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If you are looking for the grandest experience from your first skydive, let the team at Bakersfield help make it possible! With a myriad of amazing skydiving options and features to choose from, your special adventure will be one in the memory books for life! From the Californian skies, there is so much breathtaking beauty to bask in while you dash across the fresh Cali wind.

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The best skydiving experience in California from Bakersfield!
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The best skydiving experience in California from Bakersfield!
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If you are looking for the grandest experience from your first skydive, let the team at Bakersfield make it possible! With a myriad of amazing skydiving options and features to choose from, your special adventure will be one in the memory books for life! From the Californian skies, there is so much breathtaking beauty to bask in while you dash across the fresh Bakersfield wind. Share the moment with friends and family, and create a lifetime victory of living your flying dreams. We are not short on providing fun and excitement, and we make your dream a true reality!

Feel the sky breeze by calling 1-800-617-7948 to book your dive today!

Feel the rush of excitement and endless, adventurous pleasure by falling from the sky! Skydiving is a loved activity that can do more for you than you imagine. You will feel a thrill as you sail through the California clouds, surrounded by ultimate peace of mind and serenity in knowing you are safe! The team is always available to you to answer all your skydiving questions and queries! We know perfectly what you wish to achieve, and we have just the right, fun tools to make it happen! Let us help you fly with the birds today!

The best choices for you at Bakersfield

Tandem Skydiving near Bakersfield

Tandem Skydiving

Skydiving for the first time and need to quench that fear? Then the Tandem Skydive is the perfect option for you. Feelings of exhilaration fill you as you jump from an airplane thousands of feet in the air while under the full protection of a professional skydiving team! The exciting blood rush that send chills to your brain while leaving you to bask in the amazing experience of one of the world’s most adventurous sports! Click here for more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Bakersfield

Advanced Skydiving Training

Have you ever felt like your true calling was to be a skydiving expert? Skydiving School has the tools, tips, guidance and resources you need to make that dream a reality. Take a look at the detailed courses that involve full training and knowledge in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Skyiving. We can explain all areas of skydiving so you have the full understanding of what each has to offer. We have all the help you need to progress in your skydiving career! Click here for more…

Bakersfield Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

Want to relive the moment you fell from a plane… literally? The video package option allows you to gasp in excitement every time you watch that moment you had your first skydiving experience! This option allows you to have first person footage, or if you desire to have a third person view, it’s all up to you! Easily share your experience via your favorite website upon completion to be the ultimate envy of all your friends and family! Click here for more…

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Skydiving over California

The price of fun is unbelievably awesome! Bakersfield is like no other! Bask in the glory of a wide range of skydiving options and features that are destined to make your experience one for the books. These services can never be compared to any other within the area. Satisfying the needs of all skydiving enthusiasts is a priority, we take into consideration what you would love most, including added features like photo snaps, videoing, special celebratory packages and so much more. Feel the wind as it gently flashes across your face!

The team here at Bakersfield is made up of the friendliest and most professional staffing you could ever think of! They are always available to assist you with all your questions and queries about your planned skydiving venture and always provide you with a warm and comfortable feel. Planning a fun-filled day of activities for the holiday and wish for everyone to be a part of it? We offer amazing holiday and group discounts that is designed to help make the experience much more fun and the cost… amazingly affordable! Need to plan for a celebration next year or need to surprise a friend? Our offerings of skydive gift certificates is the perfect gift they could ever receive! For all the details you need about this special offerings, feel free to contact a customer service representative today!

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A top team of experts ensures the ability to quell your fears and doubts of this adventure sport by portraying the highest level of safety and security before, during and after each jump. Trust the experts to ensure the tools and equipment used in the actions are tested and proven for safety, so you can have a stress free experience. The jump experts are trained professionals who have years of experience in providing the highest level of quality service to all individuals. They have a proven track record of success in creating the best memories for past jumpers, and they can do the same for you!

Making California your jump destination!

Every city and space has its unique features, and how you look at it determines how much you get from it! Bakersfield, the “Country Music Capital of California,” is known for its various fun, historic and fascinating highlights. It derived its ownership as the music capital from the growth and birth of amazing music stars like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, who never fail in providing soul touching music! With your favorite music pumping in your ears, why not go for a cool nature walk across any of the wonderful attraction sites, such as:

CALM (California Area Living Museum) which presents you with a calm and breathtaking view of living creatures native to California and many other fascinating scenery!

The Park at River Walk with its beautiful walk or bike trail along the river. It is the perfect spot for singles, couples, and families or a great spot to have your lunch. The vast beauty portrayed is fabulous and is a “belly full” for the eyes!

Have other plans in mind, or feel like you need to see more of what Bakersfield, California has to offer? There are many historic monuments detailed across the entire city, and the historical features behind their existence are truly amazing! Take, for instance, the Kern Branch, Beale Memorial Library with its many books and pieces on long history of California and the world in general. Another historic monument is the First Baptist Church, which is a surviving piece of the dreaded 1952 earthquakes and aftershocks that made both minor and advanced damages to the city.

Deemed the 9th largest city within California, Bakersfield is certainly not short on the levels of entertainment it can provide. With an average population of over 360,000 people, there is definitely no shortage on the fun-filled experiences you can find! Being in and around this area, you can generally say the need for clothing varies on the time you visit. If you are in the area within the winter seasons, you know you need those jackets as temperatures may drop well below 100 Celsius. During other times, you can generally dress cool and more for the summer feel as the weather is more on the warmer side for most part of the year. This is all credited to the region being densely covered in mostly grassland, shrublands and croplands.

What better way to enjoy most of your loved outdoor activities like skydiving, balloon rides, or a trip to one of the popular events? Bakersfield is known for its yearlong hosting of horse shows and music festivals, including performances from the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra and other local singers. This city could be classified as the city of entertainment because of the numerous movie theaters and concerts. Production currently stands at five… yes 5! Are you a drag race enthusiast and planning your vacation to visit this event? Well, plan it for March when Famoso Raceway
holds their annual drag race event. The fun never stops in Bakersfield, California no matter when you visit!

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Tandem Skydiving near Bakersfield

Tandem Skydiving over California

Imagine jumping out of an airplane soaring thousands of feet into the air… seems nerve-racking right? Well you can be sure a staff serious about skydiving is dedicated to making the experience stress-free as well as quell whatever doubts you have and prove to you, upon landing, that you jumped with the best! Being a first time skydiver, you will engage in what is referred to as a Tandem Skydive. This is the method by which the new diver will be connected to an experienced diver via a harness. During the tandem skydive, the young diver will be versed on a myriad of useful tips and guides on how to have a successful jump. For this, the new diver is generally referred to as the student skydiver. They will be trained in:

Initial Exit – This is the beginning process of the skydiving activity which follows boarding the plane and soaring. It is a must that proper exiting from the aircraft is done so as to have an easier chance of managing yourself throughout the rest of the activity. Training will also include what must be done in preparation for the jump.

Freefall – you may want to get the most out of this phase, and as such, training on how to do maneuvers while keeping steady composure will be given. This phase is where most of the activities take place before deploying the parachute.

Deployment of Canopy – this very important and critical training is issued for this process. The parachute is what you need in order to have an effective and efficient landing. Because the wind pressure will be against you, the parachute will be your main stabilization force, and it will initially channel you to safe landing.

Actions after Landing – There is a technique known as parachute landing fall which enables persons to have a safe landing while operating a parachute and without getting any forms of injury. You will be trained on how to fully monitor yourself to safety.

There is no need to panic and doubt this amazing skydive activity as you will have a tandem master on hand to ensure everything is in place and each step is carried out in a timely manner. Here at Bakersfield, we ensure you are only connected with professionals who have experience and full capacity training in this program. Though you are there to learn the processes of the sport, we want you to feel comfortable enough in enjoying every aspect of it because this will become a lifetime memory for you. You will definitely not lose out on any kind of excitement once you make the decision to jump. Believe you are ready for your first jump? Feel free to call us today, and let us help you conquer this feeling of the “dreaded air.”

Tandem Skydiving in Bakersfield!

Requirements for tandem jumps

Once you are ready to reserve your first tandem skydive, there will be a few requirements that you may have to fulfill before final arrangements. If you want to benefit from this wonderful, adventurous sport, you may need to pass these qualifications:

  • Be 18 years or older (proof of ID will be requested).
  • You must be at a select weight limit, preferably no more than 225 lbs. This is because the canopies are made to handle selective weight pressure during operation, and more weight can possibly cause problems during landing.
  • Medical checks to prove you are eligible for the jump. Because your body will go through different atmospheric and temperature changes, every dropzone must ensure you are healthy enough to keep from develop any kinds of ailments during flight. Bakersfield reassures you that we are here to make this memorable moment all worth it! For the best results during the jump, we recommend you wear slightly loose clothing and firm, comfortable shoes. Don’t wear flip flops because with the maximum wind dashing against your body, these will fly loose in no time. Comfort is the game with tandem skydiving in California weather. We must tell you that diving from a plane is kind of scary, but all worth the shot! ]Years of experience, a proven track record, and a high quality service are what await you at the dropzone. Because you are attached to a master skydiver, there is nothing for you to worry about but to just have fun.

When you select the tandem skydive option, you will be granted numerous benefits, including:

  • Conquering your fears – Fears can be a dreaded thing, and if you focus only on the negatives, you will achieve nothing. Tandem Skydiving gives you the opportunity to skydive freely without being afraid, and it helps you build your confidence and mental composure.
  • Fast preparation for jump – It takes little time to prepare for this adventure because you are generally instructed within a 25-30 minute period on what you are expected to do and what to expect from the jump.
  • Relieves Stress – Research has proven that skydiving is a great way to relieve stress as you tend to clear your mind off everything to focus on the present experience.
  • Breathtaking views – Though you will be moving throughout the air, the view of the land below will be a magnificent picture. You will get a glimpse of exceptional beauty as you sail through the clouds!

This is one of the most enthusiastic activities to get you all revved up and excited… in a good way! If you never thought it possible to ever fall from the sky in a breath of fresh air, then let Bakersfield help make it a dream come true for you! Call us today, and let us help you book your first tandem skydive!

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Bakersfield Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydive Training

At Bakersfield, we pride ourselves in finding the best services to all our clients. Jump into the world of skydiving with an operational team who are trained and professional skydiving instructors, duly certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). We especially love individuals who believe they have reached the stage of their lives where a higher level of adventurous living needs to be accomplished. What do we mean by this? You may want to check out the professional skydiving training program which allows individuals to become trained and fully certified to jump solo. We help everyone, no matter what level they are, even if they were already trained to jump solo. This is a technical sport, and the more training you receive puts you one step closer to achieving more greatness.

Training is made easy, and though this may seem an extensive activity, we endeavor to make it effective and efficient for everyone to feel comfortable in working with us. The training school is based upon principle, focus and determination. We work on a daily basis to make sure that the training program you are enrolled in will provide individuals with:

  • Access to a myriad of stages during training which highlight both simple and more complex phases. A training program that highlights all areas, from initial start, through the different aspects of the jumps and right through to landing safely.
  • The needed prepared to engage in the activity. The dropzone will not send you up unless you are deemed competent and proficient in the material of the course. The safety and lives of clients are very important, so it is always a top priority. When your instructor is convinced that you are ready to take on this activity, he will proceed with training.

The training school make you fully equipped and certified to operate solo at any USPA center that is approved for skydiving once it is a part of our network. If you believe skydiving has been your true calling, let the team at Bakersfield help you accomplish your dream. Training never stops, and the more knowledge you have of the spot, the better you are able to perform at it! The training team you will be paired with is highly skilled yet friendly and comfortable for you to work around. They are able to understand your needs and work at the top of their game to help you reach your desired skydiving goals. Bakersfield highlights two (2) types of advanced training programs at their drop zones, Accelerated Freefall and Tandem Progression. These programs offer complete, separate skills training, and based on the needs and competence of the skydiver, we seek to connect them with the most suitable course.

AFF Training in Bakersfield, California

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Training Steps

This type of skydive training is mainly referred to as accelerated due to the speed in the progress which allows individuals to jump solo. This experience allows individuals to engage in free falling from as high as 15,000 feet above ground level. During the Accelerated Free Fall, student skydivers are generally accompanied by one or two certified instructors for up to their first three jumps. The student, during the initial first stages of the jump, is normally held by the instructor for maximum safety until they are able to fully deploy their parachute. Training, however, is first given on how to operate the parachute and isl reiterated during the jump.

The AFF is consisted of a few stages that students must pass in order to receive full certification to skydive solo. The stages of the Accelerated Freefall include:

Stage one: The First Course

This course is mainly consisted of verbal communication with steady practical examples. This step involves providing detailed tips and guidelines on maximum safety before, during and after landing, the necessary jump tools and equipment, body positioning during the process of freefall, parachute or canopy deployment, the various aircraft procedures that will be involved in the process and initial landing. This course time period depends on training rules and the understanding and competence of the student.

Stage two: Your First Jump

Though this may be your first time actually skydiving, bear in mind when you enter the dropzones, you are literally engaged in the sport. After you have being briefed on the different aspects of the sport, you will board the aircraft and soar to a desired feet suitable enough as per directions from the instructors. You will once again be given a rundown of what to do and what to expect. This first jump will be accompanied by two certified trainers who will hold you in place (via a firm grip section on your bodied equipment). They do this so they can properly guide your body while reiterating what to do at each interval of the dive. You will learn how to respond to hand signals from the instructors as the sound may be whisked away with the wind. During this period, you will also have practice moments on how to effectively deploy your parachute (this is to ensure you understand what to do when you are required to finally deploy).

Stage three: Body Composure

After you have had your first jump, you should have a clearer understanding of what a “free fall” is all about. This is almost like a repeat of stage two, but this time you will have a more genuine understanding of what happens at each interval, you will be more experienced at responding to hands signals effectively and you will have a safe exit through to landing. You will still be held in place by two instructors who, based on their own initiative and assessment of your body stability, might release you for a little while (only one instructor will do this while the other still places a firm hold). The hold will be back in place, however, when you are close to deploying the canopy, so there is no issues to provide maximum assistance if needed.

Stage four: Instructors Let Go

You will not exit the aircraft and jump to landing alone! The instructors will still be in place to monitor and assess your body composure and stability during the freefall. At this point, you must remember not to lose focus and, though you may want to feel “over-confident,” stick to the rules and guidelines issued by the instructor.

Stage five: Maneuvers

At this stage, you will be a bit more advanced and will now be accompanied by only one instructor. Since you can now manage the freefall as is, you will learn how to maneuver while maintaining stability throughout. You will learn different techniques including:

  • A 90 degrees flip from both sides
  • A 360 degrees flip
  • Other movements throughout the fall

However, one must bear in mind that these techniques are like a stage on their own, and failure to complete a given step will not allow you to proceed with another. After numerous attempts at each maneuver, the instructor will determine your next move. This stage is a strict test on mainly body stability after completing a flip or move technique.

Stage six: Skydiving Assessment

This is considered one of the hardest stages of the training. This is due to the fact that all that has been taught will now have to be put into practice to see how well you understand the process. There is no need to worry during this phase as you will still not be jumping alone. There will be an instructor in place for any needed assistance. This instructor is also responsible for recording your every aspect of this jump to determine if you are ready to skydive on your own and initially receive certification. They will grade you from your boarding of the aircraft until you land and exit the parachute fall.

Stage seven: On your own

Finally… you are at the last stage of the trip! This is where you will be all alone but from a lower altitude. This will enable you to get training from a shorter distance and see how well you determine the time period to execute each technique. There will be standby professionals, but this is all on you!

Most importantly, each student must understand that if they have not passed a given level, they will not be able to move forward. Also, after each landing, a video review will be done with the instructor to outline your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to in other phases of the training. Each stage is done repeatedly for full understanding and better assessment. Upon passing the grading set by the instructors, you can now proudly call yourself a skydiver! You will receive an approved certification upon successful completion of the training.

Bakersfield, California Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression AFF

This skydive training is considered a less technical form of AFF skydive in the sense that the stages involve less extensive action than a straight AFF. With the tandem progression, there will be a combination of different steps involved at a less critical aspect than the direct AFF. The tandem progression is a less popular method of training to solo skydiving. We still offer this training so that students (mostly beginners) who want to go “slow” can have a chance at learning the sport and initially reaching approved certification level. The tandem progression is considered a preliminary to the Accelerated Free Fall, and once the instructors assigned to you conclude you are ready to move forward, you will be upgraded.

During this training, the student will go through a series of jumps to determine the full comprehension of each stage. Since a tandem jump involves the student being attached to an instructor, it is the student that will be doing a lot of the work. During the fall, they will get the necessary tips and guides from the trainer on when and how to practically complete a given instruction. During the tandem training, the student will:

  • Get ground information – This involves on the ground training on the procedures involved in the course. This will involve the various safety tips, equipment knowledge, and deployment of canopy and control procedures, emergency techniques, and free fall techniques among other topics of importance.
  • Learning training jumps – This is where the different phases of the jumps will be taught. Through the different phases come the different requirements that are needed to successfully maneuver each stage and determine when to move forward. This phase will cover a myriad of jumps to the instructor’s satisfaction of student understanding.

The jumps are offered at different stages with more jumps in some phases than others. During the tandem phase, there will be three jumps. This will enable student training in how best they can adapt to the ground training received. This will repeat up to three jumps until satisfaction is guaranteed. As you satisfactorily complete the guidelines of this stage, you will go forward to the Accelerated Freefall which is categorized in different stages:

  • The first category will involve you exiting the aircraft with the instructor holding on to you. You will work on freefall body stability, height monitoring and control, parachute deployment and other minor fall technique. This will be a basic repeat of the tandem jumps, but with more critical work.
  • The second category will see you exiting the aircraft without a hold from the instructor but will still exit the same time as you and be on guard if you need them. You will learn various maneuvers like a 90 degree 180 degree and/or 360 degree turn.
  • The final category involves doing a myriad of techniques (basically all you have learnt) and will be solo.

Successful completion means you are fully ready to go solo skydiving!

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Bakersfield Skydiving Video Packages

Video Your Skydive Experience!

Remembering your skydiving experience is great, but most times you wish you could see yourself again without actually being there. Remember no more, make your entire experience available to you on live capture. When you reserve a skydiving package, you can ask about the available video package that goes with the option you choose. There are a variety of choices to select from, whether you desire for it to be direct firsthand videoing or you desire for a professional videographer to jump with you and capture the moment.

When you choose the videographer option, you will get assigned a professionally trained videographer who will be on the ground from your aircraft boarding. They will set up videoing and enter with you as the plane soars up the entire distance. Your every feeling will be captured! The anxiety of you planning to jump from a plane will show just how you are preparing to conquer a dreaded fear you may have. As you make the preparation to jump, so will they, and they will exit just about the same time as you so they don’t miss a single thing. They know how to operate the tools, and they will capture from all angles to make the whole experience more fun filled and exciting.

Also, there is an option with our tandem skydiving where the tandem master will wear a body camera that will be in effect also from the boarding of the aircraft. As you get connected, they will capture all these activities, and with the exit, it all begins. They will be able to capture from a firsthand vantage point everything that you are able to see, even as you do the tricks! They will see the beauty and will capture all that exciting sound with it. This video option is also known as GoPro, which is one of our most affordable options. This option will capture a nice personal perspective of your jump, and as you re-watch, your heart will be pounding in excitement again!

Upon landing from the jump, the video captures will be edited right at the drop zones to make it the way you want. None of the fun will be removed as the professionals will only alter things like the wind sound as well as edit it to make it shareable on your favorite social media. Wouldn’t that be nice to you share your experience with your friends and family and have them envy your lifetime achievement? You will all have a blast when you keep reliving that wonderful moment, and it could very well be the inspiration that your friend or family needs to go for their first jump! If you had the experience shared with your friends and/or family, you can all watch it, and for sure, you will almost be there a second, third, or even fourth time in spirit! Catch the moment your scared friend finally jumped from a plane, and help them celebrate this goal they accomplished and their conquering of fear.

These options come with your choice of skydiving adventure, and they are designed to last a lifetime! Every important moment in your life needs to be documented so you can always go back and relive the memories.

Capture your whole skydiving experience on camera!
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Bakersfield Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gifting a Skydiving Experience With a Certificate!

Skydiving is an amazing and adventurous sport, and everyone would really love to experience this feat. A skydiving gift certificate is a feature that allows an individual to gift themselves, a friend or a family the time of their lives. Gift certificates are available and redeemable for any type of jump including tandem, solo, etc. When you purchase our gift certificates, you can redeem it at any of the 80 skydiving locations across the country by the relevant US Authority. Though most of our gift certificates are centered around the tandem skydive, you can also ask a representative about our other available options.

When you purchase a gift certificate, you can get benefits such as:

  • A two (2) year warranty on your purchase. From the time the certificate is purchased, it’s validity period last over two years, giving enough time for you to plan the perfect time to use it. We know situation arises sometimes, and the date you may have planned an event could possibly change, so we make the option available to always make you happy.
  • Video feature. There are gift certificates available for the video packages, but you should refer to a representative for specifics on the type of certificate you need. You will not only get to jump from a plane, but you will capture all this amazing moment live and direct! Everyone wants to relive a special moment, and with the video option, you will get to capture all the experience from boarding to landing. Whether you want to choose the video from an up close perspective or have a videographer jumping from the plane with you, it can be arranged.
  • Transfer rights. After purchasing a gift certificate, if you can’t use it for select reasons, you are free to give it to anyone you desire once they fit in our skydive requirements. The gift certificates are not made with personal identification, so that makes it even more exciting and wonderful!
  • Gifting a friend or family for any occasion they are celebrating. A skydiving gift certificate is fitting for any kind of celebration, and it’s certain the recipient will never say no to such an adventure of thrilling fun and excitement. Are they having a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other celebration and want to spice it up with some nerve-rocking fun? Then this is the perfect gift for them.

Our customer service staff is available to you up to seven days a week to assist with everything you need. No matter how simple the query, our team of experts can help you. They are professionals, but they are truly friendly and have been serving customers for years. You can trust them. The gift certificates can be used for a myriad of packages, including tandem skydiving, accelerated freefall level 1 and whether you choose to have video options or not with each choice. This is the perfect feature to have a life changing experience!

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