We do more than just set up an amazing experience, we also want you to remember it all. That is why Boulder partners have video packages that are available for everybody looking for a memento of their incredible journey through the skies. Add a GoPro video to your dive for a first person perspective or schedule a videographers to jump with you for the best footage of your jump! Learn more…

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The Beauty of Boulder

The past 25 years has brought about a massive amount of change to not only the city of Boulder, but the entire front range and greater Denver Metropolitan region. From rising populations to new and exciting companies, much of what has happened in the area seems to be a result of people realizing just how incredible this place is. Situated on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, one of the main draws is the incredible scenery.

Boulder itself is uniquely situated right alongside the southern end of the range, which allows for some incredible scenery. What better way to explore the amazing flatirons just outside the city than from 10,000 feet! There is no better way to explore the entire region than from high above. Skydiving in the Rocky Mountains is something that should be on everybody’s bucket list.

There are so many different things that the greater metropolitan area surrounding Denver offers visitors and residents alike. If you are looking for adventure in the Denver Metropolitan Area and are tired of visiting the same old spots for fun things to do, then visit Boulder’s network of dropzones! No one in the country offers a more thrilling sky high adventure! Take a step out of the same old same old and get into one of our planes today. Experience new things in an amazing place by visiting Boulder partnered dropzones today.

Skydiving is a bucket list item that everybody needs to check off. If you are ready to achieve new heights above the Colorado, contact Boulder today. We have amazing affiliate skydiving instructors who are ready to teach you everything you will need to know to get into the sky as soon as possible. The excellent customer service staff is your first step in the process though. Our experts have all of the answer to any and all question that you may have. We take pride in offering customers the best communication and support possible.

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Tandem Skydiving near Boulder, Colorado

Tandem Skydiving in Colorado

There is no better way to get into the sport of skydiving than by doing it with a professional instructor. In fact, every new and non certified skydiver must first skydive in tandem. By tandem skydiving you are able to experience the thrills of a skydive and the amazing views of the Colorado landscape without an excessive training and instructional course. Get into the sky as soon as possible by contacting Boulder and booking your tandem skydiving experience today!

Skydiving is an incredibly detail oriented activity that requires a participant to be fully confident in what they are doing at every moment. For that reason, new skydivers will always begin their journey through the sport as part of a tandem. This means that they are attached to a professional instructor. This instructor acts as part teacher, part assistant and part time tour guide. They definitely have a number of titles and responsibilities. At Boulder you will meet your personal tandem skydiving instructor as soon as you step foot on property. From the moment you meet they will be there to walk you through everything that will be happening throughout your tandem skydiving experience.

A skilled and knowledgeable skydiving instructor is key in the success of a tandem skydive. They must be skilled as individual skydivers as well as proficient teachers of techniques and procedures. At Boulder partnered locations, our affiliate experts are amazingly skilled and are adept at making sure that you are well prepped for anything that may come your way even before the takeoff. These experts will lead you through a bit of informational material which will make sure you know exactly what will be happening throughout the experience. The process of a successful skydive starts with proper preparation, so it is imperative that you and your instructor are on the same page. Once you’re in the air, our tandem skydiving experts will be by your side. These people are an experienced and knowledgeable bunch. They live to skydive and have seen just about everything that can happen in the air. This experience ensures that they are ready and prepared for any scenario that might arise in the air. To become a certified tandem skydiver you have to pass through a multitude of in class and practical instructionals. The testing is mandated by the FAA. In addition to these barriers, our partners also extremely careful who we hire. Each team has been vetted and hand selected. We know that you will have the time of your lives with these people in charge. There is no reason to be nervous about your first dive experience. Tandem skydiving is treat in that it takes all of the pressure off new divers. The instructor will let you know when it is time to jump, pull the cord and how to operate the parachute while in the air. There is nothing left for you to do but kick back and enjoy the ride.

A tandem skydiving experience is the chosen route for rookies across the globe. The reason being that diving with an instructor will provide a new skydiver with a first hand look at exactly what is supposed to be done. All of the instructional videos on the internet are not worth half as much as the opportunity to strap in with a real life professional skydiver. Throughout the tandem diving experience an instructor will show you the ropes of skydiving. From pre flight safety precautions and procedures through to the actual step by step process of exiting the aircraft, a new skydiver will benefit from going through it all first hand.

At Boulder> we know that people are more likely to come back to this amazing sport if given a great first taste of it. That is why we aim to partner with the best to provide each and every skydiver with a tandem instructor who is tailored to their personal preferences. Keep this in mind when you are booking your tandem skydiving experience. If you happen to be looking for a one time skydive in Colorado, be sure to let us know! We will hook you up with an instructor who will tailor the experience to point out the beautiful scenery. A word of forewarning, skydiving is an addictive sport! People tend to come back to the sport time and time again after just one visit to Boulder.

A Tandem Skydiving instructor acts in a variety of different roles. Depending on the customer they are linked up with, an instructor can act as anything from a lead teacher to a tour guide. Many of our instructors enjoy taking the role of assistant though. There is nothing like being able to lead a new skydiver through the experience for the first time. A skydiving instructor has chosen this role because they have a deep passion for the sport of skydiving. For many of them there is no greater joy in life than being able to spread this passion on to new and aspiring divers. With that being said, there should be nothing stopping you from getting into the sky! It is natural to hesitate when doing any new activity. Boulder has made it a mission to attract as many newcomers to the sport as is possible. We do that by creating a warm atmosphere that includes people of all experience levels. Beyond that we will stop at nothing to show you just how incredible skydiving can be. Boulder is the Only Choice! Call 1-800-617-7948 to Book Yours Today!

Advanced Skydiving Training in Boulder, Colorado

Advanced Training: Become a pro at skydiving!

As is the case with anything of importance in life, becoming an expert in a field requires a person to put in a little bit of extra effort. The Advanced Free Fall Program is your ticket to becoming an experienced skydiver. At Boulder partner dropzones, you will be able to gain all of the freedom and achieve full independence in the sky. Contact us today for your ticket to a lifelong hobby!

Becoming independent as a skydiver is what anybody who has experienced the thrill hopes to one day obtain. There is nothing as liberating as getting detached for the first time. If you are looking to get into the sky all by yourself though, a bit of training will have to come first. The accelerated free fall course provides exactly that. There is no better way to get into the skies than through this immersive and intense program. Through seven levels of training a student will definitely be able to leave the accelerated free fall course with more knowledge and experience to use in future skybound pursuits. More than that a student who has completed the Accelerated Free Fall Program will be a certified skydiver! This offers you the chance to get into the sky alone! They say that there is nothing like your first skydive. We will not argue, but there is something to be said about the first time that you are in the sky as an independent skydiver. Achieve the rush and independence at Boulder affiliate locations now.

The accelerated free fall course is the perfect program for learning the ins and outs of skydiving. Every student gets to be a part of the most comprehensive look at everything that goes into the process of a skydive. Thousands of people have already experienced the rush of learning how to skydive through the Accelerated Free Fall Program. If you would like to join them in the skies above, Colorado is the right choice to do it.

Throughout this training program, a student will gain a litany of first hand experience on the way to becoming a certified skydiver. The entire course was founded on the basis that there is no better way to learn how to do anything than to do it yourself. Of course, applying this idea to skydiving requires a bit of safety precautions. That is why, while gaining the necessary knowledge and experience to become certified, you will be accompanied by a personal skydiving instructor. This one on one instruction is tailored to an individual student’s personal skill level and abilities. There is no better way to gain full autonomy than the Accelerated Free Fall Program.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Boulder, Colorado

The 7 Levels of Accelerated Free Fall Training

Becoming independent as a skydiver is a tall task. The Accelerated Free Fall Program is the best place to prepare an aspiring skydiver for a future in the sport. The program has been divided into a 7 step process. The leveled approach has been created in order to make it simple for a student to understand what they need to do in order to get into the sky in as little time as possible. That being said, safety is placed at a premium across the sport as a whole. Across each of the 7 levels of this program the instructor and curriculum dictates that a student must be ready in skill and procedure in order to advance. Your instructor will make sure that every student is well prepared for a future as a wholly independent skydiver. That starts from day one.

When we tout the experience that a student will gain through the Accelerated Free Fall Program, we mean it! The very first lesson will culminate with a real life skydive. Whether this is a student’ first skydive or their fiftieth, there is no need to worry as there is no judgement or assessment. Instead, this first skydive will focus on raising a student’s comfort levels in the sky.

From the jump, the Accelerated Free Fall Program will propel a student on the path towards success. The first session will begin with an introduction of sorts, but there is a premium placed on skipping all of the frills that are often associated with an orientation. There is just way too much information that we need to fit into just a few sessions. That does not mean that we don’t take the time to know your name! On the contrary, our partner dropzones place an emphasis on differentiating the instruction that we provide based on the individual student’s experience, background and skill level. Every instructor is sure to get a feel for the room as a whole but there will be a need to cover all the information. During the first lesson a student will be put through a lot of information and learn the basic rules and procedures of skydiving. This section is commonly referred to as ground school will be a comprehensive look at everything that is going to be experienced through each of the levels of the accelerated free fall course. During this in class time a student will learn everything needed to safely and efficiently perform a skydive, after that it is all about experience. The ground school starts early the morning of your Level 1 skydive and typically lasts around 6 to 8 hours. Once completed, a ground school passing is current for 6 months in which time you must complete your certification.

Completing accelerated free fall is a monumental moment in every skydiver’s journey towards becoming an expert. It is the first step that allows both competitive and professional skydivers to move on to bigger (and higher) things. Ametuer skydivers that simply enjoy the thrills and freedom that comes with the sport gain just as much from completion of the Accelerated Free Fall Program. There is nothing like being able to skydive when you want, and more importantly WHERE you want. There is no better way to travel than by skydiving in every new place you go. Though we will warn you, nothing will live up to skydiving in Colorado!
Achieve freedom in the skies today by enrolling in the Accelerated Free Fall Program at Boulder partners!

Why Choose Boulder?

Beyond the fact that we believe any city in Colorado is the best place to do nearly everything (we do live here after all), we also like to tout our instructional skydiving program. Each affiliate dropzone employs not only the best curriculum, but some of the most incredible instructors around. After all, the program is only what they are able to do with it. There is no better place to reach your full potential as a skydiver than Boulder.

Advanced Skydiving Training in Colorado

We are able to boast a variety of options for every skydiver with our vast network, but we place a professional emphasis on the Accelerated Free Fall Program offerings at these locations. Just like researching a college or a driver’s education program, finding the best skydiving academy is a necessity for anybody seeking to reach their full potential. The program at Boulder affiliate locations will teach students the principles of skydiving through the Accelerated Free Fall Program. Through this course students will learn to execute the skydive styles and safety protocols that will prove useful through a career or long time hobby. The culmination of this grueling program is certainly satisfying as a successful student will receive full skydiving certification from the USPA!

The Boulder Advantage

All of the services provided by Boulder partners start with a personalized approach that we take to each and every individual skydiver. When you sign up for the Accelerated Free Fall Program with us you are getting a tailor made education in the sky. We understand that every student has different backgrounds and ability levels. From the differentiated instructional techniques to the flexible scheduling–the Boulder experience will fit whatever your needs may be. Get in touch with our excellent support staff in order to get started on your journey towards achieving new heights in the skies above Boulder.

Boulder Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

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Boulder Skydiving Video Packages Boulder Video Packages:

Video Packages with Boulder

If you want to capture all of the amazing memories you will make on your trip to the skies in Colorado, ask about amazing video packages. With a beautiful landscape as the backdrop, your professional videographer are able to create the best videos. Contact us today in order to learn more about all of the video options available to you. Boulder is proud to help facilitate professional video services to all of our customers. This is much more than just a home video. Boulder partners have an entire team of professional videographers ready to capture you and your party throughout the entire experience. A professional video package will be the best way to show off just how incredible your skydiving experience was. People tend to not believe people who claim to have gone on a skydive. We promise that your friends will not have an argument after you show them this video. Everybody in your life will be able to see exactly how cool you really are.

Professional Videographers and Services Boulder is proud of the fact that we are able to offer a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. The fact is that the team members affiliated with us have been expertly trained in capturing and producing incredible images and videos. More than that however, they have been able to master the process of capturing everything from 5,000 plus feet above the air. They skydive and take amazing videos at the same time! Our partner videographers are truly the masters of multiple domains, being certified skydivers and professional video producers. The resulting product that they are able to create will astonish you and all of your friends. Just be warned–nobody likes that person who is constantly talking about themselves and how awesome they are.

New skydivers often ask if they would be able to bring their own video equipment or camera. While we would love to give every customer the okay to show off their undoubtedly impressive photography and videographer skills, we simply cannot do it. The Federal Aviation Administration has set laws in place that will not allow for a skydiver to bring anything into the air with them. So please leave all of your cameras and recording equipment on the ground–we do not want to make the government upset with us. Anyway, there is enough to hold your attention throughout the skydiving experience. There is no reason to throw in a camera into the mix. The FAA and USPA agree that there is little reason to allow an unproven diver the chance to get distracted. An expert videographer at Boulder partnered dropzones will capture all of the action in the skies so that you do not have to worry about figuring out which filter looks best from 14,000 feet above Colorado!

Experience true thrill today!

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Boulder Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Packaged at Boulder

Gift Certificates Packages at Boulder

Don’t keep your skydiving escapades to yourself! Give your friends and family a gift certificate from Boulder today! Everybody deserves the chance to experience the incredible thrills of a skydive in the Rocky Mountains. Contact Boulder today to learn about all of the gift certificate packages we have available.

Skydiving is a sport that millions of people enjoy worldwide each year. It’s no wonder so many people partaking in such an exhilarating activity as it is now easier than ever before especially when you purchase a skydiving gift certificate to present to friends and loved ones.

Nailing down the perfect gift for the seemingly growing list of people you have with birthdays and graduations every year can be difficult. From sizing to style and tastes–there is simply to much to keep up with every year. Give the perfect gift this year with a gift certificate from Boulder. Nobody will leave their party unsatisfied if they have this once in a lifetime opportunity. Check off everybody on your list today with a skydiving gift certificate.

We all have a friend who strives for new adventures. They probably studied for a year in Australia and ran with the bulls in Spain. Whatever the case, you know that they are always looking for something new to do. Get them an experience they will never forget. A skydiving experience high above Colorado is a bucket list item on everybody’s list. Who knows, you may just strike up a whole new passion for your thrill seeking friend.

Holidays and Birthdays offer the most opportune moments to gift a skydiving experience. That being said, there is really no shortage of times a year you can cook up to provide somebody with this unique gift. Is somebody graduating? Take flight, future Alleviate all fear of getting old and spark a new hobby! Skydiving is distinctive in its ability to bring people closer together. There is nothing quite as binding as experiential relationships. You and your loved ones can share in the memories for years to come.

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Reach out to Boulder to let us help you enjoy the most memorable skydiving experience you will ever have! Not only do our services facilitate Tandem, Solo and Advanced Skydives but our partners have premium skydiving school as well if you wish to become a professional, certified skydiver. For bookings, call us now at 1-800-617-7948!

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