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Not everyone has what it takes to heed the call of heart-thumping adventure. But if you do, then we are ready to take you to the clouds! Give us a call at 901-896-1060, and find out what you have been missing out on while you’ve been bound to the ground. Get ready to fly with us today!

Memphis Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Memphis

Tandem Skydiving

Memphis Skydiving’s most popular option for making the massive leap through the air is the Tandem jump. Entrust your skyfall fun to the capable hands of one of our certified Jumpmasters, and just enjoy the ride! The Tandem jump option gives you the chance to see firsthand what it feels like to fly, without having to worry or stress about the specifics of your safety. Get strapped in, get sky high, and get soaring! Learn more…

Memphis Skydiving - Memphis Skydiving School

Skydiving School

You may feel like our professional, certified instructors could school you in all things skydiving, and you would probably be right. At least at first! By choosing to join one of our Advanced Training courses, you can get the schooling necessary to put you at the top with the very best of the solo skydivers. Our Accelerated Free Fall course is your ticket to soaring the skies on your own. We also offer Tandem Progression courses. Learn more…

Memphis Skydiving - Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

We want you to revel in every heart-pounding moment. But we know that no matter how completely you throw yourself into every second of your skydive, it will be over too quickly. You know what time does when you’re having fun! When you’re flying, naturally the time does too! But don’t worry, we offer video bundles that you can include in your skydiving package. Capture those fleeting flight memories, and relive them whenever you wish! Get yours…

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Make Majestic Memories Skydiving in Memphis, Tn!

Skydiving is your gateway to the life of intrigue and adventure that you have long envisioned for yourself but have yet to claim. Why wait any longer? The city that lives and breathes music invites you to dance on the wind high above it. With a wide range of services available to you, we believe that you’ll soon come to share our sanguine expectations for your future journey through the heavens. Come see the sights from the sky!

Soar the Magical Memphis Skies!

Who says that life can’t be as magical as a musical? If you’re ready to hear the wind whistle your adventure tune as you hurtle through the air, then it is time to pick up the phone and call us at 901-896-1060. Looking for a sky dance partner? We’ve got Tandem jump instructors! Feeling led to let your soul sing solo? Book an Advanced Training course! There is no greater rush of freedom than that which you experience during a skydive, with the wind providing the perfect soundtrack.

Read on, or call Memphis now to learn more!

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Give us a call and get free price quotes on Tandem Skydiving packages, skydiving videos, Advanced skydiving training courses or Gift cards! Skydive professionals are standing by waiting to assist with your skydiving adventure here at Memphis with the knowledge and cost estimates that you need!

Memphis Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving in Memphis

Take Flight in Memphis, TN

You know in your heart that you were born to fly. Nothing should keep you bound to the ground. It is high time you sprouted those wings of yours and took to the air. And where better to test out your new wings than the Tennessee skies? Memphis Skydiving is ready, willing, and able to be your air adventure provider. And we are highly rated where it counts the most: in the areas of experience, safety, and of course, fun! With our array of services to choose from, you are sure to find the option that seems to be perfectly tailored to you specifically. Our amiable and on-the-ball staff members will be able to answer all of your questions and get your adventure booked in no time!

Regardless of your experience or your familiarity with the sensation of tumbling through the air, we know that we have the right flight for you. Or perhaps you’re looking to surprise a friend. We have the gift certificates that will ensure the recipient will always remember this particular present!

Making Magic, Music, and Memories in the Memphis Skies

To question the magic of the city of Memphis, Tennessee is to question the very fabric of what makes the musical city what it is. Like the city in Egypt that it was named after, the area that is now known as Memphis had lengthy periods of trials and troubles. From disputes and property claims between indigenous tribes and explorers seeking to colonize, to yellow fever outbreaks and a cotton industry built on the backs of slaves, the city had a lot of recovering to do. And did it ever recover! Through the healing power of music and the strength and resilience of the locals, Memphis proved worthy of its name, derived from the early name of its Egyptian predecessor, meaning enduring and beautiful. This is most apparent from the perspective you will be viewing it from, high above the cityscape. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the shining, symbolic pyramid, which you might want to make a note of seeing up close once you land back on the ground.

There is plenty to see in the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Home of the Blues, Memphis, Tennessee! And as you soar high above the city where Johnny Cash, B.B. King, and Elvis Presley recorded legendary albums, and where a fresh-faced Justin Timberlake got his start, you can almost hear the musical history in the air. And that smell that is making you salivate as you near land again? Well, with a nickname like Barbecued Pork Capital of the World, the city will surely not disappoint when it comes time to tend to that appetite that you worked up while wandering on the wind!

When you make the decision to make the leap from thousands of feet above Memphis, you won’t simply be soaring on legendary tunes and mouth-watering scents. Taking in the sights of the city from a point of view that few people rarely get the chance to experience will amaze you. See if you can spot Overton Park or Kilowatt Lake. Surely you will find the great Mississippi River with little trouble.

There is much to see in Memphis, both from the ground and the air. With great music, high excitement, delicious food, warm and friendly locals, and beautiful scenery to behold, your senses will be dazzled and delighted. Memphis, Tennessee is the whole package, and it is waiting to be explored by you.

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Memphis Skydiving - Memphis Skydiving School

The Perfect Medley: Soaring Tandem

Memphis is all about the music, and we are pretty sure we have what it takes to create the perfect harmony. With your excitement, our Jumpmaster’s expertise, and the combined enthusiasm from you both, we’ve got all the right notes to mix up a hit. The mash up of your urge to push the limits and your Tandem instructor’s commitment to your comfort and safety will be the production of a lifetime, and certainly one that you will never forget.

Our Tandem skydiving in Memphis, TN option is by far our most popular, and with good reason. With very little preparation time necessary, you can be leaping out of an aircraft sooner than you can remember all of the lyrics to J.T.’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” And once you exit that aircraft, there will absolutely be no stopping that falling feeling! But the beautiful thing about your Tandem jump is that your main duty is to enjoy every moment of that incredible rush. You will certainly go over important safety procedures with your Tandem jump instructor prior to boarding the plane. But the pressure of knowing precisely when to pull your parachute and how to find the landing spot lies squarely on the shoulders of the man or woman you are securely strapped to as you tumble through the clouds. And your Tandem instructor is exceptionally trained, highly qualified, and certified by the United States Parachute Association. You are in great hands.

So, what can you expect during your Tandem skydive adventure? It all begins with a phone call to our helpful customer service team. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and get you booked on the soonest possible sky excursion that works for you. You will be given directions to the launch site, where your faithful Tandem jump instructor will be happily anticipating your arrival. Imagine how much fun you are going to have with your Jumpmaster. This is a person who lives to fall through the sky at great speeds! Chances are, you are going to hit it off with this fellow thrill seeker.

You’ll need to contain your excitement just a bit, however, at least during the explanation of safety procedures. While your new sky buddy is itching to take to the skies just like you are, the number one priority in this risky endeavor is your safety, so pay attention!

Once your Tandem jump instructor has gone over everything with you and feels you are ready, you will board the plane and prepare to calm those nerves as you climb higher into the sky. Try singing an Elvis song to curb those jitters. Better to bop along to a song in your head then let fear take over and stop you from living life to the fullest, right?

Your Tandem jump instructor will be wearing the parachute, and a harness similar to the one that you will be wearing. Once you get securely strapped to the instructor, there’s no turning back! Your Tandem instructor is ready to leave the plane, with you in tow!

Out you go, and you are in the sky! Feel free to shout, scream, laugh, gape in wonder, or any combination of those actions, as that sky rushes past you. After a bit of free falling, your instructor will release the parachute and you will get a chance to slow down and really take in the scenery all around and below you. From clouds and horizons to the Wolf River and Lenox Bayou below, you will see the world like you have never seen it before.

These are the moments you live for. These are the moments you cherish forever. Just as your favorite song transports you back in time to the days you first listened to it on repeat, there will be elements that trigger these sky memories you are making. Maybe when you board another small plane, or gaze down at the clouds from safely inside a commercial airliner, or feel a sudden gust of wind against your skin, you will recall this momentous occasion. The time that you flew above the musical, magical skies of Memphis, dancing on the wind with your Tandem jump instructor.

Or perhaps, the moments that trigger these memories will be the moments that you leap out of a plane again in the future, because you will never quite be done trying to catch that majestic rush.

Memphis Skydiving - Memphis, TN

The Sky is Your Stage…Time for Your Solo

Learn to Sail the Skies By Yourself

Perhaps you have made the jump before, and you’re back for more. Or maybe you are new to the skies, but are ready to get serious about your air adventures right away. If this sounds like you, you’re going to want to talk to our friendly customer service representatives about learning how to skydive solo. We offer Advanced Training courses in order to prepare you to take to the skies on your own. Think of this as your chance to level up in life, and gain the ability to fully experience the freedom that the sky has to offer. When you train with our certified instructors, you will develop the skills necessary to become USPA certified yourself. This will provide you with the versatility and access to jump when, where, and how you want to. When you gain the confidence of a solo skydiver, the world is yours for the taking, and the sky is the limit! Soar on the songs of musical legends as you learn to skydive solo in the skies of magnificent Memphis.

Get a Jump on Your Training

The typical track that prospective solo skydivers will find themselves on is that of the popular Accelerated Free Fall training course. As the name of the program suggests, this progression towards certification is a quicker method than the much less common Tandem Progression. Take your first leap, for example. The very first jump of your training will find you stepping out of that soaring aircraft unattached from your instructor, though you will have one or two nearby.
The process of making your way through the Accelerated Free Fall course is quite involved and a bit lengthy. However we think that you will agree that it should be so, in order to properly prepare and equip you for your future solo sky journeys.

You will begin with extensive instruction on the ground, focusing on a number of crucial aspects of your flight. Your instructor will cover basics such as body position, emergency protocols, fall rate control, safe landing techniques, and parachute turning and maneuvering, among other things. When you make that first jump, your instructor (and perhaps one additional instructor) will jump alongside you, holding on to you rather than being strapped to you. This is known as Harness Hold Training, and you will experience this for your first few jumps, or until you and your instructor are comfortable moving on to the next level.

As it can be a bit difficult to communicate when you are plummeting through the air with the wind screaming in your ears, you will learn to communicate with your trainers through headsets and hand signals. Watch your instructor carefully to take the proper cues at the appropriate times. But know, as always, that your safety is the main concern. If you miss the signal, freeze up, or otherwise have trouble releasing your parachute, there are a number of safety measures in place to ensure that your parachute will be deployed in enough time.

At each level, you will have Targeted Learning Objectives, which are the goals that must be achieved in order to be able to move on to the next level. While it can sometimes feel like any given level is taking quite some time to master, remember that you are learning skills to keep yourself alive while you experience one of the greatest rushes known to mankind. It is worth the time and energy you are putting in. Besides, you are in Memphis! If at any point the training feels a bit overwhelming, just take a little break and tour Graceland or Beale Street, or any of the countless attractions Bluff City has to offer. Once you’re refreshed, get back at it, and you will be skydiving solo before you know it!

A Slower Approach to Solo Skydiving

Not everyone is ready to make the big leap without the reassurance of a static line deployment or being attached to a Tandem Jumpmaster. That doesn’t mean that solo skydiving is out of the question. It just means that you might need a little extra time to get used to the heart-pounding action. Some drop zones offer the lesser-known Tandem Progression to prepare individuals for their solo skydiving certification. The Tandem Progression option is essentially the same as the Accelerated Free Fall program, at least eventually. The difference is that Tandem Progression students will make a few Tandem jumps with their instructors before advancing to the beginning stages of the Accelerated Free Fall course. At that point they will then make the jump unattached from an instructor, in the Harness Hold Training. This approach might take more time, but it will still deliver the same outcome: your solo skydiving certification!

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Memphis Skydiving - Memphis Skydiving Video Packages

Make Your Memphis Memories Last

This Is the Experience Of a lifetime! Don’t Miss a Second! Capture it All On Video!

We know that you want to hang on to each and every enthralling moment of your exhilarating descent. You could have your eyes wide open every second, bound and determined to take it all in, and still feel like the whole exciting ordeal slipped away from you all too quickly. And while you hang on to those memories, replaying them in your head like the lyrics and melody of a familiar song that is stuck on repeat, we want to make things just a bit easier for you.

Memphis Skydiving offers you the chance to truly capture those memories as you make them, and then share them! When you book your skydiving adventure, be sure to ask about including a video package as well. Including one of these packages will give you the opportunity to relive one of the most incredible events of your life as you show your friends and family the day that you flew above the Home of the Blues. But you certainly will not be feeling blue!

Let the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll inspire you to be the rock star of your very own film, when you choose from our video package options. You can choose to have a videographer come along, in which case, you and your fan club will be able to watch you from your moments of preparation for the jump, all the way up until you celebrate after safely landing on the ground again. While this option is a bit more expensive, it paints the perfect picture of your experience.

Your other option is the GoPro package, which will provide a perspective much more similar to what you were seeing during your adventure. Your Tandem jump instructor will wear the GoPro, showing any viewers the magnificent sights that you viewed from on high that wonderful day.
The best part about our video packages is that you don’t have to wait to see the finished product! There will be no impatient foot-tapping by the mailbox, willing the mailman to deliver your fabulous footage. No, our team will have your video professionally edited on site and in your hands as you head out.

We know that you will enjoy gathering family members, friends, coworkers, even acquaintances to watch your skydiving video together. In fact you should probably just have a party in honor of your leap, for everyone’s viewing pleasure. But for all those who won’t be able to make it, we also conveniently provide your precious moving picture in formats that are ready to be shared on social media.

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Memphis Skydiving - Memphis Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Best Possible Gift!

This Year, Show Someone How Much You Care By Giving Them a Gift Card For Memphis.

Everyone loves receiving a great gift. But isn’t the feeling of giving an amazing gift also a wonderful one? No matter the occasion, be it birthday, holiday, education or career milestone, or just because you want someone to know how much you care, a Memphis Skydiving gift certificate is the way to go. How can you go wrong when you are giving someone the ability to soar? Imagine the sheer joy that will fill the room when you present a skydiving certificate to the lucky recipient. Maybe you’ve got someone in mind who is a major music fan and would jump at the chance to drift above Memphis. Or maybe the fellow adventurer that you’re thinking of doesn’t reside near Memphis, but you just know that he or she would absolutely love the chance to go skydiving. No problem! Our gift certificates are redeemable at more than 80 different skydiving facilities. So, even if you purchase a gift certificate with the intent that it is used in Memphis, if the recipient ends up being closer to another one of our locations, that gift certificate will be getting used!

Because we are committed to the adventurous souls who seek something more out of life, we want to make it as easy as possible to come and join us for an epic skydive. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way, and plans change. That’s why we give your gift certificate recipient a full two years to use it! On top of that, the gift certificates are fully transferrable, just in case the intended recipient absolutely can’t make it happen. That jump will not be lost to the wind. Someone else can easily step up to step out of that plane!

Our incredibly friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help you purchase a gift certificates for that lucky person in your life. Give us a call any day of the week, and we will make it happen! Just let our agent know if you will be sending your friend or loved one on a Tandem skydive or if they will be embarking on the first level of the Accelerated Free Fall course, and if you want to include a video package (don’t you want to witness the excitement yourself when they return?). Let us help you give someone the sky!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid at our Memphis, Tennessee location as well as over 80 other locations across the United States!

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