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Do you want that sky-high adventure of a lifetime? Atlantic City Skydiving is the easiest way to get to it. Our network of professionals will make sure you have the safest and most thrilling adventure ever. We work with the best affiliate team of expert skydivers, and offer a variety of package deals and gift certificates. Don’t just dream about flying 14,000 feet above New Jersey’s sandy coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. Just do it.

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Do you want that sky-high adventure of a lifetime? Atlantic City Skydiving is the easiest way to get it. Our network of professionals will make sure you have the safest and most thrilling adventure ever. We work with the best team of expert skydivers, and offer a variety of package deals and gift certificates. Don’t just dream about flying 14,000 feet above New Jersey’s sandy coastline and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Skydiving is unlike anything you’ve experienced in life. The exhilarating rush of stepping out of a moving airplane, free falling thousands of feet and then parachuting gently down to earth is like no other sensation in the world. Give yourself (or an adrenaline junkie friend) the gift of New Jersey’s out of this world deals on skydiving. Let us help you fulfill your skydiving dreams!

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Atlantic City Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Atlantic City, New Jersey

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is the quickest way to get off the ground. With an expert instructor harnessed to your back, you get the heart-pounding surge of adrenaline just as if you were flying solo. After all, those are your feet perched on the edge at altitude. That’s your leap into free fall. You own that 360-degree view of New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the horizon. Enjoy the ride! Learn more…

Atlantic City Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Advanced Training

Skydiving can be addicting! If you’re looking for additional ways to expand your skydiving abilities, check out some Advanced Training options! At Atlantic City, we ensure you’ll be with the most competent team of instructors available to give you the added skills and knowledge to enhance your future skydiving adventures. Jump into the world of Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training as well as Tandem Progression training. Get on track to solo skydive with Advanced Training. Learn more…

Atlantic City Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Video Packages

Show off your adventurous side to friends and family! Add a video package to your surreal skydiving experience. Choose the GoPro video to capture an up-close view of your ecstatic face and your personal skydiving perspective, or choose the more comprehensive video documentation that features you as the star skydiver from start to finish. Best yet, all video formats are easy to share on social media and other websites. Keep revisiting the exhilaration and adrenaline rush of your 14,000-foot jump with these awesome video packages. Learn more…

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A Skydiving Journey

There’s more to skydiving than meets the eye! At Atlantic City, we want you to have the safest, most thrilling, and most unforgettable skydiving experience ever. That’s why we’re all about working with top-notch, certified skydiving experts who provide complete skydiving services with the most options in the Atlantic City area. Come alone or bring friends. Save when you book during the holidays and with group discounts. Give yourself or that adventurous person in your life a skydiving Gift Certificate – a present they’ll remember forever!

Can you imagine the thrill of coming face-to-face with your biggest fear and challenging yourself to overcome it? You’ll walk away surging with adrenaline and a sense of accomplishment. Don’t defy gravity. Instead, let gravity give you the most exhilarating rush of your life at 120 mph! Try skydiving and let us help make the whole journey a memorable one, from when you start booking to when you start bragging.

It’s All About Enjoying Your Journey!

In Atlantic City, there’s fun in the air and on the ground! Take in a panoramic view of sparkling high rises and hotels, and then hit the city streets for some casino fun, live music, and comedy performances at places like Legends In Concert and The Comedy Stop. Bask on the beach in the afternoon sun, and see whether you can find that spot the next day from 14,000 feet as you view the ribbon-like stretches of sandy shoreline.

Yes, you’re right there at the fabled Jersey shore with the Atlantic Ocean as your playground. Skydive above a beautiful view, and then continue the flying experience by paragliding just feet above the ocean’s surface with Atlantic City Parasail. See the New Jersey coastline from offshore with Atlantic City Princess Cruises Day Tours. Try surfing with lessons from Jersey Devil Surf Shop. Learn to windsurf, kitesurf or go standup paddling at Extreme Windsurfing. Sign up for whale and dolphin watching, go fishing, or enjoy either of these ocean activities with various other charter service providers.

The greatest part about skydiving in this part of New Jersey is the weather! You’ll appreciate Atlantic City’s maritime subtropical climate, which boasts warm summers, cool winters, and mild temperatures during spring and fall. Okay, it’s a bit chilly when you’re over 10,000 feet in the air, but you won’t even notice with all the adrenaline rushing through every cell of your body right before you exit the airplane! After showing off your skydiving skills in the air, return to the ground or the ocean and soak up some Atlantic City sunshine.

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Atlantic City Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Atlantic City, New Jersey

It Takes Two to Tandem – Atlantic City

It’s easy to get off the ground right now by going on a Tandem Skydive! You’re ready for the challenge. You’re ready to stand at the edge of that moving airplane’s open doorway. You’re ready to take that heart-thumping leap from thousands of feet in the air and free fall at exhilarating speeds over 100 mph.

At Atlantic City, we’ll give you a front row seat to non-stop adventure when you book a Tandem Skydive! With the instructor harnessed to your back, there’s nothing in your way – you get the full panoramic view of New Jersey’s coastline and the Atlantic Ocean as if you were a bird in flight! With the comfort of knowing that you have an experienced, licensed Jumpmaster attached to you, you can fly free as a bird.

You’re never alone when you go Tandem, yet you will be in control with guidance from your instructor. Once you deploy your chute, you’ll sail peacefully around serene sandy shores and an expansive swath of ocean. On your breathtaking glide back down to earth, you’ll find it hard to describe the feeling. However, we have a phrase that might come close: pure joy and ecstasy.

Come Tandem Skydiving to experience the most surreal lifetime adventure. You will not believe the indescribable feeling of flying. If you’ve thought about trying it before, now is the time – and Tandem Skydiving is the way to go. At Atlantic City, we’re here to help!

Tandem Skydive With Us Atlantic City assures that we will have your back on a Tandem Jump. We want you to focus on the fun, and let the instructor handle the rest. Book with us and know that you’re going up to altitude with the most skilled instructors in the area, professionals who are licensed with the United States Parachute Association (USPA). When you take that leap into free fall, you’ll understand why we take safety is a priority. With a team of expert pilots and competent instructors to the gear and aircraft used, all you have to do is follow a few simple directions and experience the most unreal thrill of your life.

Incredible as your first-time skydiving experience may be, think of how much more fun you’ll have when you bring your friends along for a group jump. You’ll all find it amazingly hard to describe the experience, but you’ll also have a lot of fun trying to do so! Our customer service team at Atlantic City makes it easy for you to book Tandem Skydiving for groups by offering discounts as well as the best drop zone locations and instructors in Atlantic City!

I’m Ready to Go Tandem! Atlantic City makes it breezy easy to fly the way you want in the New Jersey sky! You simply call us to book your Tandem Skydiving experience, and we’ll tell you the location and time of your scheduled jump. And then, all you have to do is show up with a positive attitude and “I can do this” enthusiasm. Arrive a little earlier than your scheduled meeting time to give yourself a head start on enjoying your whole skydiving journey to its fullest!
Your instructor will brief you on the basics. You’ll learn a bit about what to expect when jumping at altitude, maneuvering during free fall, deploying your parachute, and gliding easily to a safe landing. There are ways to communicate with your instructor in the air, and you’ll learn all that too before leaving the ground.

During the ride to altitude, wrap your mind around what you’re about to do – jump out of a moving airplane! It probably goes against every survival instinct that you have. Skydiving is truly a mental challenge. When you choose to make that jump, you put yourself in the unique position of challenging yourself to overcome a primal fear shared by most humans. You can face this fear and choose to take on the challenge – and have fun doing it – because when you Tandem Skydive with Atlantic City, we really do have your back! When you take that leap at 14,000 feet, a competent Jumpmaster is right behind you all the way to provide the support and encouragement you may need. If you want, you’ll get assistance in doing some fun aerials during free fall.

Your instructor will signal when it’s time to deploy your parachute. When your chute fully opens, you’ll feel the sudden catch as your body slows from free fall. You’ll also feel something else – the sensation of gliding gently through the air while the overwhelming surge of adrenaline still courses through your entire body. This mix of feelings is, well, indescribable!

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Atlantic City Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Advanced Skydiving – Hooked On Extreme

We understand how it happens. You skydive for the first time and you’re hooked. The memory of your first jump might be fresh in your mind or years old, but the whole experience is unforgettable. You want more of that exhilarating free fall rush and peaceful parachuting. The feelings of confidence and pride from your first jump are still with you, and they’ll help propel you to the next level of this extreme sport – going solo!

You’ll find Atlantic City the easiest way to find the training to becoming a certified solo skydiver with the United States Parachute Association (USPA). There are two main training options – Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. If your goal is to skydive solo, contact our knowledgeable customer service team to help you achieve it! Our network of USPA-certified dropzones and instructors includes the best jumpers in the area. You’ll learn to feel comfortable in the air, and you’ll gain skills to enhance your skydiving experience.

When you complete one of these training programs, you receive an A-License with USPA, and you can solo skydive at any USPA-approved skydiving center. That’s great news, because every center in our network is USPA-approved! This means you can go to any one of our numerous drop zones and take to the sky solo. With your new license, you can experience a wide variety of new landscapes and horizons from over 10,000 feet and at over 100 mph!

Contact us for more information on our Advanced Training options. The two types that are typically available are very different, and you’ll want the one that’s best for you. If you have any doubts or concerns, just call us with your questions at 1-800-617-7948. We’re here to help!

Atlantic City Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Accelerated Free Fall Training – Your Freeway to Free Fall

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is like taking the freeway to your destination. AFF is what most people choose because it’s the fastest way to your first solo free fall and to becoming A-licensed with USPA. This route takes less time, which means that you pay less money, too!

When you take the AFF freeway to solo free falling, you cruise through eight levels of Target Learning Objectives (TLO). At each level, you learn basic and advanced skydiving skills, how to communicate with hand signals, about the equipment, and lots about safety! There’s a bit of technical learning too, yet it’s all fun and fascinating! When your instructor signs off on a level, you advance to the next set of TLOs that you’ll need to master.

During your first three jumps, one or two instructors jump with you while holding onto your harness. Your instructors won’t let go until you deploy your chute. Usually, this happens at 6,000 feet on the first jump. Not to worry – your instructors will also deploy their chutes and help guide you to a safe landing. By the third jump, you’ll get 1,000 feet more free fall time by deploying your chute at 5,000 feet!

After your third jump, only one instructor trains you for the rest of the course. You’ll learn more about ariel dynamics – turning, flipping upside down, how to control your speed, and ways to maneuver your body as it travels over 100 mph! You’ll build the confidence and assurance that you can handle any unexpected situation you may encounter. A certified AFF training team will always be close by to guide you through any emergency. We use only the best equipment with built-in safety features. If you should reach a critical altitude at free fall speed, the Automatic Activation Device (ADD) on your harness will automatically deploy your chute for you.

Your next jumps will be large leaps to flying solo! Your instructor holds onto your harness while you exit the plane, but they’ll let go during free fall. And while they’ll still be close, now it’s all you. Go ahead and play in the wind. Do those flips and turns that you learned. Give your instructor hand signals to convey how much fun you’re having!

The last step is taking that solo drop from start to finish! From your first jump to your last, you get on-the-ground briefing before going up and after coming down. With 25 satisfactory jumps, your instructor will sign the forms necessary for your A-license. You did it! Now, you can go solo any time you want!

Atlantic City Skydiving - Atlantic City, New Jersey Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression – An Alternate Route

Are you wondering if there’s an alternate route to becoming a licensed skydiver instead of taking the AFF freeway? There is – Tandem Progression. At some of our partnered drop zones, this type of training offered is where you learn the same information and skills taught in the AFF course, but with more skydives to complete between levels. An instructor takes you through an initial series of three Tandem jumps. Just as, in AFF training, you’ll get classroom time as well as instructions before and after each jump. Over progressive skydives, your instructor will just hold your harness, letting go at different stages of the jump – once you deploy your chute, then in free fall, and finally right before leaping from the plane!

Your instructor will always stay close to you at all times in the air. Toward the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to enjoy those free falling aerial moves and the gentle maneuvering of your parachute ride back to earth! When your instructor signs off on the required number of jumps necessary for you to become USPA A-licensed, you can jump for joy – because you can now jump solo!

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Atlantic City Skydiving - Atlantic City, New Jersey Skydiving Video Packages

Seeing Is Believing

If you had a video of your skydiving experience, how often do you think you would watch it, show it to family, or share it with friends? The answer is – a lot! You just did something so extreme and hard to describe that the best way to convey the whole experience to others is by showing them. You’ll be over 10,000 feet high in the New Jersey sky looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll be soaring above the city skyline and sultry sandy beaches near Atlantic City! You’ll only get that first skydiving experience once! It would be amazing to capture those stunning views and your whole electrifying experience on a video!

Here at Atlantic City, you’ll only hear us talk about the best video package options for all each jump type. Whether you’re doing a first-time Tandem jump or completing one of the Accelerated Free Fall or Tandem Progression skydives, we have the best deals for getting every heart-pounding moment on film. Book your skydiving adventure with Atlantic City and be sure to ask our friendly service team about getting a video. We give you the choice between a comprehensive video of your entire skydive from start to finish and a more affordable option that captures key moments of your jump! You choose which fits your budget, and we’ll find something that fits your needs. Just ask to have either one added on to your skydiving package when you call us!

If you really want your first sky-high adventure captured completely, go with the top video package. A professional videographer will film you getting instructions, interview you on the ground, and record your reactions on the plane ride to altitude. There will be another interview moments before your big leap, and because your videographer jumps first, you’ll also have those first harrowing seconds of free fall captured perfectly! After your chute deploys, you are filmed gliding and maneuvering. Your videographer lands before you, so in your video, you’ll get to see your feet hit the ground and the incandescent look on your face. And your screams and laughter will be recorded for posterity, too!

The GoPro video package allows you to save your memories and a bit of money. Your instructor will strap the camera to their helmet and your video will be of your skydiving adventure just as you experienced it! From exiting the airplane to deploying your chute to landing safely, you’ll be able to see it all again – up-close, personal, and from your perspective!

You, your family, and your friends will want to watch this video over and over! Best yet, your video is edited right there at the drop zone. Not only will you walk away from the most mind-blowing experience of a lifetime, you’ll be taking along the whole thing on video! Share these social-media-friendly formats easily on your website, and be proud of what you just did – it’s a feeling of accomplishment you’ll never forget!

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Atlantic City Skydiving - Atlantic City, New Jersey Skydiving Gift Certificates

A Most Exhilarating Gift Idea – Atlantic City

If you want to give the most mind-blowing and memorable gift to that special someone, look to Atlantic City! No matter what the occasion or how many gifts you’re looking for, the thrill-seekers in your life will appreciate the chance to do something extreme, something unique, and something they’ll remember forever!

At Atlantic City, we offer several different Gift Certificate options to let you choose the one best suited for your recipient. Give a Tandem Skydiving adventure for that first-time jumper. The first skydive is always the best, and you can be the one who makes it happen for them! Want to get a present for someone who’s already done a Tandem jump? Give them a Gift Certificate for our Accelerated Free Fall, Level 1 skydives. You can even get Gift Certificates that include a video package as part of the present!

When you give one of our Gift Certificates, you’re getting your money’s worth! The lucky recipient has two years from the date of purchase to use their gift. They can schedule a skydiving date that is perfect for them! Plus, it doesn’t matter where the person lives. A Gift Certificate from Atlantic City is redeemable at any of the more than 80 skydiving centers in our network. Finally, the Gift Certificate is fully transferrable! If the recipient is unable to take you up on this spectacular offer, you can transfer it to someone else. Maybe even yourself!

Life is full of surprises, and it’s nice to know you’re giving a gift with so many flexible options. Besides, it’s the perfect way to give unbelievable fun, electrifying thrills, and memories to last a lifetime! Give that adrenaline junkie friend a first-time try at an extreme sport, or give the gift of advanced skydiving training. Our team of experts will deliver your present with high-flying style! Don’t forget – we have Gift Certificates for Video Packages too!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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When you contact Atlantic City Skydiving, you get a whole team of people at your service dedicated to making your adventure even better. We book you at the most convenient drop zones, pair you with highly-skilled licensed instructors, and offer group rates, holiday discounts, and gift certificate options.

At Atlantic City, you’ll find more information to round out your skydiving excursion. See what else this beautiful city on the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. We make it easy to plan that pre- and post-jump dinner and entertainment. Yes, you’ll be flying high above New Jersey’s spectacular sandy beaches, but stay a bit longer to relax on them as well!

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