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Our team here at Austin is full of experts and skydiving enthusiasts who help you to achieve the most amazing lifetime experience. They will help in connecting you with the greatest available tandem, solo and advanced level freefall experience in Texas skydiving. You don’t have to just imagine soaring to heights of 14,000 feet anymore; we’ll help make that dream a reality.

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Skydiving is an amazing activity for you as well as the perfect gift for someone you love. Experience the thrills of falling from the skies in a safe and mesmerizing fashion. Want to go skydiving but have doubts? We can wipe those away and get you soaring the Texas skies in style! Austin offers full concierge skydiving experiences in Texas!
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Our team here at Austin is full of experts and skydiving enthusiasts who help you to achieve the most amazing lifetime experience. They will help in connecting you with the greatest available tandem, solo and advanced level freefall experience in Texas skydiving. You don’t have to just imagine soaring to heights of 14,000 feet as we create that moment for you.

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Skydiving is an amazing activity for you as well as the perfect gift for someone you love. Experience the thrills of falling from the skies in a safe and mesmerizing fashion. Want to go skydiving but have doubts? We can wipe those away and get you soaring the Austin skies in style! Austin has the choices you want!

Tandem Skydiving in Austin, Texas

Tandem Skydiving

Get the ultimate adrenaline rush when you experience Tandem Skydiving. This unforgettable experience can be perfect if you let Austin guide you to the right experience. You get to feel the pleasure and exhilaration with the safest and most structured freefall skydiving over Texas. It is one of the most exciting and cherished ventures you could ever imagine. It leaves your whole body with an explainable feeling of elation (in a good way of course!) for years to come. Learn more…

Austin Skydiving School

Advanced Training

Has skydiving been a dream if yours but you’re not sure how to get the perfect guidance and training you need? Let an experienced Skydiving School help. We’ll set you up with courses in two areas of solo skydiving training: Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. These courses are designed to test your knowledge and skills and help to determine the right course for you. It doesn’t matter the kind of help you need, here at Austin, we have the perfect solution. Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Austin, Texas

Video Packages

Be the envy of your friends and family by recording your skydiving experience and showing off to them after the jump ends. Choosing from one of the most popular skydiving video choices, including an affordable GoPro option, you can get the amazing first-person perspective camera which records every second of your skydive. And yeah, they are social media friendly videos so they can be shared all over the internet on your favorite websites. Say cheese…

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From One to Hundreds! We’ve got you covered!

Enjoy the highest quality and the most exciting feeling ever with high-flying, adrenaline-based activity featured tandem skydiving. Not many people can say they have experienced this venture and for sure, they are missing out. We cater to individual and groups needs by partnering with dropzones with specialized airplanes and world class facilities for skydiving by:

  • Offering individual skydiving experiences
  • Offering groups (even with over 50 persons) skydiving adventures

This can be dream turned into a reality if you get that phone and call 512-893-8600 right now to speak with a trained professional skydiving staff members. They can provide you with the necessary details you need to make arrangements for you to experience this amazing experience.

We Love Austin!

Austin is a city like no other. Not only is it the capital of Texas, but also has a long historical existence from its incorporation in 1839. It is recorded as the 11th largest city within the United States and boasts a population of over 840,000 people. It is located within the Travis County and is the homeland for many existing fortune 500 companies who have established their headquarters and regional offices here. From Google, Apple, eBay and so many others, Austin is certainly not short on amazing facts, features and fun-filled parks to relax and unwind.

With these many features of Austin, how do you feel about falling from the sky? Yes, we’re serious…in a joking way! You will fall from the sky but with more of an exciting feeling than frightened. Here at Austin Skydiving, we help make your travelling, vacation and living experience more memorable. Contact 1-800-617-7948 today and let us help you soar through the Austin air with a skydiving experience and grasp more of what the city has to offer.

Share your passion and love for the skydiving sport with other enthusiasts from around the world in some advanced level training courses. Experience the best in quality services and safety in:

  • Dropzones (affiliate-based) certified by the United States Parachuting Association (USPA)
  • Working with USPA-licensed instructional staffing
  • Fully equipped with effective rigs that are designed with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) which increases maximum safety during each dive.

Many skydiving centers across the country uses the Beechcraft King Air (double engine) and the Cessna 208 Caravan which provides more sheltering for larger groups. This type of aircraft is designed to provide adequate spacing during altitude climbing. A lot of the other drop zone areas however, prefer to use the Cessna 182 as they provide a more personal touch for persons choosing the individual skydiving. Point is, any aircraft you jump out of is bound to impress and are approved by the FAA. They routinely go through a customary and technical one-year inspection. Also, on a day-to-day basis, the professionally trained pilot staff examines and checks each aircraft so as to maintain a high level of security and provide you the best experience.

Skydive in Texas at 120mph!
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Tandem Skydiving in Austin, Texas

Tandem Skydiving Near Austin

Jealous of something a friend may have done and you want to prove a point? Let us help you. Want to experience life “outside the box”? Call us – we know how you can. Want to encounter an extraordinary feeling like no other? We here at Austin can help you find the ultimate in choices for fulfilling those dreams. We definitely know how to find you unique kinds of activities for your vacation, special treat and just about whatever reason you choose.
If you wish to get into the sport of skydiving and learn it via a step by step process (through the easiest method), then choosing the tandem skydiving option is key. Texas in general has many of the best skydiving centers for soaring, diving and the ultimate landing. The training and guidance session for your tandem skydive is around 15-20 minutes of ground instruction. Be sure to reach the drop zone at least an hour before the take-off so you can sign in to manifest, get the relevant gear, prepare for the skydive, and take care of the final steps prior to boarding the airplane. You will board with your coach, as well as up to 8 other students.
Feel the thrills of jumping from a distance of around 14,000 feet above ground. How exciting and thought provoking is that? No need to worry as you will be attached directly to a certified skydiver who knows exactly how to do their job. The freefall will last up to 60 seconds – yes a full minute!

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Austin, Texas Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydiving Training

You will get the chance of meeting other skydiving enthusiasts as your class will be a mixture of persons from all over the country. They all have the same passion as you in wanting to become a USPA certified skydiver. With the skydiving school that Austin connects you with, you will get the chance to master all levels of the skydiving sport from freeflying and parachute handling to being aware of the altitude and how to keep your composure through your descent. A good skydiving school with experienced instructors is key to help you learn a skill that most people could never dream of mastering.

Criterea for Accelerated Free Fall Training

In order to be enrolled in a Affiliate Accelerated Free Fall program and complete the relevant courses, you will need to pass all the following assessments:

  • Age 18 or over
  • Provide proof of being physically fit
  • Weighs under 240 lbs.
  • Provide proof of medical certificate from a certified healthcare professional outlining your health status

Earning Your USPA License

The class sessions are divided with on the ground training as well as air training. During the first stages of this course, you will get the necessary concept of ascending in a safe manner. You will be taught the basic skills and tools needed to maneuver yourself since you will be experiencing your first solo jump. You will go through the processes of handling the attached equipment and tools for effective functioning. This will be done with the aid of a personal coach who upon realizing that you can manage your equipment practically and on your own, will arrange a guided solo flight. They will guide the whole process from safety in take-off to how you handle the initial landing. After a couple of extensive training periods, you will have the ability to not only do a simple jump but you will master the art of performing extra skills. These include amazing gliding and backflips – just how much cooler can skydiving get?

Through the program you will learn:

  • How to access and maneuver your gear
  • Understanding your parachute from packing up to releasing
  • How to effectively site airplanes
  • How to easily maneuver yourself in the case of added flips or unplanned movements.

There are seven (7) levels of training involved in the AFF program and at the 6th level, you will finally go solo! Once your instructor has verified that you have the necessary skill set to achieve this, they will arrange for your solo jump assessment. You will still have your coach in case you need assistance but they will be assessing your jump to see if you have passed the necessary guidelines. Your overall performance (including a total of 25 jumps and other activities provided by the trainer) will help to determine if you are eligible to receive your USPA ‘A’ License.

What is the USPA?

This is the United States Parachute Association which issues skydiving licenses and certification to trained skydivers. They help to organize and set the processes by which persons are assessed and as such, they determine who is readily fit to be a part of the skydiving industry. They offer up to a license grading of ‘A-D’. ‘A’ is granted after 25 jumps and ‘D’ is offered after 500 jumps which shows the ever increasing levels of skydiving.

Earn Your License

We here at Austin will help you achieve your skydiving license and certification. The program you will be enrolled in is one of the best across the country as is does not fall short of upholding the highest level of training. Start your journey into excellence and let Austin help you today. Feel free to contact us 1-800-617-7948 today and learn about the AFF program.

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Austin Skydiving Video Packages

Video Your Skydive In Texas

Relive the memories of your skydiving adventure with friends and family by adding a skydiving video to your jump.

The perfect way to relive any memory is by having a live shot of how the venture unfolded. With the added video option, you can always watch that moment you first decided to “go cool and awesome”. You can have the option of recording your first and every other skydive with the addition of an awesome skydiving video feature. Capture every bit of detail from your first boarding to your last landing.

For your skydive, ensure you reserve the services of the videographer so the availability options will be outlined to you. Give that extra expression and feeling of your dive so your friends and family will get really jealous of the fun you had and decide to join in. Seal the deal by having a first hand live and direct video with the select videographer right after landing to give the finishing touches to your shoot. The best part is that you get to select the soundtrack you want to add to your video. A “mission impossible” for entrance with a “goal accomplished” sounding would make the deal perfect. But to achieve this, you must call 512-893-8600 and reserve your videographer so you won’t miss a thing.

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Austin Skydiving Gift Certificates Austin Gift Certificates

There is no gift that can match a gift certificate from Austin. This is the ticket to an experience that no one ever forgets. It’s just that simple. No one, and we mean NO ONE, forgets the first time they went skydiving. Give that gift to the thrill-seeker in your life and they will remember you fondly until their last day. What’s more, a Gift Certificate comes with perks that others simply can’t match…

  • Good for 2 full years from the date of purchase.
  • Accepted at any of over 80 locations in the United States.
  • Fully transferable tfor someone else to use.

A Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificate comes with a level of excitement that no other gift can offer. Why wait? Give us a call today!

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You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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