How would you feel if I told you that you would forget arguably one of the most significant events in your life? Not so good I wager. Now what if I also told you there was a way to relive that moment as many times as you would like? We get it, you’re probably overwhelmed with the intensity of throwing yourself out of a plane at 14,000 feet. But PLEASE don’t miss out on the opportunity to remember the intricacies of this experience and share it with everyone you love. That would suck.

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This is the kind of thing that will be etched into that memory of yours for the rest of your days. But it would be pretty cool to be able to share the big event with others. Especially if they don’t believe you’d actually do it. So get some video evidence.

At your next party or holiday gathering, you can reveal your stunning, killer skydiving video. Watch the reaction of your mom when you show her someone hurtling out of plane at jaw dropping speeds, and she realizes it’s you! You’ll notice the room heat up with the buzz about your skydive. It’s wickedly entertaining to see your friends react with amazement from across the room. Their eyes will be glued to the TV as they watch your nerve-shattering jump unfold. They are astounded!

You can even upload your video to YouTube then post it on Facebook. Your post is bound to be bombarded with “Like”s. Your Facebook friends will be blown away, leaving an endless trail of comments.

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You’ll like this video because it covers your entire experience. The footage includes your pre-jump interview, getting yourself all geared up in front of any friends and family on the observation deck, and your entire skydive until the dramatic landing. Your videographer skillfully positions himself within a few feet from you throughout your dive…so everyone gets to see you close up.

Once the recording is complete, we select energizing music to reel-in and captivate your audience’s attention into watching your skydive. Optionally, you can select your own choice of upbeat music. You’ll receive your video within 15 – 30 minutes of your landing!

Listen, without the video you’ll miss out on the impact you’ll have at your next party, family gathering, or even posting on Facebook. You’ll feel like you ripped yourself off by not sharing your first skydiving experience. The jump will also be memorialized for all time; even future significant others or children will be able to watch your exploits. There will be no: “I should have…” “I wish I had…”

Let’s put it on the table: For just a tad more you can have your skydive recorded for posterity, otherwise you’ll be cheating yourself instead of sharing this experience with friends, family, and even future relationships. Don’t live with regret by not recording this rare and best experience on the planet. Call at 1-800-617-7948 Today!