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There is nothing like jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet in the air to surf across the wind currents. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to go skydiving then you need to contact Skydiving.com Augusta today. We’ll set you up with the best experience for your first jump and every jump you want to take afterwards. With the best pricing on the web and the best jumps in the Southwest, Skydiving.com Augusta is a no brainer. Experience A Georgia Skydiving today!

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There is nothing like jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet in the air to surf across the wind currents. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to go skydiving then you need to contact us at Skydiving.com today. We have all of the best options for your first amazing jump and every jump you want to take afterwards. With the best pricing on the web, choosing us is the best way to take the plunge. Experience Augusta Skydiving today!

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Skydiving in Augusta

Don’t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime. Take your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary, book with us today and we’ll find you your once in a lifetime skydiving experience. Every second you spend in the air is a lifetime worth of fun and the reason why anyone who loves adrenaline-pumping adventure should try it at least once. For more information on how to book a skydiving trip today, give one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents a call, they are always here to help.

Check Out These Skydiving Options

Tandem Skydiving near Augusta, Georgia

Tandem Skydiving

Whether it’s your 1st or 100th jump, taking a Tandem Skydive with a trained professional is the perfect way to enjoy the whole skydiving experience with very little responsibilities. Attached to a certified Jumpmaster, he or she will take on all of the controls and produce all of the essential skills needed to properly jump, fly, and land while you enjoy the ride. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Augusta, Georgia

Skydiving Certification

To take your love for skydiving further, you can enroll yourself in advanced training courses. These courses are great for those who want to have the chance to jump out of a plane solo with their USPA skydiving A-License. Advanced courses quickly and safely get you ready to gain the confidence needed for jumping without being attached to a Jumpmaster and eventually jump without one accompanying you altogether. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Augusta, Georgia

Video Packages

Whenever you take on a challenge this big, you’ll want to capture it all on video. Skydiving experts will travel along with you through the sky, catching every moment of your triumphant accomplishment. With an onsite editing team, you’ll receive a fully edited video in the most popular video formats for easy upload to social media. Learn more…

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Throw Yourself out of a Plane

There is no other experience like it! The excitement and adrenaline that flows through your veins from the time you arrive, to the time you touch down at the drop zone is unmatched by any other adventure. You may feel some fear, but facing your fears and taking on this challenge will make you feel invincible once you complete it.

We have discounts for group and holiday jumps, and we offer gift certificates for almost all occasions. A quick call to one of our agents will get you setup with the best skydiving option for your situation. Whoever you jump with out of the certified, you can rest assured you will always be in good hands. The Tandem Skydiving option require you to take a quick classroom crash course on what you can expect from the time you strap on your harnesses and head up to the skies, to the time you make that jump, and complete a safe landing. It’s one sensational experience that most people want to come back and do again and again.

Visiting the Beautiful City of Augusta, GA

Located right on the edge of the Savannah River, this Georgia city is a great place to see many beautiful waterfalls and river dams. Those beauties are matched by the Augusta Historical District which takes up most of the downtown area. Since Georgia and the city of Augusta played such a huge part in American history, even before the Civil War, most of the historical monuments and museums are from the Pre-War era.

Although this city is rich with American history this is far from an outdated place in the U.S. The booming city is home to mostly middle to upper-middle class neighborhoods with plenty of ongoing economic progression. Keeping the city up-to-date are establishments like Augusta University that specializes in medical research and Fort Gordon, a military facility that specializes in cyber technology. But even so, you can still find a slower-paced down south Georgia feel to this Peach State city. With plenty of quiet places to go mountain biking, hiking, and fishing, our skydiving destination promotes all the southern bell charm you would expect an old fashion historical city to offer you.

The way you spend your day when you’re not skydiving with us is up to you, but there are many places for shopping, eating, drinking, sightseeing, and more. If golfing is your thing, this city is host one of the most prestigious golf events of the year, the Masters. The event is the first event of the year for professionals and is played at the Augusta National Golf Course. The golf course is known for its impeccable grounds keeping, even earning it a spot in Golf Magazine as 2009’s 3rd nicest golf course in the world.

Another prestigious sport that is held here is the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. This is the richest drag boat race in the world. This event benefits the Augusta Chapter of the Georgia Special Olympics and hosts 100 different race teams as they compete for money and prizes and the chance to beat the record speed of 252-mph.

The weather is almost always great in Augusta. In the coldest month of January, the average temperature is still almost 60-degrees. It’s an outstanding place to visit for a skydive.

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Tandem Skydiving near Augusta, Georgia

Take Your First Tandem Skydive

The Tandem skydiving package is the most popular option for first-time skydivers and return skydivers alike. This is a great way for anyone to enjoy the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have while on vacation.

Climbing up to about 14,000 feet in the air, you will soon start to feel the anxiety of the jump you’re about to experience kicking in as each minute ticks closer to the launch time. But since you will be jumping in Tandem, you can swallow some of those fears just knowing that the control of all of the essential techniques needed to complete the jump successfully will be in the hands of an awesome certified Jumpmaster.

As you jump out of the plane and into the sky, you will feel the rush of the wind as you slice through it like a Falcon. Most likely as you approach top-speed (about 120-MPH), your anxiety will be relieved as your adrenaline rises sky high and you are no longer waiting, you are engaging in this wild and fun activity. From the jump to the landing, you’re only responsibility will be holding on and enjoying a rush that only an adrenaline junkie can appreciate. The free fall is an absolute thrill of a lifetime and when your parachutes are released by the Jumpmaster, things will then slow down a bit and you can then enjoy some of the other perks of being in the territory that the birds mainly occupy.

The bird’s eye point of view of the city and its scenery and the peacefulness of the quiet skies remind you that taking a break from the day-to-day routine is always worth while. And that’s why we encourage people to come and try this activity at least once. The release of endorphins when you jump and the build of anxiety that you eventually drain during the process is much like when you hit the gym to burn off negative energy. Plus taking on this challenge and accomplishing it, is a great confidence booster for other challenges you will face in life. This is not an activity for the faint-hearted, it takes courage and will to put your trust in someone else and jump out of a plane with not much more than a parachute to ensure your safe landing. But your Tandem skydiving instructor will build your confidence and let you know that if you can face your fears at this level, how can any of your fears stop you at any level?

Getting a Tandem skydive under your belt is a great way to empower yourself, but a lot of people feel like they want to go further and we encourage that as well. If you had so much fun that you are thinking about turning skydiving into a hobby and maybe even one day be able to skydive solo with a USPA A-Licence, we think that’s awesome. The best way to start preparing for more freedom in your skydiving activities is to pay attention to what the Jumpmaster is doing throughout the jump process. Jumpmasters are not just knowledgeable and certified, they are also great people to be around. They always love a chance to help a novice reach their skydiving goals. From instructing you along on what they have to do to prepare for a jump to helping you understand what they are doing during the free fall and the landing process, paying attention to your Jumpmaster closely is the best way to get yourself ready for advanced training. Which will eventually give you more and more freedom in your skydive.

Whenever you decide that it’s time for you to hit the skies for this amazing adventure, the best way to enjoy a Tandem skydive is by letting us find the best experience for your needs. The equipment, instructors, and Jumpmasters you will use and be with are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified. Safety is always a number one priority above all else, and that’s why you will have to take some quick training courses before you jump, even if you are jumping in Tandem with a Jumpmaster. The training will help you prepare for what you will encounter before, during, and after the jump. In the end, after safety, the second most important goal is that everyone has an absolute blast.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Augusta, Georgia

Advanced Skydiving Courses

Skydiving in Tandem is a great experience, but it limits you to only certain aspects of the skydiving sport. For some people, they are very comfortable with that, but for other people, they want to eventually become more involved in the skydive itself and the skydiving community.

When you feel it’s time for you to make that move to progress in your skydiving hobby, we recommend skydiving advanced courses. These courses are taught in a classroom by USPA (United States Parachute Association)- certified instructors that will teach you the skills and responsibilities that you need to advance your ability to one day be able to earn your Class A-License and jump solo. With your A-License, you will be certified to jump alone at any USPA-certified locations across the U.S. including many of our affiliate locations.

As you slowly but steadily progress in your advanced training, you will be taking many jumps where you can apply what you have learned in the classroom in real-time action with your Jumpmaster in the sky. Up until you have earned the confidence of the instructors, the Jumpmasters and your A-License, you will always be jumping with at least one Jumpmaster. As always, safety is our top priority.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Augusta, Georgia

Taking Accelerated Free Fall Training Courses

The Accelerated Free Fall Training courses (AFF) consist of seven different levels. Each level will require you to accomplish a set of Target Learning Objectives (TLOs). These objectives will be learned first in the classroom and then you will be expected to perform them flawlessly during a skydive before you can move on to the next set of TLOs or level. As you accomplish each TLO and level you will be getting that much closer to earning your A-Licence.

In your first level, you will be jumping with two Jumpmasters. Both Jumpmasters will be attached to you by using what is referred to as the “Harness Hold Method”. With this method, you will not be harnessed to the Jumpmaster like you would be during a Tandem jump. Instead, everyone will jump together, and the Jumpmasters will have a hold of you only by hand. This is still an extremely safe method. The Jumpmasters will be able to assist and instruct you as you free fall and help you with any problems and even pull your ripcord if deemed necessary.

During this first level, you will be working on four main skills needed to complete a jump successfully. Proper body positioning will be one of those skills. This is very important because you want to be in the best position possible when you pull the ripcord. If you are not ready for the full jolt you will receive when the canopy or parachute catches the air, the canopy and you may not be able to work properly. The second important skill you will be working on is pulling the ripcord. During your free fall, you will make plenty of arm motions to the ripcord simulating a successful pull before you actually pull the ripcord. The third skill you will practice is monitoring you altitude. Understanding where you are at in the sky and when you should pull the ripcord is very important and can make the difference between a harsh landing and a comfortable one. The fourth and final skill you will be working on will only come with lots of practice as well as trial and error, and that is landing.

As you go up in levels you will find that your Jumpmaster will allow you to have more freedom. They won’t hold on to you throughout the whole free fall portion of the jump. This will allow you to try things like losing control and regaining control and doing flips and other tricks all in the attempt to try to get back to the perfect body position that is needed for canopy deployment. You will also keep working on your other skills you have learned in previous levels.

As you get to level seven, you will be expected to do at least two Hop-and-Pops. These jumps are taken at low altitudes while employing the canopy right as you jump out. This is to help simulate what you might have to do in case of an aircraft malfunction. After you complete level six’s TLOs, level seven mostly consists of practice. You will need to jump at least 17 more times with a jumpmaster before you will be eligible for your A-License. But this is a great time to have fun and practice everything you have learned during your seven levels of training.

Throughout you training, you will probably engage in something the industry calls “Dirt Jumps”. These are just dry runs that are performed on the ground. You will practice before and after jump procedure, and it will give you a chance to practice proper technique for jumping out of the plane.

Augusta, Georgia Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Taking Tandem Progression Training to Prepare for AFF Training

Tandem Progression training is a slower paced training course for those who are ready to go solo but are still in need of some confidence-boosting and certain essential skydiving skills. This type of training allows the trainee to jump with a Jumpmaster as the Jumpmaster gives them sort of a play-by-play of what they are doing to complete the jump successfully.

This is a great way to really get the feel of what will be expected of you when you are not harnessed to a professional in Tandem. Like with the AFF training courses, you will have TLOs to accomplish. As you accomplish more, your responsibilities during the free fall will increase while your Jumpmaster’s responsibilities will decrease. You will slowly become responsible for altitude monitoring, pulling the ripcord at the proper time while positioned properly, and you will gain the responsibilities of steering the canopy to the drop zone. Of course, your Jumpmaster can take over at any time, but the idea here is to practice the skills you will need to advance into the AFF training where you will spend a lot of the time flying solo with a Jumpmaster that is not harnessed to you.

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Augusta Skydiving Video Packages

Have Your Whole Skydive Experience Video Taped

Although this is an adventure you are sure to never forget, videotaping your experience is the perfect way to preserve the memories in great detail. This is also a great way to retell your story to your friends and family. Sure a filibuster of a story at the next family gathering is great, but a video is much more real and exciting evidence of the best trip ever.

Your videographer is guaranteed to be a highly skilled at capturing your every moment of the skydiving experience. From the fly up to altitude and the jump from the plane to the free falling excitement and safe landing, he’ll make sure we catch it all. He can take a pre-flight interview where you can share your fears and thoughts on what you expect to experience, and then take a post-flight interview where you can tell everyone just how accomplished you feel and how proud of yourself you are for taking on this extraordinary challenge. And yes, just in case you were wondering, if people get to see your pre and post-flight interview, they will also get to see your reaction when you jump out of the plane and start plummeting to the earth at 120 miles per hour. Some people can hold it together quite well, but most people make for great videoing taping material – their screams, their facial expressions – it’s only natural.

Another great part of the video package is the onsite editing team. Right when you touchdown and settle in, you can start working with the editors to come up with a video package that can be put into almost any modern day format. We even put them in formats that make them very easy to upload to your social media sites. This is a great way to let all of your friends know what you were up to during the day, and maybe even encourage them to come out and take a skydive with you sometime. Outside of your social media updates, this professional team will put together a video that will be awesome for showing your whole experience to everyone. Friends and loved ones will get a kick out of your experience and admire your courage.

Take note of the Go-Pro package where one of your Jumpmasters will jump right along with you and get up close and personal images of how you are enjoying your free fall experience by attaching a GoPro to his wrist. This is a more affordable way to go when ordering a video package.

For the best video packages that fit your situation, give us a call at Skydiving.com Augusta. Video Packages are available for Tandem skydiving, Accelerated Free Fall skydiving, and Tandem Progression skydiving. So whether it’s your first or one of many jumps, get it on video so you can enjoy it again and again.

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Augusta Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Here at Skydiving.com Augusta, we offer a variety of gift certificates to our customers. This is a great way to encourage some of your friends that you know like to engage in adrenaline-pumping activities to take on this amazing challenge with you. It’s a great way to build trust among you and your friends or family, a great way to bond, and a great way to create memories that will stick with each and every one of you forever.

We offer gift certificates for Tandem skydiving adventures and Accelerated Free Fall level 1 training. These gift certificates also come with or without videotaped packages. They come valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase and are fully transferable to another person. If the need should come about, they can also be transferred to another location in the case of changed plans. This is just a great way to make sure that wherever you decide to spend your vacation, you won’t go home without a story to tell.

To make sure that you get the correct gift certificate that makes the most sense for your situation, call one of our knowledgeable agents today. Our customer service is available seven days a week and they love to help. Explaining to them exactly what you are looking to get out of the experience is the best way to ensure you receive our best services. With the best prices on the web and with our holiday and group discounts, you won’t find a better place to shop for skydiving adventures than at skydiving.com.

Anyone you give one of our gift certificates to will appreciate the thought. Whether it’s for you and a bunch of people or someone else entirely, this is a perfect way to send someone on a trip and an experience of a lifetime.

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