Ready to fall like you’ve never fallen before? This’ll be the time of your life.

When a tandem jump isn’t enough for you anymore, we get it, and we’ve got you. Accelerated Freefall Courses are for the adventurers and enthusiasts out there ready to take it a step further. It’s an insane discipline, but we know what we’re doing, and you can too.

It’s gonna be a wild ride. Call us at 1-800-617-7948 now!

The Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF)

For a quick intro, AFF training isn’t super easy. It’s a big deal because you are learning to jump solo. It’s important to us that if you’re going to learn this, you learn to do it right. So if you’re ready to put in the level of determination and enthusiasm needed for a venture like this, we will be there with you every step of the way.


AFF Levels 1 – 3


First Skydiving Lesson – I’m sure it’s just SOOOO exciting to hear about sitting through hours of class before ever flying, but you are going to need to trust us on this. All our teaching methods revolve around your safety. That said, it’s only around 5 or 6 hours, so it isn’t too much to handle.

In your class, you will be learning all about the dos and don’ts of the sport. We provide all the details you’ll need to deploy your chute, keep up with your altitude, and not flail around like an idiot.

For your first few levels, you will be accompanied by two instructors who will be by your side as well as in your head via radio assistance. You’ll be guided so hard that you will have an easy time of this. Just listen to your mentors and you’ll do great.

Now it’s time to get into the air….


Refining The Body Position – This is the step that you work on technique a little more. Since you’ve made it to this step, you’ve proven to be a good listener, but all rookies need practice. This is the time that will be dedicated to more class time on the ground as well as a flight that focuses on body position and awareness. If we’re honest, you’re still going to look a little silly as you flail around in the sky. But we’ve all been there. It’s part of the process.


Instructor Releases You Into the Air – Level 3 is all about continuing to improve body position during the dive as well as adding in techniques that will allow you to jump straight down, to turn, and to move forward. This is going to take some serious determination, but you will also have the counsel of your instructors by way of radio for the whole flight. You’re probably going to start experiencing side-effects of feeling like a badass.

Solo Skydiving is The Ultimate Rush

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AFF Levels 4 – 7


Practicing 90 Degree Maneuvers – Kind of like a review, you reinforce the skills you’ve learned up to this point with the fourth level. Practice with turning 90 degrees is a big one. By this point your confidence is going to be on the rise, and, depending on your instructor’s confidence in your abilities, you’ll most likely be promoted to jumping with only one instructor. Of course, you have a say in this- if you need the extra guidance, they are there.


Practicing 360 Degree Maneuvers – This is going to be getting more challenging as you go, and you know that, but let’s go over exactly how challenging… From 90 to 360 degrees, the turning skill is definitely a huge level up. This is the level that your instructors will not hesitate to keep you at if you are not ready to continue. You will be tested on your abilities learned so far, and if you are up to par, you will be able to move forward.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t feel like you’re flying through the steps. This is a lot to learn and we aren’t going to rush through things you need to know. Remember, we’re doing what we love and teaching you to do the same.


Gaining Confidence – This is basically like level 4, but harder. Lots of reiteration to make sure you’re ready to move to the final step. By this stage, you are falling with grace and turning with style. You have less hands-on time than the previous steps, but still have the guidance to get through safely. This step is like a Thursday. Not quite to the victorious feeling of Friday, but almost!


Putting it All Together – You’ve reached the point of celebration. You are there, but that doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Remember: There is SO MUCH you can do when skydiving. This is the level that they will add more skills to learn than ever before. 180 degree turns, proper signaling, braking, and so much more…

You will officially be more badass than most people you know. Try not to rub it in too much, but it’s going to feel amazing when you have all the skills and experience needed to jump solo. You are elite. You are awesome. Or at least you will be when you call to get started.

This is the only number you need: 1-800-617-7948