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Skydiving is an extreme sport that many will not have the courage to try. Are you one of the brave few? Find out if you can take it to the limit! Let one of the skydiving experts give you all of the latest skydiving deals and discounts that are currently available and get you into that Big Sky today!

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Skydiving is an extreme sport that many will not have the courage to try. Are you one of the brave few? Find out if you can take it to the limit in Billings, Montana with! Let one of our skydiving experts give you all of the latest skydiving deals and discounts that are currently available and get you into that Big Sky today!

Go Skydiving in Montana! Call 1-860-358-0830! Today! Billings provides you with all of the latest skydiving information in Billings, Montana!

Extreme Skydiving Options..

Our dedicated affiliate representatives are all fanatics about their favorite extreme aerial sport and with good reason! A skydive in the area offers an exclusive view of the Earth that simply cannot be achieved anywhere else. Every free fall packages offers you a thrilling experience like no other. Ask any of our customer service representatives for more information about the individual jumps to get a better grasp of what each package provides. Presently, the most popular skydiving options include the Tandem and AFF Level 1 skydives, however, check out advanced training for those of you who dare to take things to the extreme!

Tandem Skydiving near Billings, Montana

Tandem Skydives

Begin to test your aerial merit here with this popular skydiving package. The Tandem Skydiving package provides a safe way to descend 14,000 feet through the air. How is this jump safer than the other options? A trained professional divers will be at your back, making this initial jump a thrilling way to enjoy the pure rush without stressing over the parachute. Jump in!

Billings Skydiving School

Advanced Training

You have taken the first leap, nailed the landing and shared your experience with everyone. Now you are finding yourself asking the all important question: What’s next? Billings understands your free falling excitement and we are prepared to meet your needs by setting your Advanced Skydiving Training up at an affiliate dropzone! You’ll be an expert in no time. Fall in…

Skydiving Video Packages - Billings, Montana

Video Packages

Finally, you decided to brave the open air at 14,000 ft. The experience was fantastic and everything you had ever hoped it would be. But it was over too soon, leaving you with only a verbal story to tell and no carbon proof! Do not let this happen to you. affiliates know what it takes to make a great skydiving video recording of your experience! Learn more…

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Jumping out of a plane will kick your adrenaline rush into over drive. Being brave enough to get there takes a kind of courage that few can ever muster. Billings partners with the best to offer you with an exclusive way to find out if you are one of these exclusive few. We recommend starting off with the beginner jump, The Tandem Skydive. Jumping from an aircraft Tandem Style will swiftly introduce you into the world of skydiving without any previous training. can confidently provide this package thanks to the trained professionals that will be jumping with you. These Experts will be at your back as you descend through the clouds and enter into the dropzone. They will be responsible for opening the parachute and ensuring your safe landing. This jump is highly recommended for all beginners.

If you know a thing or two about leaping from planes, or wish to advance quickly to solo jumps, affiliates also provide Advanced Training Courses that will push you to the free falling extreme. The dropzone staff wants to make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready for this level. Which is why all of the comprehensive courses are designed to test your knowledge and skill throughout your progression.

Train up solo or include your friends with our skydiving gift certificates. These gift certificates provide you with a great way to challenge your friends to go further or settle who is braver once and for all! Our gift certificates cover the Tandem Jump and offer anyone interested in skydiving a great excuse to get into the sport. These certifications make a great present for any celebration. They also can be used as an initial icebreaker for a relationship that could possibly lead to something more. Contact a Billings representative today to find out about our current gift certificate specials.

Each jump, be it the Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Free Fall, will be a personalized experience due to the aerial safety precautions. These precautions are determined based on the weather and other aircraft that will be in the air during your flight.

At the beginning of your experience, a trained professional will guide you through the safety procedures associated with your personalized jump. After you are well informed it will be time to suit up. Depending on which Skydiving package you have chosen, you may put on the Tandem or Freefall skydiving gear. Finally, you will board our aircraft and take-off!

While soaring through the air, be sure to check out MetraPark Arena or Yegen Golf Club from your vantage point. Upon reaching the designated area, you, your assigned expert and any of your friends that are jumping with you, will leap from the aircraft en route to the landing zone! Make sure to reserve a video package prior to guarantee that a videographer will be taking the leap with you at this time.

We know the weather in Billings, Montana can be temperamental. The FAA-approved pilots on staff at affiliate dropzones are trained to fly everyone to safety should mother nature decide to take a turn for the worst. The number one concern is safety, followed by fun. In order to assure your safe landing we take all environmental factors into account, so that way you can have fun as you make your descent. Get ready to experience the thrilling sights and cold atmosphere as it quickly heats up during your plummet to the ground below.

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Tandem Skydiving near Billings Montana

Make your first skydive a TANDEM Skydive!

Trying new activities will expand the mind and help you discover things about yourself that you never knew before. Leaping from an aircraft 14,000 feet above the air for the first time will give you access to a plethora of information about yourself like no other activity can. Billings enjoys all of the rewards associated with this exhilarating adventure. We enthusiastically invite you to enjoy the open air and enjoy what the atmosphere has to offer.

In order to bring this adventure to skydiving students swiftly we have started providing our Tandem Skydiving Jump. During a Tandem Skydive, you will experience all of the thrilling and heart-pounding moments that occur when jumping out of an aircraft. The trained skydiving expert will have your back throughout the entire jump to ensure the maximum safety possible for Skydiving Students.

The reason this dive is considered safer than any other free fall option is because each skydiving student will have their harness connected to a skydive professional. This Tandem Skydiving expert will be responsible for the majority of the skydiving trip, including pulling the parachute as you descend. We have found that when the Tandem Style is offered at partnered dropzones, Skydiving Students are able to fully immerse themselves into the aerial adventure.

The Tandem Instructor will confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or older before guiding you through each step before take off. The brief introduction to the Tandem Jump will cover every step of the exciting adventure from making the leap to actually landing. This insightful play by play will help soothe any aerial anxiety that may occur while flying to the drop zone. By streamlining everything to the bare minimum, we are able to usher skydiving students aboard our aircrafts exceedingly fast.

The Tandem Style Skydive was engineered to put Skydiving Students mind at ease about the dive to allow students to put their total focus on the experience. With an expert having your back and only the thrilling adventure before you, all other worries melt away quickly. The ground zooming closer to you will see to it! Billings wants to help get you in the air faster than anyone else and the Tandem Skydiving Package will successfully achieve this.

Due to the swift progress skydiving students are able to make from reservation to jump, Tandem Skydiving has become the most popular skydive, especially among first time divers. The fundamental training provided throughout this course prepares all skydiving students for more challenging jumps in the future available in the Advanced Training Skydive Packages. For more information about the levels involved in the Advanced Training contact a Billings representative today or click here for more information.

Each student will learn how to properly exit our moving aircraft. The representative will encourage you to make that leap once the doors of the aircraft are finally opened. As skydiving students meet the air head on, the experts will train students to maneuver during the freefall and how to adjust themselves mid-air. Skydiving Experts will introduce students to where the main canopy pull cord is located, although Skydiving Students are not required to open the parachute for the canopy stage.

Shortly after skydiving students have successfully exited the aircraft a drogue parachute will be deployed. The trained professional releases this to assure that the parachute will deploy properly and to lengthen the duration of the dive. Once a skydiving student has bravely made the first leap into skydiving, adrenaline will kick in and all focus will be on the ground rushing up at you. Any feelings of nausea or blacking out tends to only occur after the canopy deployment when the experience is nearly over. Furthermore, these issues are more commonly reported to occur if a skydiving student almost meets the weight limit.

Although most skydiving students do not experience this, we here at Billings want you to be well informed. After Tandem Skydivers have entered into the Canopy Stage, there will be a lofty float down into the drop zone. The parachute used during this portion of the Tandem Skydive uses a larger parachute designed to easily accommodate the weight of two people. In addition to the main parachute there is a reserve chute. The reserve parachute is equipped with an automatic activation device AAD as regulated by the FAA. This safety device will automatically deploy the reserve chute if the student and instructor fall below an altitude that is deemed safe.

By taking this extra safety precaution, all Skydiving Students can thoroughly enjoy the open air and free fall action intimately. Throughout this period of the dive, many Skydiving Students are able to fully focus on the temperature change and the gorgeous Billings sights. There is a lot to behold from this amazing vista so take it all in!

As the skydiving adventure comes to an end, our Skydiving Expert will do their best to make the landing a soft one. If you have reserved a Videographer to record your aerial experience they will land before you at this time. A Videographer wants to capture each of the once-in-a lifetime moments that occur during your skydive, including your safe return to the ground.

Each of the instructors have three years of experience as a skydiver. During this time, they have went on over five-hundred skydives. Although all of the experts are skydiving fanatics, they have attained this many dives in the pursuit of their FAA-certified parachute license. If you are interested in joining their master parachute level, check out our Advance Training Courses. These skydives are tiered by achievable levels that provide you with the experience and knowledge required to go from novice to expert. Every instructor is required to have achieved a rank D license and earned their Class III Medical Certificate. Attaining this master level proves that they have what it takes to help skydiving students enjoy every moment of the dive safely. Be sure to ask them about their numerous skydiving stories during the flight to the drop zone!

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Billings, Montana Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydiving Training Options

The extreme world of skydiving provides an exhilarating way for those seeking to alleviate the boredom associated with the daily routine. After enjoying the Tandem Skydive many skydiving students seek to take things even further. Fortunately, Billings can set you up with a life changing way to dive beyond the Tandem Style with Advance Skydiving Training! This course is exclusively for skydiving students that noticed that they are ready to take their skydiving experience to the next level during their Tandem Jump.

Beyond the Tandem Style Skydive is the solo dive. In order to become fully prepared to take on such an impressive jump, skydiving students need to earn their United States Parachute Association Certificate. By achieving this skydiving rank, students will be able to prove that they have pushed themselves to the limit and beyond. Along the way to achieving this certification, skydiving students will have tested their merit, improved their mental fortitude and endured gravity as it hungrily tugged them to the ground. Growing accustomed to this extreme sport is not likely, however, becoming familiar with the safety procedures and contingency plans will enhance skydiving student’s experience.

Skydiving Students will be introduced to the Accredited Free Fall and Tandem Progression course that is offered at an affiliate drop zone. Both courses provide skydiving students with a way to earn their respective United States Parachute Association Certification or USPA. Each course is designed differently to accommodate the preference and comfort of our skydiving students. There is no difference between the two courses in terms of duration.

Regardless of which route skydiving students opt to take, your fully USPA certified instructors will provide each person enrolled into their course with optimal training. The extensive experience that skydiving students receive during this training is necessary to endure in order to earn their certification. All skydiving students that enroll in either the Accelerated Free Fall or the Tandem Progression will be well on their way to mastering this extreme sport. Due to the endurance and nerves of steel that these courses require, they are not for the faint of heart.

Upon earning their skydiving certification, students will earn the right to jump solo at any of the USPA approved locations. These designated areas are scattered throughout the United States and are all within’s network. Students that become professional skydivers need only show their USPA certification to verify their extensive training. Attaining this impressive level proves that you are brave enough to face the open air repeatedly and land like a champion.

Billings, Montana Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Training

Enrolling in Accelerated Free Fall Training

The Tandem Skydive is for beginners. Skydiving students that are ready to untether themselves from a expert need to find out what a solo dive is all about. In order to achieve the solo level, skydiving students will need to undergo specialized training. For those students who wish to get to that level fast there are optimal courses available to achieve just that!

Our affiliate dropzones deliver distinctly different Advanced Training Courses at our landing zone. The most popular and commonly requested course is the Accelerated Free Fall Training. Accelerated Free Fall Training or AFF, is aptly named due to the accelerated rate that skydiving students are able to go from beginner to unharnessed skydiver quickly. During the descent, students will no longer be tethered to an instructor and may actually have an additional trainer join them for the jump.

During your first three or four AFF dives, there may be two skydiving trainers with you. They will be escorting you through the dive and are responsible for holding onto your harness with their hands. The goal the experts are trying to achieve during this time is to remain connected to you since you are no longer connected by harness. The skydiving trainer will hold onto your harness with their hand until it is time to initiate the canopy stage of your dive. This period of the AFF Training is referred to as Harness Hold Training.

While in this tier of skydiving training students will be allowed to reach approximately 6,000 feet above ground level before being signaled to pull their parachute cord. If the Skydiving Student has an issue focusing on achieving this task, a trainer will use hand signals to remind the student to Pull the cord. Most students have no issue at this point and begin the Canopy Stage successfully. In the event that there is an issue your instructor will place the student’s hand on the parachute cord for him/her to pull it.

As the skydiving group reaches 5,000 feet above ground level, if it appears that the student is in trouble or incapable of pulling the parachute cord, the trainer will open the parachute for them. In addition, if at any time during the descent if it appears that the skydiving student is in any trouble, our skydiving expert will open the student’s parachute with either the cord on the front or the additional safety cord on the back.

Once a skydiving student has successfully mastered opening their parachute at the appropriate levels, it will be time for the next AFF level. During this phase, skydiving students will learn about the basic flying skills. These techniques will aid skydiving students in their quest to master aerial maneuverability without assistance from the trainer. Once students have proved to their skydiving trainer that they can achieve the basics of this skill, they can advance to the release dive.

This stage takes the student’s skydiving experience to the next level by holding them responsible for a large portion of their dive, including opening the parachute. Due to this, all of the levels before this one need to be successfully achieved. Skydiving students will actually be released during this dive. As in, no harness holding or guidance to remind the student to pull the parachute cord. Although the Skydiving Trainer will be free falling with the student, there will be minimal instruction.

The reason that the Skydiving Trainer will not be as close to the student during this tier of training is because they will be viewing the skydiving student from afar. This will aid the Expert with being able to properly advise the student on how to improve. Areas of improvement include correcting the student’s body position for optimal freefall experience. The information gained during these jumps will allow the Skydiving Trainer to adequately judge the best way to challenge the student on the next session.

Final lessons in the AFF training with show skydiving students how to safely flip, turn, somersault and control the rate of their velocity through body position. The goal of performing these stunts is to challenge the skydiving student to become slightly disoriented and regain control of their bodies during the fall. Mastering these difficult task will prove that the skydiving student has obtained sufficient training.

These Targeted Learning Objects or TLO’s are a vital way to judge a student’s skill level and they may not pass the skydiving course without completing them. As the student nears completion of the AFF Training, they may be equipped with a radio. This is used in an attempt to ensure the safety of the student should they veer far away from the drop zone or trainer during the jump. It is crucial for students to have mastered the canopy stage and landing before entering into this tier of AFF training.

Once students have mastered all of the AFF levels they will be ready to explore other partnered locations across the United States and have the USPA certification to prove it! This certification verifies that skydiving students are prepared to jump solo and bravely tackle any challenge that they may face while doing so. Graduate from this accelerated course with friends or family members to engage in an exhilarating freefall formation safely with those that you care deeply for.

Billings, Montana Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Remain Safely Tethered with Tandem Progression

The Tandem Style Skydive may be a preferred method of freefall for skydiving students. For those students who seek to remain tethered, there is a way to advance toward earning a USPA certification with our Tandem Progression Package. During this training, skydiving students will be prepared at a slower rate, until they are accustomed to the descent and ready to enter the AFF training method.

Being interested in this optional training package is natural for those who enjoyed the Tandem Style Skydive but want to advance one day to the solo dives. During this skydiving course, three Tandem Skydives will be combined with the AFF Training tiers and all! Your skydiving trainers will help you advance at a slow but steady pace throughout the skydiving tiers. The benefit of moving at this speed is the level of comfort students feel after each jump as the confidence in their skydiving skill increase.

This provides skydiving students with training that does not feel rushed. While students grow accustomed to the beautiful sight of the nearby landscape, an instructor will teach more useful bits of information. When skydiving students are ready and comfortable enough to move forward the instructor will bestow additional responsibilities. The progress all students make will be at their own unique pace.

When the skydiving student feels ready to become untethered, they will begin their ground training. The curriculum provided on the ground will review all of the necessary emergency protocols and canopy control procedures. Before students are able to advance beyond this level, they will be required to learn the free fall techniques and equipment details associated with their advancement.

Once students have accomplished the level of comfort that they seek, skydiving students will be slowly transitioned into the AFF program. During this training, students will wear their own skydiving suit and lose the tethered harness. As an added level of comfort, two skydiving instructors will be jumping with the student to ensure their safety.

As skydiving students near the completion of the AFF training course, only one affiliate dropzone trainer will be necessary. This trained expert is a certified USPA skydiver and will properly guide their enrolled student. Although the Tandem Progression moves at a slower speed than the traditional AFF program, the quality of this course is not diminished in the slightest.

Due to the speed of this course, however, it is not one of our most requested courses.

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Billings Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages

You are ready to take the ultimate leap from 14,000 feet above the ground. Wouldn’t it be nice to record the whole ordeal? A video package offers all of our students and skydiving enthusiasts with the opportunity to do just that! Avoid missing out on each sentimental moment as it unfolds during your freefall experience. These videos are in high-quality and will provide you with carbon proof of your brave skydiving accomplishment.

Video packages are designed for Tandem Jumps and Accelerated Free Fall Courses. This includes the Tandem Progression Training as well. The videographer that is assigned to you will be based on when you make your reservation with Billings. Every videographer is highly trained individuals that are prepared to capture every thrilling moment of your aerial adventure. Do not miss out on recording this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Your designated videographer will fly alongside you during your skydiving experience to capture all of the optimal angles and memorable shots. They will start to film the adventure with the moment you board the airplane. Imagine how awesome it will be to watch yourself climb on board in the third person! Following this initial scene, the filming expert will record your ascension to the appropriate altitude. They will capture the moment the aircraft’s door opening and your expression as you muster your courage to tackle the open air.

Before you step out into the great blue sky, your videographer will jump before you. This will assure that they can capture the sight of you from below as you exit the aircraft. By exiting the aircraft first, the videographer will be able to land before you. Doing so makes it possible for the videographer to capture your landing moments as well.

Everyone you know will thoroughly enjoy sharing this experience with you again and again. Especially if they were unable to attend the jump with you and we want to make sure that you are able to share this terrific experience. After all, it is not everyday that you get the chance to freefall out of an airplane 14,000 above ground level! In order to increase the chance that your skydiving video goes viral, so each video is easily shareable on social media.

If you are interested in using a GoPro to record your aerial adventure, you can! Due to the mounting issues associated with GoPro, however, this option is only available for the Tandem Skydive and Tandem Progression Training. The views that are captured with the GoPro are limited, however, they are still a better solution than no recorded data at all. Be sure to let a Billings Representative know which Video Package you are interested in when reserving your dive.

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Billings Skydiving Gift Certificates

Treat Someone You Know to a Skydiving Gift Certificate

Embarking on an aerial adventure can be an amazing experience. Sharing this journey with someone you know can take that amazing experience and transform it into a life changing one! Here at Billings, we offer a phenomenal way to help you introduce that special friend or family member to the extreme skydiving sport with our Skydiving Gift Certificates.

Presenting that thrill seeker in your life with this great opportunity will be a memorable one to say the least. These gift certificates are available for the Tandem Skydive, making them a great way to introduce that special someone to skydiving. Interested in helping another become USPA certified? Billings offers a Gift Certificate for the Level 1 Accelerated Freefall course as well!

There are many times in life when we wished that an event or moment was recorded. A thrilling skydiving adventure is definitely one of those moments! That’s why we offer you with the chance to reserve a Video Package Gift Certificate. Due to the reservation needed to make this type of certificates valid, we require a notice before the certificate is redeemed. This will assure that a Videographer is available for your personal skydive, so be sure to let our Billings representative know that you want to include this amazing package when you call us.

All of our Gift Certificates are good for up to two years. Should you decide that you wish to skydive at one of our other USPA locations, these gifts are valid throughout over 80 locations and fully transferrable! So when you decide to take a vacation across the United States of America, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling aerial adventure courtesy of

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Everyone seeks a fun way to alleviate boredom from time to time. Make this fun solution a thrilling one with a skydiving adventure from Billings! The unique affiliate location offers amazing aerial views that can not be beat. Whether you are a first time jumper or are seeking a way to advance your skydiving skills beyond their current level, we can find the right experience for you.

Seeking a way to encapsulate your skydive forever? Try out the Video Packages! This option is available for beginner dives and provide yet another great reason to appease your inner thrill seeker. Ready to jump and feel the atmosphere swiftly change during your descent? Let us know!

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