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Are you looking to skydive with comfort to shake off your daily routine? Do you want to bring a new thrilling experience into your life? We’ve got you covered! Baton Rouge is ready to arrange a top-quality skydive at one of the best dropzones in the country. Whatever you want, we can make happen – be it a Tandem skydive or in-depth training that will allow you to do this awesome, exciting sport professionally.

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Are you looking to skydive with comfort in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to shake off routine? Do you want to bring a new thrilling experience into your life? We’ve got you covered! Baton Rouge Skydiving is ready to arrange a top-quality skydiving session just for you, using our wide network of partner skydive providers. Whatever you want, we can make happen – be it a Tandem skydive or in-depth training that will allow you to do this awesome, exciting sport professionally.

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This is the opportunity of a lifetime to break the shackles of fear once and for all! will show you the way to the ultimate skydive that you’ll remember for all eternity, no doubt. Best of all, it’s really easy to make this happen. You just contact Baton Rouge Skydiving at 1-800-617-7948, tell one of our qualified customer service team members what kind of experience you are looking for, and hear out the options. Just choose one that suits you best and boom – you find yourself in the sky, about to make the jump of your life!

Check out the Baton Rouge Options

Baton Rouge Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tandem Skydiving

For beginner skydivers in Louisiana, Baton Rouge recommends a Tandem skydive for you. The instructor will stay with you through the whole experience, this is the best choice for a first-time skydive. In fact, it is super popular among inexperienced skydivers, and we are sure you will enjoy it, too! If you feel like going for an adventure, but want guidance along the way, a tandem skydive will satisfy your thirst for adrenaline 100% of the time, with absolutely fuss-free booking. Learn more…

Baton Rouge Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Skydiving Certification

Are you experienced in skydiving and want to step it up a notch? No problem! The sky’s the limit when it comes to skydiving training in the USA. You can go above and beyond Tandem jumps in Louisiana! Feel free to read more about advanced training courses on Baton Rouge, below. This is the perfect option for those who are already familiar with the sport, but are still looking for more excitement to add on top of existing know-how. Learn more…

Baton Rouge Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Video Packages

When you go for a skydive, without a doubt you will want to cherish and keep this memory for a lifetime. And Baton Rouge is ready to help you do just that! We can add a video package on top of your jump, so that after it’s all said and done, you receive a recording of your entire free fall. It is a professionally made file with high-quality footage that you will definitely want to show to friends! Learn more…

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With so many skydiving service providers as partners in Louisiana and beyond, Baton Rouge has the widest range of choices in the area! You can explore the same sport in many different ways. From Tandem skydives, to Accelerated Free Fall training and beyond, we can set you up wtih every variation of jumps under the sun. Depending on your level of experience and personal preferences, our customer service experts will give you the options that may be to your liking, and you are free to make the choice! Best of all, if you are going for an adventure as a team, you can skydive in Louisiana even cheaper thanks to our special offer! Don’t postpone life – grab this exciting opportunity to jump with a parachute!

To our partners, as well as to us, your safety and the overall quality of the experience is the main focus. So, you can rely on Baton Rouge to put you on the path to the ultimate skydive. Call our customer service experts at 1-800-617-7948 right now and see if they find the perfect jump for you! If you want, you can also pick up a gift certificate to take someone along on this adventure!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – the Perfect City for a Skydiving Experience

Many people love Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and skydiving in Louisiana may make you love it even more! Imagine, you will likely get to see all the amazing places from thousands of feet up! From the majestic Old State Capitol, to the solid USS Kidd Veterans Memorial, the modern Louisiana State Capitol, homey Magnolia Mound Plantation and the fun Baton Rouge Zoo – these noteworthy sites are even more charming when you are looking at them from above.

Not only do you get to see all the great places of the Louisiana capital, but you also get a chance to possibly get a sneak peek of an important event going on in the area. For example, in winter the whole city is animated with beautiful parades arranged for the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras celebration. You may catch a glimpse of the Bloom Arts and Music Festival, Louisiana Earth Day Festival or Kite Fest Louisiane, if you happen to go for a skydive in springtime. Summer brings more amazing celebrations to the city, like Uplifting the Coast Festival in early June. When autumn hits and days start getting gloomier, the colourful Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival won’t let your mood go down with the weather.

Speaking of, the climate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, allows for a comfortable skydive almost all year round! The city is very warm, and in the summer it becomes extremely hot. 89 degrees Fahrenheit is only the average for the season, as it can get much hotter than that – so, maybe the temperature thousands of feet up from the ground will seem more comfortable to you than in your apartment. As for winter days and springtime, then you can experience milder weather. The average temperature from February through April is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go for a jump around these months, make sure to dress warm because you may find it a bit cold up in the sky. But don’t get too worried, our professional skydiving partners will make sure you are clothed just right for the big day. All the equipment needed to keep you both warm and safe will be provided on the day of your skydive, and before the session your instructor will teach you to use it. You will be perfectly happy and taken care of. After all, if you’re going skydiving, you want to enjoy it to the fullest!

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Baton Rouge Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Go for a Tandem Jump in Louisiana! – Baton Rouge

This is the most popular option in the industry – and with good reason! Anyone can do it, as long as you are of age, and it doesn’t even matter if you work out or sit on the couch all day! Not much skill is needed to go for a Tandem jump, because you will be safely attached to the professional instructor through the skydive. For the most part, the trainer is the person responsible for deployment of the main canopy and navigating both of you safely back to the ground. So, your involvement in the technicalities of skydiving is completely up to you. You can learn the nuts and bolts and may upon asking be allowed to deploy the parachute when jumping, or you can concentrate on the pleasure of flying over Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and just leave it all to the trainer. They are highly qualified and have plenty of experience of skydives both solo and with students. You can trust each and every instructor at our partners’ drop zones to assist you through anything during your skydive. They know what to do, and they will explain what you need to do, too. Before the Tandem jump, there will be a brief instruction session where you’ll need to pay close attention. If you do, you will feel comfortable having all the information needed to handle your skydive from beginning to end.

What exactly will you be handling? Well, at first, you will need to figure out how to put on the special skydiving suit. It will be provided once you’ve arrived at the drop zone. Next, you will get the equipment. The trainer will give you a quick lesson on what to do with it. By all means, remember what the equipment is used for and how, because you will have to put this knowledge to use quickly when in the sky. Before the jump, you will be attached to the instructor securely. So, the parachute will be carried by the trainer. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have access to the deployment mechanism. You can use it when the time comes to open the parachute, but only upon prior agreement with the instructor. And generally, you should be prepared that in the first 5 seconds of free fall, there may be no possibility to hear anything or talk with the trainer. Therefore, especially for the initial experience after you jump, everything needs to be coordinated in advance. The good news is that after the exhilarating free fall is over and the parachute is deployed, there will be a peaceful descent simply to enjoy the views of Louisiana, in quiet and serenity.

The best thing about Tandem skydiving is that it can be an ideal way to enter into skydiving professionally. If you love your first experience, we will be more than happy to provide you with more opportunities to improve your technique. We recommend advanced training that can be done both in Tandem with an instructor and solo. For those who don’t really need professional certification gained through these courses, you can simply opt for multiple jumps to get more experienced in the sport. Baton Rouge also encourages you to invite a friend over for one of these sessions. By getting a gift certificate for them, you can organize a lovely day out with your partner or bestie, where you get to do something crazy together! These kinds of experiences are never forgotten. To make it even more fun, make the booking for a whole group of friends! Not only will it be exciting to the max, but you will also get a sweet discount from Baton Rouge for each additional skydiver on your team! There is little doubt your buddies will be grateful for such a mind-blowing surprise where they get to test and expand the limits of their comfort zone.

Even though you are unlikely to forget your Tandem skydive, we do recommend you keep a recording. The video package perfectly caters to the needs of social media junkies who want to share all of their exciting experiences with their friends. The recording comes in excellent quality and a convenient format, shareable through Facebook or any other popular channel. Those who cherish their family and want to share special experiences with them will appreciate having a video of the skydive, too. And, of course, if you loved your Tandem skydive, feel free to recommend it to your dear friends and family! Baton Rouge Skydiving will be happy to organize a wonderful jump for them, as well.

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Baton Rouge Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Increase Your Skydiving Skills with Advanced Training!

Now, this is an exclusive offer, only for those who already know what skydiving is about. Not only should you know the basics of the sport, but you should already have at least one successful Tandem jump in the past! And, of course, the standard requirement of being over 18 applies to advanced training, as well. If you fit all these criteria, you are welcome to contact us for the Accelerated Free Fall course. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded A-Level Certification that will allow you to jump independently at any USPA-approved site across the US. Isn’t that amazing? You can do just one short advanced training course, and then you are free to skydive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, anytime, as well as all the other states! So, don’t wait anymore to become a professional skydiver. Sign up for solo or Tandem progression to advance your skills effectively and obtain a nationally recognized certification!

The advanced training will require your effort both when going through Ground School, and when practicing skydives. Failing either of these parts of the course will lead to you being unable to proceed to the next level, for your own safety. Therefore, persistence and effort will be necessary on your part to improve your current skydiving skill, and up your game to a truly professional level. But, if you apply yourself, the result will be impressive. Beside formal certification, you will obtain awesome skills, like maneuvering in the air thousands of feet above the ground! No matter if you choose solo or Tandem progression, by the end of the course, you will be comfortable and confident jumping by yourself, and even handling difficult jumping techniques without assistance from your instructor. Use this opportunity to become a master of skydiving in Louisiana!

Baton Rouge Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Accelerated Free Fall – Solo Skydiving Training

Now, for the bravest sportsmen and women out there, this is a unique opportunity to train independently and advance your skills, level by level. Even though this is a solo progression track, it does not mean you won’t have qualified, professional instructors to support you. In fact, you will have your own dedicated trainer who will concentrate on upping your skydiving technique. Be ready to take in the theory first, and then go out for a practice jump. You will start with the very basics — simply mastering the right exit method for optimal position of your body in the air. You will also learn how to use essential skydiving equipment, and manage it efficiently both in normal and out-of-the-ordinary, emergency situations. Besides, your professional instructor will make sure that you know how to deploy the main canopy, as well as navigate it to land safely on the ground.

Speaking of safety, some people are worried that skydiving may be too dangerous a sport to be done regularly. If you are one of them, just put things into perspective to overcome this fear. Every instructor in the skydiving school is a regular person, just like you, who has already gained professional certification and several years of experience jumping with a parachute on a regular basis. You will certainly be in good hands if you book your training at one of our partner drop zones through Baton Rouge. Besides, the equipment that you will be learning to use during the initial stages of the course has been developed specifically to keep you safe in any possible circumstance. For instance, in case you are unable to deploy the main canopy, you will have a second one to be used instead. Of course, at first your trainer will always jump by your side to release the parachute for you if you are too nervous to do so yourself or you are struggling with the controls. However, you will not be allowed to proceed to more advanced levels of your Accelerated Free Fall course until you learn to use the canopy like a pro.

The next stage will make you even more independent in your skydiving activities. You will start adding sophisticated maneuvers to the basic jumping techniques learned previously. You will gradually master Superman-like tricks to do in the air, such as turns, fall rate control, forward movement and flips. Even though it will look and feel great, these elements are included in the program not for the sake of making you a cooler skydiver (though this is an extra bonus!), but to purposefully put you into potentially destabilizing circumstances. When doing flips, for example, it may be challenging to regain stability in the air. But it will be essential that you learn to find balance, even in such difficult positions. You see, after you’ve passed Accelerated Free Fall training, you are certified to jump by yourself, if you choose. That is why the instructor will not let you pass through to the end of the course unless they are 100% sure you can handle any possible stress or emergency that may occur in the air.

So, before you sign up for Accelerated Free Fall training, ensure that you are brave enough to face your fears and not just learn to jump on your own, but also get yourself out of any sticky situation during skydiving. If you are feeling confident enough to handle the challenge, don’t hesitate to contact Baton Rouge! Don’t postpone — Accelerated Free Fall courses may fill up quickly!

Baton Rouge Skydiving - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tandem Progression – an Alternative Skydiving Training Method

For those of you who prefer Tandem skydiving, this is the perfect way to start advanced training at a slower, more comfortable pace. Unlike solo courses, this option gives you time to become confident in your skill before you start jumping alone. The first 3 to 4 levels will require you to learn the same skills that you would in the Accelerated Free Fall training, like canopy deployment, the right use of equipment and how to handle emergencies, but you will be doing the practice rounds with the instructor. During the Tandem jumps on the initial stages, you will be responsible for navigation and opening the parachute, but your trainer will be there to guide your actions.

Once the preparation rounds are over and done with, you will proceed on the same track as Accelerated Free Fall trainees. This means that you will also learn new exciting maneuvers to perform in the air, but to gain A-Level Certification in skydiving, you will need to do additional solo training on top of this Tandem progression course. Though this track takes a bit more time, at the end of the day you can arrive at the same results through studying at a comfortable pace.

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Baton Rouge Skydiving - Baton Rouge, Louisiana Skydiving Video Packages

Get Your Skydive on Video!

Whichever skydive you order — Tandem, or maybe advanced training, together with the instructor or solo Accelerated Free Fall — Baton Rouge will surely arrange an enjoyable experience for you, just like you expect. And what’s even better, you can keep a video of it for re-watching afterwards! Maybe you want to show how you bravely jumped into the skies of Louisiana to the ones you love. Or, perhaps you just want to keep the recording for the personal library to watch again, anytime you want. Either way, don’t hesitate to add a video package to your experience. Surely, you won’t forget that special day anyway, but a recording will brush up your memory, should it get a bit rusty. You will see all the excitement you experienced when jumping again.

The recording will show you before and after, as well as all the way during the free fall. And, in case you are wondering, yes, it is really professional. The video will be made by an experienced videographer, who will go as far as jump along with you to capture all the right moments of your skydive. Depending on your budget, there are several options available for the recording. To make it more affordable, you can order a GoPro video of your jump. It is of high quality and is captured by the instructor that will be accompanying you on the Tandem jump. A more expensive, but more professional recording, is made by a dedicated specialist, who will make sure your whole experience is grasped on camera from just the right angle.

Who will benefit the most from the video package? Skydivers of all skill levels will find it very useful. If you’re new to the extreme sport and you only want to “dip your toe in the water” and take a Tandem jump without continuing on that track, you will enjoy the recording because you can show off your new awesome hobby to friends and family. You will also feel great when sharing the video with your network on Facebook. We bet not many of your friends have jumped with a parachute from 10,000 feet above the ground! If you are someone new to skydiving, but looking to continue practicing and improving, you will also want to keep the recording. How else can you remember the first experience in detail and improve upon your own performance going forward? Finally, customers who are used to skydiving and are just looking for an advanced training course certification will also enjoy their video because it can be watched afterwards to see before-and-after progress in your skill level. You like feeling proud about your achievements, don’t you?

Whichever group you belong to and whichever jump you are preparing for, by all means, order a video package on top of skydiving! These memories of living the life to the fullest are priceless.

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Baton Rouge Skydiving - Baton Rouge, Louisiana Skydiving Gift Certificates

A Gift of Excitement for Someone Special in Louisiana

If you’ve tried skydiving and absolutely loved it, why not share the experience with a loved one? Or, maybe, you’ve never tried the sport, but you know your friend loves adrenaline. Either way, we recommend you order a gift certificate for your special someone in Louisiana. The recipient is guaranteed to enjoy the excitement of skydiving. What makes this present even better is the flexibility that comes with it. With a gift certificate from Baton Rouge, your friend will get an opportunity to jump with a parachute over any city they choose. Our partners operate in every major place in the US (more than 80 locations in total). The choice about where to skydive is in the customer’s hands! Besides, your friend will be able to book the experience for any date, so long as it is within two years from the purchase date of the certificate. The type of the jump is up to the recipient, as well. If your friend is a newbie in skydiving, we recommend choosing a Tandem skydive, for starters. In case they already know the sport very well, and even have experience jumping with a parachute, the certificate can be used for Level 1 Accelerated Free Fall training. Make sure to explain the difference between these jumps to your friend when you are giving the certificate. Optionally, direct them to this website to obtain all the information they need, or give them our phone number 1-800-617-7948 where our customer service experts are available seven days a week to guide the clients to the best decisions.

Also, please contact us without hesitation when choosing the right gift certificate for your friend, too. By talking to one of our customer service team members, you will gain clarity about what is included in your gift packages before buying it. One of our experts will be happy to explain all the available options for you. There are so many to choose from! You can decide which types of jumps the certificate will be valid for and when the validity starting date should be, as well as which extras are provided along with the core service. The most popular additional goodie offered along with the standard skydive selection is a video package. Nothing too fancy — just a recording of the whole experience for the recipient to keep. But this video will have a lot of value for the person who goes on a one-of-a-kind skydive with Baton Rouge. It will be professionally made and come in a format that is easily shareable on social media — yes, including Facebook! So, once your friend is back from this mind-blowing adventure, they can create a post about it right away and tag you in it, because it was your gift, after all!

If you’re still unsure whether a skydive is the right present for your buddy, don’t hesitate — it’s transferable! Just in case they decide not to use it, you can choose someone else to go on this adventure instead!

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