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Skydiving.Com Appleton Takes You Skydiving over Beautiful Wisconsin

Skydiving.Com Appleton Takes You Skydiving over Beautiful Wisconsin.

Does exhilaration, power and freedom sound good to you? High speeds and jumping from a plane seem exotic and challenging? If so, you are in the right place to experience a once-in-a-lifetime high and prove to yourself that you know the meaning of fun and living life. You can take on a challenge and see if you are up for the thrill of such a unique outing. Skydiving is the right way to go to find your thrill.

You’re One Phone Call Away from Your Dream Adventure.
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Skydiving is a one of a kind experience. An experience that makes a perfect bucket list item for you, your friends or family. Enjoy the greatest feeling in the world with the safety of an experienced staff and the knowledge that this will be the highlight of your life. Anyone can jump from a plane (and everyone should)! Give us a call today to learn more about the choices you have and book your skydive in Wisconsin!

Tandem Skydiving near Appleton, Wisconsin

Tandem Skydiving

All beginner skydivers will jump in tandem with a qualified instructor, but that won’t take the fun out of the experience. In fact, this will not only be more fun and safe for you, but it will also give you the confidence to take that first jump. Your fear may remain, but your safety will be 100 percent left to someone who has taken many jumps before and knows exactly how to launch, free fall and land safely.
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Advanced Skydive Training in Appleton, Wisconsin

Advanced Training

If you decide you want more out of your skydiving.com Appleton experience, then advanced training is right for you. The skydiving center you will jump at offers classes for advancement in two main areas: Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. For adrenaline junkies, this is a great way to find out what you are truly made of. Whatever level of experience you have, each staff member is prepared to train you properly.
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Skydiving Video Packages - Appleton, Wisconsin

Video Packages

Here at skydiving.com Appleton, we think that every thrilling moment of your skydiving experience is worth getting on video. From the beforehand jitters, to the after landing thoughts, and everything in between, you can have the whole experience photographed and videotaped in the most common formats. Share it with your friends and family, and post to your social media outlets. Relive it anytime you want! Learn more…

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Skydiving.com Appleton will find the jump for you that you will never forget. Wisconsin will never look the same after jumping out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet in the air and descending back to earth at 120 miles per hour.

With our guidance, you can be confident that you can experience free fall and the adrenaline that comes with it the safest way possible. The dropzone you will jump at is entirely safety regulated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. Each staff member and skydiving expert are all certified and friendly. And, although skydiving may give you plenty of reasons to worry, we guarantee the only thing you have to worry about is facing your fears and getting through what will soon be one of the greatest accomplishments in your life.

Skydiving.com Appleton offers group discounts because we want EVERYONE to come out and experience this great opportunity to see what it takes to conquer the skies and your fears. Bring your friends, your family, your co-workers — whomever you think wants the chance to really show what they’re made of.

Our gift certificate packages are another great way to get some of your closest friends and family to come along with you on an adventure that is much different than what you might usually find everyone doing on a typical weekend. You can also use our gift certificates to, perhaps, invite that special someone for an exhilarating flight through the beautiful sky and clouds, while facing your fears together.

We also offer discounts on holidays and special occasions. Here at Skydiving.com Appleton, we love the skydiving experience and everything that comes along with it. And we think there is no better way to spend a warm, three-day weekend than flying over the beautiful landscape of Wisconsin.

Experience Appleton, Wisconsin, Before, During, And After Skydiving

When you’re in Appleton, Wisconsin, you may not be able to see it from the ground, but you sure won’t miss it from 14,000 feet in the air. To the east of Appleton is one of the biggest inland lakes in the world. Lake Michigan is a hard body of water to miss and from anywhere you experience it, it’s one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations.

You will also be located around other great Mother Nature creations. Lake Winnebago is just a stone’s throw away from the city of Appleton and offers plenty of outdoor experiences. Connected to Lake Michigan by Fox River, you will find plenty of boating, canoeing, tubing, fishing, hiking, and many other activities to enjoy in Appleton and other surrounding areas.

But, if skydiving takes too much out of you and staying inside to relax is a little more your speed, then there are plenty of great eateries around to indulge in. There are plenty of pubs and taverns to help you fill up on good old-fashioned comfort food and maybe even a drink or two; with Lawrence University located in the city of Appleton.

No worries about travels, either. Whether you decide to drive, fly or both, Interstate 41, one of Wisconsin’s main interstates, travels right through Appleton. Your trip can be taken any way you choose to enjoy it; with General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee connecting right to I-41 and other smaller airports located in between Milwaukee and Appleton.

So, come see the many attractions that Appleton and all of Wisconsin has to offer. From the beautiful landscape you will see from your skydiving experience, to whatever else you choose to do while your feet are planted on the ground, it’s a win-win experience for everyone one who comes out to Appleton, Wisconsin.

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Tandem Skydiving near Appleton, Wisconsin

Experience Tandem Skydivng

Tandem skydiving refers to jumping out of a plane with an experienced certified skydiver. This type of skydiving leaves the first-time skydiver with little responsibilities, allowing them to pay attention to what the certified skydiver is doing so they can gain experience themselves or just experience the sky’s atmosphere.

This is the most common jump for first timers. Although you will still go through an instructional course beforehand, you won’t have nearly as much to learn in comparison with AFF. In fact, most of what you will be learning is what you will be experiencing during the adrenaline-rushing jump from the sky, so you’ll know what to expect.

Your safety will be in the hands of your well-experienced skydiving expert who will be safely harnessed to you. He will be responsible for the correct launch out of the plane, the free fall experience, the deploy of the canopy (drogue parachute), the steering of the canopy after it is deployed, and the safe landing. Again, this leaves you with two options: Let the instructor relay to you the correct methods he is using throughout the whole experience or you just enjoy the ride. In fact, a lot of first-timers choose the latter so they can sit back and really enjoy the experience.

With the worries of your safety being in the expert’s hands, you can enjoy the eye-popping speed, the craziness of the wind and the scenery like you have never seen it before. Your first time will probably bring about too much fear and anxiety to think about every aspect of the jump. The good thing is, that fear and anxiety will be replaced with a sense of accomplishment once you land safely.

Facing our fears is one of the most important things we do in our lives. And if anyone can say they can skydive with no fear, they are either crazy or lying. Nevertheless, for the average person, this is an experience that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Being able to conquer your fears here is like saying I can take on anything. Tandem Skydiving at our Skydiving.com Appleton facility is an adventure that you will never forget.

From the climb up to 14,000 feet, to the descent back to earth that can reach 120 miles per hour, there is nothing like it. Your adrenaline will be pumping, your stress level will be high, you might even want to back out, but our instructors are here to make sure you make the right decision. Skydiving is not only fun, but it can also be therapeutic – like going to the gym – the energy you exert can relieve mass amounts of stress and anxiety.

All those changes in emotions are exactly what your first Tandem skydiving jump can offer. Not only will you see Wisconsin from a different point of view, you might see your life from a different point of view as well. And our hope here at Skydiving.com Appleton is that a new point of view will encourage you to keep jumping, as any skydiver will tell you, each time will get easier, but the adrenaline rush never goes away.

Above all, we offer you a guarantee. The dropzone you jump at meets all safety equipment meets and exceeds all FAA, Basic Safety Requirement (BSR), and other federal and aviation regulations. We also guarantee that your Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA) is not only fun and friendly, but also has the required amount of experience required to be an S&TA.

One of our major goals at Skydiving.com Appleton is to show you the beauty of this experience. We hope you have so much fun that skydiving in tandem is just the start and you become ready to achieve more freedom by taking advanced training to become a solo skydiver one day.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Appleton, Wisconsin

Enhance Your Skydiving Fun With Advanced Training

Tandem skydiving may be enough for most people, but for those adventure-seeking adrenaline junkies, there is a lot more to experience in the sky. Skydiving.com Appleton can find you the experience with advanced training classes that best fits your needs and can prepare you to become a United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified skydiver.

As you can imagine, these types of licenses are not easy to obtain, but are worth all of the fun it takes to secure one. Not only will it require you to take in-depth skydiving courses in the classroom, but it also requires a lot of adrenaline rushing jumps out of an airplane. With each course you take, you will get one step closer to being able to be a USPA A-License jumper, which will then allow you to jump completely solo.

Each course will demand a little more out of you by achieving Target Learning Objectives (TLOs). During TLO training, you will perform what you learned in the classroom in real-time with a skydiving instructor (expert). For the most part, as you transition through the classes, your skydiving instructor will spend less and less time with you during the jumps. Each course could demand a few extra jumps out of you before your skydiving instructor decides he or she is comfortable enough to say you can move on to the next level. It’s really all about safety and experience and no matter how fast you learn and how good you get, each course still demands you complete a required amount of jumps before you can advance.

With a USPA A-License, you can travel to any one of the USPA certified skydiving facilities in America and take the leap of a lifetime. And, although we think Skydiving.com Appleton is your best bet, we also believe there are many other places that are beautiful that you might like to visit.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Appleton, Wisconsin

Advanced Accelerated Freefall Training

As a substitute to Static Line Progression skydiving training, which tends to take a much longer time to earn an A-License, the Accelerated Free Fall training programs are a much quicker way to get to your skydiving licensing goal. These programs usually consist of eight different levels.

Each student will jump into a free fall, starting with their very first jump at the very first level, but they won’t be alone. At levels 1 and 2, you will jump with two different skydiving instructors, who will employ a technique called “Harness Hold Training”. This technique puts both instructors right next to you on either side, where they will stay until the cord is pulled and the canopy is deployed. During these harness holding free fall lessons, the instructors will be helping you to make several arm motions back to your cord so that you can practice this motion at high speeds and in high winds. They will also be helping you gain body control and the correct form, all while you are monitoring your altitude. When you hit the 5,000- to 6,000-feet mark, you or your instructor will then pull your cord and you will begin your descent back to earth under your canopy. The canopy will be under your control, but your instructor will be close by, and you will have drop zone radio support.

Upon the level 3 training jump, you will receive a little more freedom. Much like levels 1 and 2, your leap from the plane will be the same and you will still be held by at least one instructor who will help you with the same type of deployment motions, body form and stability as before. The difference with the level 3 training jump is that, after some time with the instructor, once he or she feels confident that you can free fall without anyone gripping onto you, the instructor will let you free fall the rest of the way to canopy deployment altitude on your own.

Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 will allow you to jump out of the plane solo. Yes, an instructor will fly with you or you will possibly deploy with a group of students and some instructors, but this is where you will get your freedom. In these levels, you will work on things like the superman-ish exit of the plane, tricks that include back flips and front flips, disconnecting and reattaching to another skydiver, and much more. These types of activities are designed to make you practice the loss of control and the safe gaining of control before the minimum altitude is reached, when your canopy must be deployed.

In these later levels, an instructor will be close by for your support. If, for some reason, you can’t deploy your canopy, the instructor has a few different options. If reminders with hand gestures don’t work, the instructor can reattach to you to help move your arm in the direction toward the cord. If that doesn’t work, the instructor will pull the cord for you. Not only does the instructor have the authority to pull the cord on a student at any time during a free fall if they feel it’s necessary, the student’s rig is outfitted with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will automatically deploy the main at a low, but safe altitude.

Level 8 is not much more than demonstrating all the principles you learned in levels 1-7. Since this is the last level you have to complete before you are eligible to get your A-License, there is a requisite 25 jumps you must make alongside a skydiving expert. You will also be required to execute two Hop-and-Pop jumps. These jumps are very low-altitude jumps during which you will deploy your canopy the second you jump out of the plane. The reason for these jumps is to simulate emergency protocol. In the event of a plane malfunction, you will have practice how to handle the situation.

When you have met the last level of requirements and your instructors feel confident enough that you are ready to skydive alone, your instructors can sign your certificate and you will be ready to apply for your USPA A-License.

Appleton, Wisconsin Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Sharpen Your Skills With Tandem Progression Training

Tandem Progression training is a type of schooling that some people choose to complete to obtain the ability to skydive solo. The reason is simple; some students feel more comfortable starting out their first jumps of advanced training with an instructor attached.

This training starts out with ground schooling, which begins in the classroom, much like the AFF training. After you have received the proper amount of training, you will make two jumps in tandem with your instructor, during which he or she will have complete control of everything that is going on. Even though the instructor will be in control of everything, he will be demonstrating and relaying every movement that they are doing back to you, from how to leap out of the airplane to the free fall, altitude control, pulling the canopy, and landing safely. Paying attention closely during these jumping sessions will ensure you know what to do when it is your turn. The instructor will also be going over proper form, how to lose control and regain control, emergency techniques, and much more.

Your third jump in the Tandem Progression Training course will be your last jump before you enter the AFF training, during which you will no longer be harnessed mechanically to your instructor. This third jump is important because you will be taking over control by using all of the skills you have learned from the ground school and your previous two jumps. You will be expected to use a proper jump technique, maintain proper form, monitor your altitude, lose control and gain control after a few flips and turns, and pull the canopy at the correct altitude.

Once the canopy is pulled, you should be able to guide the instructor and yourself down to the dropzone safely, using radio control whenever necessary. After you have completed these three jumps and feel confident you can move on, you will then begin the AFF training. Most students who have completed this Tandem Progression Training first say they have more confidence moving on to the next level.

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Appleton, Wisconsin  Skydiving Video Packages

Give Yourself the Gift of Reliving Your Unique Experience

The jump Skydiving.com Appleton sets you up with will be once in a lifetime, why not preserve it? We encourage all of our clients to ask about video and photo packages. Your dropzone will have an expert team of videographers who can capture your every moment of you conquering the skies over Wisconsin.

From the moment you gear up, jump on the plane, climb to altitude, and make your jump, you can be the star of your own skydiving show. With a GoPro attached to your instructor, you will even get to have the whole jump recorded with a close-up of your screams of fear as you soar through the clouds and release your anxiety when you safely make it back to earth. Just don’t forget to take a post skydive interview to tell everyone just how much fun you had.

These videos are a great way to show everyone what you were up to over the weekend. When your skydive is finished, a team of video editors onsite will edit you video with transitions, special effects and music. Show your friends, family, and co-workers your greatest adventure and accomplishment.

They can put your videos into most formats, even those that make it very easy to share on social media. So, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, SnapChat everyone in your social network, letting them know that you faced your fears and took the leap. You can even use your video to help plan your next trip. If your friends and family see how much fun you had and how brave you were, they may want to challenge themselves, as well. But, regardless of what your friends think of your trip, having a video of your experiences is something you can watch over and over again.

GoPro videos extremely affordable. If you decide that one Tandem skydive is not enough and you want to move up to more advanced skydiving, each jump can be recorded at a very affordable price. From the beginning of your Tandem experience, to the biggest accomplishments you make, it will all be on video for you to remember for years to come.

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Appleton, Wisconsin  Skydiving Gift Certificates

Bring Skydiving to a Loved One With a Gift Certificate

A thoughtful way to encourage your significant other, a group of friends, family members or all of the above that “we need to start having a little more fun in our lives” is with a gift certificate from Skydiving.com Appleton!

It’s hard to break a routine and find something new to do, and it’s even harder to find something new to do that will give everyone a chance to take an adrenaline adventure of a lifetime. But with a little push of encouragement, you and a group of some of your closest friends and family could be off and away with a skydiving gift certificate.

If skydiving were just brought up in conversation, you might not get much of a reaction from your friends and family. But, if you want them to take you seriously, a gift certificate can show them that you are ready to take on this skydiving challenge and you want them to come with you.

We encourage you to give one of our Skydiving.com Appleton agents a call and talk to them about our full range of gift certificate packages. We can help with information on which would be the best for your situation, how much they cost, and discount information.

Our gift certificates are good for up to two years from the date they are purchased. That is great for anyone who wants to make plans for a skydiving trip, but needs to plan ahead. All gift certificates are fully transferable and are accepted at over 80 locations in the USA. That means if you call us at Skydiving.com Appleton today and purchase a gift certificate to go skydiving in beautiful Wisconsin, but things change over time, you can pick from 80 different skydiving centers.

When you do give us a call, make sure to specify some of the finer points of what you want out of your trip. Our gift certificate packages offer Tandem skydiving trips and we can even set up gift certificates for customers who are about to embark on their Accelerated Free Fall training (level 1 only). All gift certificates may be purchased (must specify) with video and photo packages.

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