So It’s Your First Time Skydiving And You’ve Got Questions… knows that your first skydive can be a source of excitement and nervousness at the same time. You likely have a lot of questions and we want to help answer them all for you.

So here is what you can expect when you arrive at one of our network dropzones to jump for the first time.

Let’s start from right this very moment.

Ready to Jump!So, you’re skydiving for the first time. You’re a little nervous, a little wary and a whole lot of excited and want to know more about what to expect when it comes to the actual dive itself. Well, you’ve come to the right place. At, we’ve all been there. We’ve had those first moments of excitement after you get off the phone with a reservation specialist where you want to call everyone and tell them you are about to dive straight out of an airplane. We’ve also experienced the stomach churning seconds before you lift off on the plane. We know that it is weighing on your mind that this could be the absolute best decision you have ever made or the worst. Let us reassure you, it is the best.

We most often get visits from first time skydiver’s families looking for answers on what to expect. We strive to provide as much reassurance as we can that the activity will go off without a hitch. So, for both the jumper and the loving spectators on the ground we are providing the actual TRUTH about your first dive.

From the moment you first place the call to schedule to the actual day of your reservation you will be feeling a flurry of emotion. Take it from us, every emotion you are feeling is entirely normal. You’re excited to get up in the air but there is a small twinge of worry that continuously comes up when you think about freefalling. You go over and over in your head that the flight will take roughly 15 minutes, you will be strapped to a tandem instructor and then you will jump between 10 to 14 thousand feet above the ground. Let’s repeat that again, because you already probably have hundreds of times and what’s one more? Ten to fourteen THOUSAND feet! We know it’s scary. You don’t have to tell us that your mom probably got on to you about how dangerous she had heard it was and that you are being reckless. But despite this, you can’t help but imagine the glory you will feel in coming in for a landing and being able to brag to your friends about how you did it. Your mom will forgive you once you land, believe us when we tell you that will be the best thing about the skydive to your mother or father, after all they are your parents.

“You don’t have to tell us that your mom probably got on to you about how dangerous she had heard it was and that you are being reckless.”

On the day of your jump, after arriving at the location we have provided closest to you, you will enter a building bustling with activity. Our instructors will be working in preparation for the flights, some may be landing after a jump, while our professional parachute packing team assembles and packs the parachutes for the next load up. You will be greeted and ushered to the front desk to sign in and at this time, schedule your videographer to jump with you. You will also be weighed, which for some may seem like a big deal. You’ve heard not to ask a lady her weight, right? But this is mandatory at most of our drop zones because your equipment can only hold a limited amount of weight between you and your instructor. You will then be sat down in one of our video rooms to review a basic skydiving video that goes over your release you were asked to sign at the desk.

“It may seem cheesy, but this turns out really well on your video to go from being nervous as hell to being so in love with skydiving you may just marry the sport.”
Once the boring… ehem …informative video is over then comes the fun part. Your relatives may be asked to assemble at our viewing area where they will be able to watch you in the air and land and you will be taken over to your instructor for your lesson. Your tandem instructor will give you the “low down” so to speak, about what to expect on your ride. Instruction includes how to hold your arms and legs before you jump and during your freefall as well as your fitting of the harness. Typically, our skydive masters are well versed in multitasking and may secure your harness while explaining to you. If you have asked for a videographer you will also be recorded during this as well. They will ask you things like, “What are we doing today?” “How do you feel?” “Are you nervous?” “Why do you want to skydive?” and “Do you have any special shout outs you want to give your family before the flight?”. It may seem cheesy, but this turns out really well on your video to go from being nervous as hell to being so in love with skydiving you may just marry the sport.

You may have a few minutes to walk around. In most cases from the time you are harnessed to the time you are in the plane takes about 10 minutes. You will board the plane, still not hooked to the instructor. Our aircraft at all of our drop zones are specifically made to hold skydivers. There is room for your instructor to get in before you for the purpose of harnessing you to them at the right altitude. And, for your videographer to sit in front of you to get your “last words” shot before your jump.

Now comes the fun part.

In the AirFor most, they will tell you that a ride to altitude is the hardest part of the dive. It is. Remember all those emotions we talked about before? Yeah, those will be going at about 100 miles a minute through your brain. While your tandem master hooks himself and the lifesaving parachute to you, your mind will be racing. At this point, there is no going back, you are on your way up to a place where you will jump out in a few minutes; you are nervous and excited. And, about ready to pee your pants. Don’t. Don’t pee. Hold it. The best part is about to happen. At altitude the door of the plane will open and a huge rush of air will sweep the cabin of the plane. At this elevation it is around 14 degrees cooler than it is on the ground and boy, can you feel it. You will start being pushed towards the edge, people may have jumped out before you, you may hear them scream. Odds are you’re screaming in your own head at that very moment.

You will be positioned at the edge of the doorway while your instructor is safely in the plane. Take a look down, it’s pretty far. You’re now thousands of feet above the ground. On a one, two, three count your instructor will fall with you right out the plane. This is a really cool experience. Jumping for the first time literally feels like diving into a pool of cool air. Like holding your hand out of the window of a moving car. You won’t feel like you’re free falling, but you are. At this level you can see for miles and miles around you, but we’ll get to that in a minute. You may fall through a cloud or two, which is also an amazing experience because, who doesn’t want to know what a cloud feels like? Your videographer (if you reserved one, and you really should) will be in front of you motioning to you to make faces and move your hands around. With all the adrenaline in your system we doubt you will be able to make one decent face, but give it your best effort for the people to see later on.

After about a minute, and you won’t realize it has been a minute while you are in the air, your instructor will pull the parachute. There is a bit of a jolt when this happens and suddenly you are upright seeing the gorgeous landscape before you. Take it all in. This sight is not one you can see from the ground, nor is it too far away like what you would see in a commercial airplane. It is literally just you and the person strapped to you, in the sky, above the Earth. Nothing is more peaceful. You’ll need that after the rush you just experienced. Take a trip with them over the wide countryside before you for up to 8 minutes before you begin your descent to the ground.


Stick around, get your video, hug your folks and plan your next big adventure.

This experience is a once in a lifetime one. You only have your first skydive one time. The feeling of doing something so edgy and extreme lasts for years after your first dive and we hope you will take this leap with us. Give us a call today to experience it for yourself. Don’t just think about it, do it.

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