How would you feel if I told you that you would forget arguably one of the most significant events in your life? Not so good I wager. Now what if I also told you there was a way to relive that moment as many times as you would like? We get it, you’re probably overwhelmed with the intensity of throwing yourself out of a plane at 14,000 feet. But PLEASE don’t miss out on the opportunity to remember the intricacies of this experience and share it with everyone you love. That would suck.

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Are Video & Pictures Necessary? You Tell Me.

Look, let’s be candid here. When most people see the additional cost of a video for their skydive, they hesitate. Chances are this is the situation you’re in. Not because the video, in and of itself, is all that expensive. But when you’re already planning to experience the certainly expensive sport that is skydiving, adding to the bill isn’t exactly what you picture.

It’s my job to convince you to buy it regardless, but not because I want to break your bank (if you can even call it that, I mean you are throwing yourself out of an airplane, what did you expect?). But because I understand that one: they are cool, and two: because it surpasses the realm of ‘cool’ and transforms into what makes that little extra cost so undeniably worth it.

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Let’s delve into a hypothetical for a minute. Have you ever had a day were you feel underwhelmed, trapped or simply too exhausted to commit to your obligations (bear with me on this; I’m trying to make a point)? On this day, you need something powerful to get you on your feet. No more plopping yourself down on the couch to watch motivational videos on YouTube narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tony Robbins.

What you need is a video of someone doing the impossible, facing their fears and overcoming strict obstacles. And this time, it isn’t just anyone; it’s you! It is a real life, motivational secret weapon. The video not only reminds you of the intricacies of an amazing experience, but it shows that if you can step foot out of that airplane then you can do anything.

It should be noted that the video is not just about the free fall, or the canopy flight or even the jump from the plane; it’s about the entire moment coming together to make a single awesome experience. A skydive video captures your most fundamental emotions, how brave you were, how nervous you were; it simply captures you at your best.

Remember: There are typically two distinct types of videos each fastened with their own advantages.


Professional Video & Pictures

The professional, deluxe, luxury or whatever you want to call it package is the most commonly purchased. Our USPA certified camera man is trained in the art of recording your face. We engage you to talk with the camera before the jump; we capture your nervous face as the plane climbs and the earth recedes; of your plainly nervous face as you look out the window and realize what you’re about to do. The jump itself is where the real distinction between the types of video is made.

When you reach altitude, the camera man will climb outside of the aircraft to hang onto a bar above the door at which point you and your instructor jump in sync with him. This is where the distinction shines; our camera guy has the ability to fly around you, getting 360 degree shots of you and the view from 14,000 feet. He will fly up to you, around you, high five you on camera, ask you to do a few poses for the video, let you sit back and enjoy the ride! All the way capturing a full video with additional pictures of your brave adventure!

When you reach 5,000 feet, your instructor pulls the parachute at which point the camera man gets the opening on camera then proceeds to beat you to the dropzone. This way, he will capture your triumphant race back to Earth.


Handycam Video & Pictures

The other option, the handycam, is a somewhat different experience and it lies in the jump. No longer do you have a separate camera man, but a camera attached to the wrist of your instructor. He will capture every aspect of the jump from the jump to the screams to the landing. While this is undoubtedly a fun option for a reduction in price, the professional video adds more value for additional costs.

Music Video Where You’re the Star

When you land, your video will be passed on to a team of professional editors to customize your video into a full blown skydiving music video. Your video will likely be 3-5 minutes set to music with titles, transitions and effects to give your video the polish it deserves. Some dropzones give you the opportunity to choose the song to be featured in your video; others have a set licensed song they use for each video to avoid copyright infringements. This process typically takes up to an hour. When finished, your fully edited video will be downloaded onto either a DVD or USB for you to take home and share with whoever you wish.


Pictures; Video; Both?

You want video? You got it. You want pictures? You definitely got it. You want both? Maybe. Each dropzone is different, as you’ve heard over and over again on this site; but it’s true. Virtually every dropzone you visit will offer a video, whether it is handycam or professional, yet some don’t offer photos. Others offer options for video only, pictures only, video and pictures; it simply depends. However, even if they don’t offer pictures, you can simply screenshot parts of the video you wish to share. And voila, you have pictures! On occasion, a dropzone will offer a package that includes multiple camera angles. They simply combine a handycam and professional video into one to create a ‘deluxe’ video package. Remember: The more you ask for, the more it will cost you.


Typically your video & pictures will be captured in full 720p or 1080p resolution. Each dropzone prefers a specific resolution; hence the finished product can be in 480p to 4K. Some dropzones prefer to offer several resolution options for you to choose from, again depending on the camera equipment being used. A good point to remember: The better the video is, the more expensive it is.


Excited Jumper: *purchases video* “So that video will be for our entire group, right?”

Dropzone Employee: *sighs*

Many jump into their tandem skydive (no pun intended) with the idea that one video can suffice for an entire group. While this is a comfortable thought, it is simply not possible. Each jumper exits the plane at separate times. And while I wish gravity didn’t exist and the cameraman could simply fly back up to the plane for the next person, it just ain’t gon’ happen.

Portions of the video, such as the pre-flight interview and the climb to altitude, can be filmed in such a way that multiple people are included. However, the video of the jump itself will only feature the person who purchased the video.


Consider this: Your first jump is just that, the one and only first-time jump you will ever have.

Take a step back; I’m not saying you will only have one jump or that the feeling of your first-jump will go away, because it won’t. We hope and encourage you to stick with us on your road to certification, so you can be a part of the craziness that takes place here daily. Yet your first jump is a one-time experience, a single step outside the plane that you won’t get to experience again, and that is guaranteed.

If you miss out on the opportunity to document your first jump, you won’t get to take it back. If a customer ever has any regrets, it’s that they decided against getting the video. Do yourself a favor; get the video (and that’s not just the salesman in me talking).