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Many people dream of having a skydiving escapade but never follow up. Boise only partners with a team of professionals that can help you make your skydiving dreams a reality! You may be interested in an exciting Tandem, Accelerated Free Fall, or solo skydiving adventure in Idaho. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift certificate for that special person. Whatever you need, we’re available to help you reach your goal. Don’t just imagine what it would be like to skydive, let us help you fly!

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Do you want to try skydiving but have doubts about it? Perhaps, like many others, you’re afraid of heights or fear airplanes. Don’t allow your trepidation to keep your feet mired to the ground! Skydiving offers a unique viewpoint like none other as you experience a lifetime of memories in a few short minutes! Boise is ready to help you reach those heights of exhilaration safely and professionally. Don’t let your fears rule your life. We’ll get you flying the beautiful Idaho skies!

Check out These Insane Skydiving Options!

Tandem Skydiving near Boise, Idaho

Tandem Skydiving

There’s nothing like the sheer exuberance you’ll enjoy when you undertake a Tandem skydive! Idaho’s stunning scenery offers the perfect backdrop as you experience the thrill of stepping out of the plane to first free fall, then soar through the air! At Boise, our partners have outstanding safety record and highly experienced staff, will guide you through the Tandem jump so you have the most memorable adventure possible! Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Boise, Idaho

Advanced Training

Perhaps you’ve already gotten a few Tandem skydives under your belt and your dream has expanded. The experts in our network of dropzones and their skydiving school can offer you different options. Do you want to advance to solo skydives, earn your skydiving certification, or even become an instructor yourself? Ask about the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression training courses. Whatever level of assistance you need, we’ll help you determine what course is right for you! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Boise, Idaho

Video Packages

Although you won’t forget your first skydiving exploit, you’ll probably want to have a record of it to share with family and friends, as well as to relive your amazing experience again and again. Boise will set you up with several video packages, such as the popular GoPro choice. You can have every moment of your exciting jump recorded. Then you’ll be able to easily share it with others through your favorite social media platforms! Learn more…

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Soar Idaho’s Heights Freely

For centuries, people have envied birds and searched for ways to view their world as a bird might through flight. Skydiving offers one of the best ways to do just that! With ever improving technology and safety measures, skydiving has become a popular activity these days. Whether you’re interested in a one-time tandem jump or want to get advanced training, Boise customer service agents are ready to discuss available options with you. We’ll also hook you up with a variety of gift certificates and professional video packages.

For beginning skydivers, the tandem jump is the most popular. Because you’re hooked into a special double-harness parachute with a certified instructor, you don’t have to worry about the details of the jump. Instead, you’re free to enjoy every moment of your skydive. Once you jump from the plane at 14,000 feet, you’ll feel the excitement of free falling for about a minute at speeds up to 120 miles per hour! Once the instructor deploys the chute and you’re soaring through the air, you can soak in the aerial view of Boise and its remarkable landscape. You could potentially see part of the 2-million acre Boise National Forest to the north of the city, or to the south of the city, you might see the Boise Front. These foothills are just north of the Boise Owyhee Mountains. You’ll also potentially have a view of the heavily wooded Boise River and its famous Greenbelt Path.

If you want to bring along a group on your skydiving adventure, that’s not a problem! Boise has a network of partnered dropzones that have the planes and staff to accommodate whatever size group you have. Anyone who just wants to observe and not skydive themselves can watch you from a special viewing area. You can be assured safety is a vital concern. Our network of dropzones only carry equipment that is top of the line and a staff are professionals. Theirr pilots and instructors are trained and certified according to the best standards as developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Jump in America’s No. 1 Adventure City!

Idaho is one of the most beautiful places in the country to enjoy skydiving. In fact, the area offers so many outdoor opportunities that National Geographic named it the No. 1 Adventure City in the U.S.! Located in southwest Idaho in the Treasure Valley, Boise is the state’s capital and largest city. Lovers of the great outdoors can enjoy a wealth of activities. The city also boasts outstanding historical, cultural and shopping locations. The Boise River is the basis for the city’s well-known Greenbelt Path. Because so many different types of trees have been planted, Boise has become known as the City of Trees.

You may want to visit the beautiful Idaho Botanical Garden, which is located in the Historic District of the Old State Penitentiary. Boise is also home to the World Center for Birds of Prey, which is dedicated to the preservation of said birds. If you enjoy the slightly quirky, you won’t want to miss Boise’s statue of Abraham Lincoln in Julia Davis Park—at 9 feet tall and some 6,500 pounds, it’s the third largest seated statue of “Abe” in the world! Those who are more scientifically inclined will want to visit Boise’s state house—the only one in the United States that’s heated by geothermal water, pumped from 3,000 feet underground. Other popular attractions are the Basque Museum and Cultural Center and Boise Towne Square Mall, a two-story indoor mall for those who love to shop. Finally, Boise is known for the Gene Harris Jazz Festival, which has been an annual event for 20 years.

Situated at an elevation of 2,715 feet, Boise has a fairly temperate climate that helps make it such a popular skydiving location. Averaging a July high of about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a January low of about 24 degrees, the city has only about 15 inches of rainfall annually. In other words, there are many days each year that are ideal for undertaking a skydiving adventure!

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Tandem Skydiving near Boise, Idaho

Count on Us for an Exciting Tandem Jump!

Tandem skydiving came into common usage in the late 1970’s and quickly became the most common method for beginning skydivers. Through a specially designed parachute that has a double harness, it allows a novice to concentrate on the amazing and varied sensations during the jump instead of having to deal with the mechanics of making the jump. Tandem skydiving is the most popular of the various options. You can rely on our partner’s highly trained and certified professionals as you plan for your jump.

You’ll be paired with a certified instructor for the entire duration of your skydiving adventure. When you arrive at the jump site, you’ll have a short training session. Even though the instructor handles the details of the skydive, for safety reasons, you’ll learn some basic skydiving information. For instance, you’ll be shown how to properly and safely exit the aircraft, how to perform free fall maneuvers, and how to release the main parachute. As you go through these training activities, you’ll be enjoying the increasing anticipation of your upcoming jump into the Idaho skies!

You can be comfortable knowing that Boise partner dropzones only use the most modern, top-of-the-line equipment, as well as the latest methods approved by the FAA and the USPA. Because tandem skydiving involves the weight of two people, there are some variations between Tandem skydiving equipment and standard skydiving gear. For example, Tandem skydiving uses a small drogue parachute that is released soon after you leave the plane. The drogue chute will slow your velocity to allow for correct chute release. That helps increase the length of your jump and, if you’ve taken advantage of one of our high-definition video packages, lets you and your instructor maintain the same skydiving speed as the videographer.

Another difference between tandem and standard skydiving equipment is the main parachute size. To be adequate for the weight of two skydivers, the main chute has to be at least 360 square feet or larger. For additional safety measures, tandem skydiving rigs have both a main and a reserve chute, along with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD). In the very unlikely event that the main chute hasn’t been released when you reach a certain altitude, the AAD automatically deploys the reserve parachute.

Tandem Parachuting in Boise!

Training is Over – Let’s Get On The Plane!

Once you’ve finished your short training session, you’re ready to board the jump plane. A number of different planes are typically used for jumping depending on the number of skydivers and other factors. One thing the planes used for jumping have in common is their rapid rate of acceleration. Planes built specifically for skydiving typically can reach the jump altitude of 10,000 to 14,000 feet in about 10 to 20 minutes. After all, the sooner you reach the jump altitude and can exit the plane, the sooner your anticipation of the skydive will turn to the pure joy of the adrenaline rush you’ll experience as you begin your free fall!

During your one-minute free fall at a speed of roughly 120 miles per hour, you may be a bit overcome by the sensory overload. Once the chute is deployed and you begin your flight over the skies of Boise, you’ll be able to better enjoy the sensations and take in your surroundings.

As your instructor continues to pilot your flight toward the landing area, you’ll enjoy ever changing perspectives as colors shift and objects come into sharper focus. After the parachute flight, which lasts from about 8 to 12 minutes, your instructor will bring you in for a safe and easy landing. You’ll have a tremendous sense of elation from your achievement! You’ve actually jumped out of that plane and completed a skydive—something so many people only dream of doing! The memories of your adventure will last for a lifetime.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Boise, Idaho

Check Out Our Advanced Skydiving Training

If you’re interested in expanding your skydiving skills and knowledge through becoming a certified solo skydiver, the skydiving school at Boise offers the best and most recent training in the area. We can connect you with two kinds of advanced training—Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. Each of of our affiliate instructors is USPA certified and highly experienced at training other skydivers. It’s not legally required that you become certified in order to make solo jumps, but it is highly recommended for safety reasons. Also, a major benefit of earning your certification is that certified skydivers are allowed to make solo jumps at any USPS-approved skydiving center. That includes all of the skydiving centers within the Boise network.

Successfully completing the USPA’s Integrated Student Program (ISP) is the fastest pathway to making your first solo skydive. It’s the most common training method used by those in our network who teach skydiving.

The ISP is made up of seven levels of instruction. For each level, the beginning skydiver must complete Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) before being allowed to progress to the next level of training. Both AFF and Tandem Progression training courses follow these same ISP criteria, but each uses somewhat different methods of training within the categories.

Throughout these seven levels, the student makes a variety of training jumps, alongside an instructor who has been properly rated. Once the skydiving student has successfully completed the level seven training, he or she will then be allowed to “self supervise.” Additional jumps are made under a certified skydiving instructor’s supervision. When the trainee has completed a total of 25 skydives and obtained the “A License” criteria, confirmed by the certified instructor, the student is allowed to undertake the “A License Check Dive.”

Becoming a certified solo skydiver is a tremendous achievement and source of pride. It opens up an even broader world of skydiving adventures upon which you can embark! Boise is ready to help you reach your lofty goal!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Boise, Idaho

Accelerated Free Fall Training

AFF is the most popular method of skydiving training. You can be satisfied that you’re receiving the most current and safest instruction from the experts at our partner’s skydiving school. Each level of training is designed to build upon the previous level, to help keep you from encountering a situation you haven’t yet been trained to handle during a skydive. Our affiliate instructors will not permit you to move from one level to the next until they are completely satisfied that you are ready to advance.

“Harness Hold Training” is the term used to refer to your first three AFF training jumps. For most AFF programs, two instructors will jump with you during these first three skydives, although a few programs may only use one instructor during the initial jumps. Unlike with Tandem jumping, where you and the instructor are in a special parachute with a double harness, you aren’t physically attached to your instructors during these first three jumps. Instead, each instructor holds onto your harness from exiting the plane until your chute is deployed—hence the name Harness Hold Training. Once you’ve deployed your parachute, the instructors let go of your harness, deploy their own chutes individually, and you all three descend back down to the ground.

The main reason to have two instructors accompany you on the first three skydives is simply for increased safety. During AFF jumps, you will release your parachute at about 6,000 feet above ground level (down to about 5,500 feet for later levels of jumps). If you have any problems deploying your chute, the instructors signal you by hand to “pull.” For most students, that reminder is all that’s necessary. However, if you don’t respond to the hand signal, one of the instructors will physically put your hand on the pilot chute release to encourage you to deploy the parachute. At that point, if you still don’t release the chute, the instructor deploys it for you. Another safety measure is that your instructors can release your chute if you appear to be in danger at any point during the skydive. The student harnesses are made with extra “pull” handles in areas where the instructors can quickly reach them.

Once you have shown that you can deploy your own chute successfully, you will begin making what are termed “release dives.” These dives let you prove to the instructors that you have the basic flying skills needed to operate during a free fall without having assistance. During these training jumps, the instructor releases the hold on you at some point during the free fall. Although he or she remains close by to coach you as needed, the instructor may not be able to “dock” (take hold of your harness again) for parachute release. That’s why you must have learned the skills to deploy your chute properly at the correct altitude. That’s also the primary reason you must have finished the TLOs at each training level before moving forward.

All AFF instructors know the “hard deck”—the point at which they must deploy their own parachute to save their life. All student skydiving rigs contain a reserve chute. If you should reach the “hard deck” and haven’t deployed your pilot chute, an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) releases the reserve chute immediately to allow time to land safely. While reserve chutes rarely have to be used, the AAD offers another level of protection during your skydiving training.

During the various levels of training jumps, the instructor uses hand signals to correct your body position or other problems during the free fall. After the jump is completed, the instructor will debrief you and offer any corrective training you might need. At higher training levels, you’ll work with just one coach. You’ll learn to perform various movements in the air including forward movement, turns, fall rate control, and flips. Mastering these maneuvers shows that you’re able to regain control after any type of disorientation that might cause instability while you’re diving.

Remember that as you proceed through your training, you’re required to pass the TLOs associated with each training level before you can move on to the next level. The TLOs are a baseline to prove that you’ve met the requirements for that training level. Your trainers have the sole responsibility of verifying that you have learned each TLO during training. While you’re an AFF student, you will have a direct radio connection for communicating with the landing team during your jumps. However, you’ll be taught how to land by yourself as well so you are able to safely complete your jump if radio communications fail. But lets not focus on the negatives, it’s time for you to become a professional skydiver!

Boise, Idaho Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression AFF Training

Tandem Progression is a less popular method of skydiving than the standard AFF courses. Tandem Progression incorporates the same basic levels of training, but the first three dives are made as Tandem jumps, where the student is physically harnessed to the same parachute with the instructor. During each of the three jumps, the student is given a bit more responsibility for controlling the dive, rather than having the instructor maintain full control throughout. Some beginning skydivers are more comfortable with this training method because the Tandem jumps provide a greater sense of security during the first few skydives.

Before making any AFF skydive, you’ll first have ground school lessons. You’ll learn a variety of things such as emergency procedures, how to control your canopy, the proper techniques for free fall, and equipment basics.

Once you begin your training jumps, the curriculum is broken out as follows:

  • Categories A/B, 3 Tandem Jumps: During the first two training jumps, you’ll be learning to perform certain free fall maneuvers to track your altitude and to release the chute. The instructor helps you carry out simulated emergency procedures to reinforce the ground training. Also, the instructor can illustrate for you how to handle common problems that might occur. During your final Tandem dive, you’ll control the entire jump. The instructor is there to help only if necessary. You’ll carry out the same activities as in your first two jumps, but you’ll also show that you know how to handle simulated emergency procedures, strategies for canopy descent, locating the airport without help, and more.
  • Category C, 2 Accelerated Free Fall Jumps: These jumps are conducted like standard AFF training jumps. You’ll jump from the plane with the instructor simply holding onto your harness during the free fall. You’ll conduct the same learning maneuvers you did during the Tandem jumps, with the instructor correcting body position or other problems as they come up. After chute deployment, you’ll have radio communication to direct you to the landing area if needed.
  • Category D, 2 Accelerated Free Fall Jumps: For these training dives, the instructor will exit the plane separately instead of holding onto your harness. During your free fall, you’ll learn to conduct controlled turns of 90, 180, and 360 degrees, all while keeping track of your altitude. After chute deployment, you’ll practice canopy skills that the instructor assigned you before the jump started.
  • Category E, 1 Accelerated Free Fall Jump: This is an especially exciting skydive because it completes your Tandem Progression AFF training course! During the free fall on this jump, you’ll be carrying out barrel rolls, as well as front-loops and back-loops. You’ll be able to demonstrate your canopy skills and that you can land without assistance.

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Boise Skydiving Video Packages

Fabulous Skydiving Video Packages

In today’s world, people rely heavily on visual images; so much so, in fact, that if you don’t capture an event on film, some people don’t believe it ever happened! Don’t leave your family and friends doubting the truth of your skydiving exploits—just check with our experts about getting your jump immortalized on video!

Consider also that some details of your jump might not be as clear to you over time. You’re not likely to ever forget the incredible rush of emotions when you jumped from the plane or the amazing feeling of freedom as you plummeted through your free fall. However, with the emotions you’re experiencing and vastness of the view below you, there are details you might not notice or may not recall later on. For example, you might not remember some of the outstanding monuments, buildings, or physical landscape features you saw during your flight. Boise partners offer a full range of professional video services to fit every budget. Our affiliate trained professionals will be happy to provide you with full information about our video services when you book your skydive. We have video packages available for each type of jump that we offer—Tandem skydiving, Accelerated Free Fall, and Tandem progression skydives in Boise, Idaho.

The top-of-the-line service involves having a videographer film every moment of your skydiving adventure! Your video memory will begin with a short interview before boarding the plane, then capture you boarding the plane and ascending to the jump altitude. The videographer will jump alongside you to film your every expression during the free fall, as well as to record the amazing panorama you’ll be viewing during your jump. The videographer will speed up their own jump somewhat to land before you, so that your entire landing can be captured. They’ll conduct another interview after you land and even include your celebration after the skydive has been completed!

Check out the GoPro videos for a more affordable choice. For this option, your Tandem master wears a GoPro and films your entire skydive up close. Whichever option you select, your video will be professionally edited at the drop zone. You’ll be provided with a video format that can be easily shared on social media sites or via email. Better yet, you can invite family and friends to your house for a party to share in your adventure by watching your skydiving escapade as a group! Your skydiving video will allow you to relive your experience again and again in the future.

Consider selecting your video package at the same time you schedule your skydive. That way, if you select the videographer option, the dropzone will be able to have enough videographers available when your jump takes place. Just check with one of our Boise trained specialists for details!

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Boise Skydiving Gift Certificates

Get the Ultimate in Gift Certificates!

You probably love to give those special people in your life the perfect gifts for every occasion. However, finding those perfect gifts can be extremely stressful! You may have to fight through crowded stores if you’re shopping in person, or wade through multiple online shops to find the right item. Then, there’s the worry of whether your gift is the right color and the right size, or if it will be shipped in good condition and arrive on time. You can get a headache just from thinking about it all!

Instead of enduring all that hassle, we have a simple solution. Give your loved one the ultimate gift certificate and let them enjoy a skydiving adventure through Idaho’s beautiful skies! Gifting someone with a skydive provides them with an absolutely memorable experience. They’ll treasure the memory for a lifetime!

A skydiving gift certificate is perfect for any celebration whether it’s a birthday party, graduation, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Our highly trained specialists at Boise can answer all your questions and provide you with full information about our various gift certificate options. Our experts are available seven days a week to help you select the best option.

Although most gift certificates are for Tandem Skydiving, there is one available for the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Skydive. We offer gift certificates for the two types of jumps alone, or the professional video services can be included as part of the gift certificate for either type of jump.

We do even more to make a skydiving gift certificate the right choice for your special someone. You won’t have to worry that the certificate expires in a short time frame or that your gift recipient might not be able to travel to our location in order to use the certificate.

Our Boise gift certificates remain valid for 2 years from the day you buy them. If your gift recipient is unable to use the gift certificate, it can be fully transferred to someone else. Additionally, our gift certificates are accepted at more than 80 skydiving centers besides our location here near you!

You’ll get to see the stunned joy on your gift recipient’s face when you present them with their skydiving gift certificate. Along with them, you’ll enjoy their anticipation as they’re waiting for the day they scheduled their dive to arrive. And if a video packages is included in the gift certificate, you’ll be able to enjoy their skydiving experience in the future right along with them, as often as you want.

Purchase Your Gift Certificate!

Skydiving gift certificates are a one of a kind, memorable gift to share with friends and family. Wow the thrill-seeker in your life on the next holiday by throwing them out of a perfectly good airplane!

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Boise, Idaho Boise

Lots of people dream big but don’t know how to carry through and achieve those dreams. If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing a skydive first hand, don’t put off living your dream. You can make it happen today! Boise is the ideal solution to fulfilling your skydiving dreams. We can connect you with options ranging from a one-time Tandem dive to training courses for becoming a certified skydiver. Check out a variety of professional video services, as well as gift certificates. Our experts are available seven days a week to help you choose the option that best fits your needs. We are proud to service Boise, as well as the following cities in the immediate area:

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