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Ever wished you could fly in the sky thousands of feet above the ground? At Skydiving.com Boston, we can help make your wish come true! Our affiliate skydive professionals not only train and guide you throughout the jump, but also make sure you have a smooth and safe experience altogether. Select from the three available options of Tandem, solo, and advanced jumps, and embrace the opportunity to create the memory of a lifetime.

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Up for skydiving adventures in Massachusetts?
Skydiving.com Boston has got you covered!
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Up for skydiving adventures in Massachusetts?
Skydiving.com Boston has got you covered!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Ever wished you could fly in the sky thousands of feet above the ground? At Skydiving.com Boston, we can make your wish come true! Our skydive professionals not only train and guide you throughout the jump, but also make sure you have a smooth and safe experience altogether. Select from the three available options of Tandem, solo, and advanced jumps, and embrace the opportunity to create the memory of a lifetime.

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Skydiving in Boston

Skydiving will change your life. Go for it once, and you will be asking yourself, “Why did I wait this long?” Allow us to help you overcome your fears and just dive in! Take your first jump with the Skydiving.com network of top tier partner dropzones, and we will assure you have the most mesmerizing and unforgettable experience ever.

Check out These Crazy Skydiving Experiences!

Tandem Skydiving near Boston, Massachusetts

Tandem Skydiving

Allow us to help deliver the most memorable free fall ever! Opting for Tandem Skydiving means that you will have approximately one whole adrenaline-fueled minute during free fall that you will remember for the rest of your life. You can count on our expert partnered professionals to ensure your safety, so you can enjoy this enthralling experience without any worries. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Boston, Massachusetts

Skydiving Certification

You want to become certified to solo skydive but have no clue whatsoever where and how to go about it? With Skydiving.com Boston that is no longer an issue! Our affiliate skydiving school offers help in two areas of solo skydiving training: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. Sign up for your advanced training class and leave the rest to us to make it happen. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Boston, Massachusetts

Video Packages

You will definitely want to record your jump experience, not just for yourself, but for your friends and family, too. And we, at Skydiving.com Boston can facilitate the perfect way in which to do it! Make the addition of a video package and be able to film your skydiving experience, live it over and over, and share it with everyone you know! Learn more…

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Are you on a tour in the neighborhood or maybe have guests over from abroad? Bring them skydiving and impress them thoroughly. Or, you are simply looking for some entertainment this weekend alone or with a group of friends and are up for something crazy? Well, look no further. Skydiving.com Boston is your answer! Sign up with Skydiving.com Boston, and we will plan for you the most memorable and unforgettable adventure ever. We have a variety of skydiving offers at your service that you can select from premier partner locations, from beginner to advanced, depending on your skill and past experience with the sport. Our friendly skydiving experts will even help you choose which is right for you, if you need assistance.

Plus, it is absolutely safe. A main focus of us and our partners is on your safety and giving you the skydiving experience you deserve. And, did we tell you about how affordable skydiving is? We can tell you about packages in a variety of different price points. Also, if you are a group registering together, your package will automatically become more affordable, not to mention the amazing holiday discounts we offer that will make you want to rush to register.

We also have gift certificates available. So, if you know someone who loves the activity of skydiving, our certificates make the best present. Your gift certificate recipient will remember you for the rest of their life! Besides, these are super flexible, too. They are transferable and have a full two year validity to allow you the freedom to plan your adventure without having to hurry.

In case you wish to take skydiving to a whole new level and go professional, skydiving school is just the thing for you. You can take the course that suits you and earn an A-License, which means you are now a certified, professional skydiver and eligible for reduced price jump tickets and you are able to jump solo! While skydiving with an instructor is a thrilling experience on its own, going solo is even more exhilarating.

Whether you are living in Boston or are just around for a short visit, you have certainly chosen a great spot to be. It is indeed a remarkable place, with agreeable weather and extraordinary attractions to look at. Boston Athenaeum is one such stunning piece of architecture that you should visit if you haven’t already. It is a library, and its gallery is to die for! Or, there is the Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party was planned in 1773. Boston Common is also a popular spot. It is a park, actually America’s oldest one, and is located right in the heart of Boston. But, if you are more of a doer rather than a looking around at monuments and buildings person, you can always turn to events happening in the city. One such example is the public skating and public hockey events that happen in February every year. However, if you would like to be more daring and would prefer to make an attempt at an aerial activity, there is no better choice than skydiving. You would not want for anything after that. Except, maybe another skydive.

While we would suggest partaking in skydiving regardless of where you are at, Massachussetts in particular offers something more, something that other places do not have. It is a beautiful city and even better for skydiving. The weather is amazing most of the year and makes it very comfortable for you to dive. Additionally, when you are skydiving, you want a spectacular view around you. The stunning landscape offers you just that, and so does the Atlantic Ocean. The blue of the skies and the sea are beyond what you can imagine, with the air rushing across your face and through your hair as you float high above the ground.

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Tandem Skydiving near Boston, Massachusetts

Tandem Skydiving: Wipe away your skydiving fears!

Is it your first time skydiving? If so, Tandem Skydiving is just the thing for you! It is the easiest of skydives and requires very little training, thus making it the best option for your first time. You do not have to have any prior experience, completed advanced courses to qualify for this skydive. Complete a very short instruction class, and you are good to go. With one of the skydiving experts attached right behind you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the exhilarating free fall. The expert will take care of the rest, from ensuring you have a memorable experience while flying at 120 miles per hour to landing you safely.

So, how does it really happen? Once you are ready for Tandem Skydiving, you are briefed about the whole process. It is completely fine if you do not have any knowledge whatsoever about the sport. Our world-class affiliate skydiving experts are available to prepare you. They will provide you with complete guidance and give instructions for every step of the procedure. If you have any questions regarding the dive, you are most welcome to fire them away without any hesitation, and our affiliate instructors will answer each of them as simply as possible and set your mind at ease. Once you are fully aware of everything and ready for the dive, you will be given the skydiving gear and off to the aircraft you go, accompanied by the instructor or, as we call them, your Tandem master.

After reaching the appropriate altitude, you will leap from the aircraft, with the instructor attached behind you, of course. Hold your breath right there, because what you will experience next will be with you for a lifetime. It is the much anticipated free fall, a whole minute of it! Excited yet? You definitely should be! Your instructor will be there with you to take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the fall without worrying, without a care in the world. That itself would be one exhilarating feeling, so make the most of it. If you feel the slightest fear or discomfort, again, worry not because expert skydivers are prepared to make you comfortable, and they will calm you down. They are trained to help you out in this aspect, as well. You can trust them.

Once you are about 5,000 feet from the ground, the instructor will deploy the parachute, and you will be able to enjoy the amazing views while floating in the air until you finally land. How crazy does that sound? You are going to feel the buzz of the dive even after several days. It is a life changing experience.

And that’s not all. We also love to brag about the capable videographers available at each partnered dropzone and their ability to capture your thrilling Tandem Skydive experience (if you opt for it), so you can take home a video of your eventful encounter and relive the moment repeatedly. You can also share your experience with your friends and family, and not only become the subject of their envy, but also the talk of the town!

Oh, and did we mention that this is completely safe? Our partners have a very strict safety policy and take great measures to ensure your protection. These range from hiring certified and experienced instructors, having state of the art equipment and making sure that you medically qualify for a skydive. And it does not end there. Dropzones are always monitoring local weather as well because it is extremely important for it to be clear when skydiving. In case of even a slight hint of a disturbance, we call off the dives for the time being and inform the clients. Nothing is more crucial than the safety of our clients, and believe us when we say you are in capable hands.

So, whether you are a local in the area or just around for a vacation, you should make it a point to experience Tandem Skydiving here and have an aerial view of the lovely surroundings. Do not wait to float in the skies; there is no reason to! If you do it once, you will want to do it again and again.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Boston, Massachusetts

Advanced Training: Become a pro at skydiving!

Congratulations! You have already had a skydiving experience, and you are ready to take the next step. Intro to advanced training at our partnered skydiving school is exactly what you need. Benefits? You will become a USPA certified solo skydiver and earn an A-License that will allow you to jump solo at any USPA approved skydiving center. Oh, the joy of skydiving solo!

There are two different approaches you can choose for advanced training. You can go for another Tandem jump, assuming that was the first one you took. But this jump would be considered part of your training and the instructor would be guiding you through it. Or you can select an Accelerated Free Fall. The former choice is a smoother transition into the course because it allows you to learn slowly and gradually rather than take everything in all at once like in Accelerated Free Fall. Select the one you feel you will be able to carry out without any pressure because it is very important for you to be at ease during the sport. In fact, if you give us a call or visit, our expert staff will be very willing to explain both of these approaches to you and help you make a decision appropriately.

Once the decision is made, it is time for you to earn your license. You can obtain the A-License after having jumped 25 times and getting your instructor to sign a proficiency card for you. It is that easy. And boy, does it sound fun!

Whichever training discipline you have selected, you will be required to undertake eight categories of proficiency in order to be eligible for a USPA A-License. Each category will have several skills and knowledge sets that you will need to complete.

Once you have achieved the A-License, you are termed a skilled skydiver. So, start with your training today, go get that License, and skydive to your heart’s content!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Boston, Massachusetts

Accelerated Free Fall: Your A-License is just a call away!

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is a kind of skydiving training offered by most skydiving centers, including Skydiving.com Boston affiliates. The name is literally what the training is: “accelerated”. This training involves you, the student, experiencing solo free fall from anywhere between 10,000 to 15,000 feet above ground level (AGL).

Instructors will be available with you at all times. They will be with you all the way, from getting the gear on and boarding the aircraft, to jumping off it and landing, all the while ensuring your safety. For the first three AFF jumps, there will be two instructors with you. By the fourth jump, once you have gotten the hang of it, having one of them will suffice. It will also give you more space and confidence. During these AFF jumps, you will be doing everything yourself.

Although, the instructors will be jumping off with you and be around you during the whole free fall, they will not be attached to you but act as a backup in case you need help with anything. For the first few jumps, they will hold on to you without being attached to you, which is termed Harness Hold Training. They will do that until you have managed to deploy your parachute, after which, they will fly away so you can safely land on your own.

When do you have to deploy your parachute? When you are about 5,000 to 6,000 feet above ground level. But don’t worry. During your training, the instructors will signal you to deploy when the time comes. If you are unable to do that, they will use hand signals to explain, and if that doesn’t help they will actually make you do it. If even that becomes a struggle, they will pull it out themselves for your safety. In fact, they will do that at any point if they feel the student’s safety is being compromised. Nothing is more crucial than the student’s safety. Even the gear is designed so that it always has extra pull handles that the instructors can access easily.

After you have managed to deploy your parachute a couple of times, you will be allowed to dive without any assistance but still with an instructor around for any emergency. These jumps can enable you to prove to them that you have really mastered the sport and do not need their assistance anymore. They will prove you are ready to skydive solo! Of course, you are not allowed to go off alone until you have really learned parachute deployment because if the instructor is not holding you, he may not be able to get to you immediately to pull the handle even if he is flying nearby. Thus, this step is the most important to know before jumping on your own.

Each level has Targeted Learning Objectives that every student needs to master to advance to a new level. The instructors determine your ability and learning potential. They grade you on your skills and decide when you have mastered the sport and are qualified to go solo. Once you reach that point, you are provided with a license, and you are free to rent out gear and go solo skydiving in most centers.

Boston, Massachusetts Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Training

Tandem Progression is also one of the training methods available to you, although most of our clients prefer the other option. If you select this option, you will have three Tandem Skydives to perform in addition to the Accelerated Free Fall training. With this program, you will enter into the sport much more smoothly because you will first gradually learn about it through the aforementioned skydives. Your Tandem master will let you be more in control each time, instead of learning about it all at once and going for your first solo skydive as is the case with the AFF method. You could say that the transition is easier and less hectic.

The three Tandem Skydives will prove to be the stepping stone for you to be able to execute a solo skydive. While the instructors will be there with you for these skydives as well, they will let you be more in control than when you are Tandem Skydiving in order for you to understand the procedure. They will instruct you even during the free fall and let you take over. Of course, being with you means they will be ready to intervene in case you feel you are not able to perform or if they suspect that your safety is being compromised.

Once you are through the Tandem jumps, the Accelerated Free Fall will be the next step where two instructors will be available with you as you get into the skydiving gear and jump off the aircraft. After a couple of jumps, you will require only one instructor to jump alongside you since you would have had experience performing on your own without supervision and extra help. Soon, with practice and more jumps, a time will come when you can skydive absolutely solo. Can’t wait for that, right? We love it when you people reach that level, too.

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Boston Skydiving Video Packages

Preserve the most memorable event of your life!

Each skydiving package have a special add on for everyone. We have video packages available with each skydive for you to select from. That means you can have your experience recorded to relive it later on, and who wouldn’t want that?

There are two main packages available. You can request a videographer, who will be with you throughout, from boarding the aircraft, reaching the right altitude, jumping off the plane, completing your free fall, and landing. The videographer will be responsible for recording every second of this memorable adventure. Now, that would be thrilling to have, right?

If you want a more affordable option, however, the GoPro videos are available for you. This package entails your Tandem master wearing a GoPro, and thus, your jump is filmed from a close perspective.

Of course, it is totally up to you to decide which video package you would like to pick. Our recommendation is to choose the videographer option if you really want a cinematic memory of your beyond exciting adventure, but GoPro is also a great option for recording the experience, and a little less extensive.

Once your flight is complete, professional editors at the skydiving center will give you a nicely edited version of your video post flight. These videos are social media friendly, so you do not have to worry about the technicalities. You are good to go and will be able to share it with your friends and family, making them crave a skydive themselves. We bet your excitement will make you show them your video over and over, especially if it was your first jump. The experience of the first jump is something to be preserved forever. It is a substantial chapter of your life, the exhilarating feeling during the free fall, the air in your hair and face, floating in the skies and looking down at the city like you can only do when skydiving. And oh, the bravery you showed. Yes, you would want to relive that forever, and the second best way to do that is to watch yourself do it. The best one, of course, is go skydiving again and relive it in person.

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Boston Skydiving Gift Certificates

Get an unforgettable gift for your loved one!

Still thinking what to get your spouse this Christmas? You cannot go wrong with our skydiving gift certificate. Is it your adventurous daughter’s birthday coming this weekend and she already has everything you can think of? Well, she probably does not have our certificate. Get in touch with us, and we will arrange the type you require.

Although our gift certificates are typically for Tandem Skydiving, we do have one for the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 skydive, as well. Additionally, you can also opt for a video package along with the skydive to complete and preserve the experience. We are sure the person you gift this too would want to record their skydive. Trust us, they will be so grateful to you!

For the certificate, all you need to do is call us, and one of our representatives will give you a thorough list of options you can select from for the gift certificate. They will explain to you what each type includes and what the best package might be according to your expectations. Just say the word, and it will be ready for you.

What can you expect from the gift certificate? Using a gift certificate is super simple and not at all different than booking for the service. The recipient gets the same kind of premium service and experience as everyone else. The good part is that the certificates have a pretty long validity date. They can be used up to two years from the date of purchase. The recipient has more than enough time to plan out their adventure rather than having to shuffle their routine to be able to skydive which, we believe, should be a stress free activity. Not only that, but they don’t even have to drive up to your city to use the certificate if they live elsewhere. It can be accepted at over 80 skydiving centers, so it is more convenient for them. We have customer service available seven days a week, so they can always call whenever they wish and book a slot for themselves at their convenience. Could it get any easier?

In case you bought a gift certificate for someone already but never ended up giving it to them, or maybe the recipient is unable to use it for whatever reason, don’t worry. Your money did not go to waste because the certificate is fully transferable.

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