Tinder Skydiving Date

Tinder Skydiving Date

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What do you do when you schedule a surprise skydive for your boyfriend’s birthday but he ends up breaking up with you five days before?

Emma Vowell has the answer. Vowell, who is from Indianapolis, is 19 years-old and had two skydives originally planned for September 15, 2017. The skydives expired by November. While Vowell was not up for skydiving alone, she did not want to let the two gift certificates go to waste. In order to fulfill this she picked an interesting way to set up a skydiving date: Tinder.

Initially, Vowell was going to sell the skydiving tickets, but after a sale fell through, she changed her mind but still did not want to go skydiving by herself.

“These tickets were nonrefundable, so I tried to sell them because the thought of going without my ex made me sad, but the sale fell through,” Vowell explained. “Then I decided I wanted to go anyway for myself, because I’ve always wanted to skydive and now I have the tickets so I might as well, right?”

Vowell, who attends Purdue University, wrote on her Tinder bio, “Interesting story, my ex broke up with me the week of his birthday, so now I awkwardly have 2 skydiving tickets above the Chicago skyline that expire in november … just looking for a hot guy to go with instead. Zero percent of me wants to hook up with you.”

According to Powell she “got tons of responses” to her Tinder bio. “You suddenly become very popular when someone hears ‘free skydiving,'” she joked.

Austin Bates, a fifth year senior at Purdue University, caught her eye. The 22-year-old had a shirtless picture with a muscled chest and a very visible six-pack. He sported the simple slogan on his Tinder bio, “I’m just here to find my swolemate and show you pictures of my dogs.”

Bates jokingly offered to send his resume over for consideration. Vowell informed Bates he would need to send a cover letter as well. To prove he was serious about going skydiving, Bates followed through by replying with a cover letter and a resume.

Bates said in his “cover letter” that he is majoring in Applied Exercise and Health and is enrolled in the Army ROTC program. He will then enter the army infantry. In his letter Bates stated, “After attending Airborne, Air Assault, and Ranger School, I will be stationed in either Hawaii or Germany, so there is little risk of me continually harassing you for additional skydiving outings.”

While participating in “adrenaline filled weekend excursions,” Bates said he had yet to complete his first skydive.

Vowell said, “When I read it, I laughed so hard, but we actually have a lot in common.”

But she did add his “resume format was horrendous.”

The pair met to grab a cup of coffee, and Vowell, convinced he is the guy, described him as “good looking” and “easy going.” Vowell did emphasis that the two will be strictly platonic as both just exited relationships.

The two will take to the skies on October 28, 2017. Vowell said she is hyped about the experience and said she “can’t wait to go” with Bates.

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