Skydiving doesn’t get better than Fort Lauderdale!

With a diverse array of skydiving packages for a fully personalized experience, Fort Lauderdale has the services set to satisfy. The thrill of free fall is an adventure unlike any other. We understand that the distance between you and your next life-changing experience is the easy decision to schedule your visit with Fort Lauderdale Skydiving! Terminal velocity has never been closer!

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving – Skydive with the best!

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Skydiving doesn’t get better than Fort Lauderdale!
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Skydiving doesn’t get better than Fort Lauderdale!
Call 754-206-7411 Now!

With a diverse array of skydiving packages for a fully personalized experience, Fort Lauderdale has the services set to satisfy. The thrill of free fall is an adventure unlike any other. We understand that the distance between you and your next life-changing experience is the easy decision to schedule your visit with Fort Lauderdale! Terminal velocity has never been closer!

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Don’t wait another day to book the next opportunity for adventure! Feel like striking the privilege of terminal velocity from your bucket list? Want to prove to friends and family that you’re the real deal? Looking to satisfy your craving for adrenaline? Pick up the phone today, or book an appointment online, to take the next step toward a day you’ll never forget. Take full advantage of the gift of falling from 14,000 feet, courtesy of Fort Lauderdale, the best skydiving service nationwide! Fort Lauderdale – Has It All!

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tandem Skydiving Jump

A top-notch adrenaline-induced experience awaits you when you sign up for Fort Lauderdale tandem skydiving. Witness unprecedented freedom in a safe, secure endeavor that provides you the full skydiving package, with none of the work. Harnessed to one of our trained skydiving instructors, you will experience all of the excitement of 14,000 feet, while the certified expert riding tandem beside you takes care of all the logistics. Catch a glimpse of life from above with tandem skydiving! Learn more…

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Advanced Training Jump

All of the training you need to perfect your skydiving maneuver is provided when you participate in an advanced training jump. Partake in either our Accelerated Free Fall or Tandem Progression dives, to learn at your own pace. Supplement time in the air with time in the classroom, on your way to earning your USPA solo skydiving certification! We provide the advanced training to take the skydiving sensation to the next level. Learn more…

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Video Packages Jump

Ensure your memories of skydiving exist for years to come with our exclusive video packages. Our wide array of high-definition video packages offer you the opportunity to relive your experience, thanks to the dedication of our professional videographers. Choose our affordable GoPro package for uninterrupted footage of your jump, from plane to earth to post-landing celebration. Share your videos with family and friends, thanks to our unparalleled variety of video formats! Learn more…

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Introduction to Skydiving

Those few individuals who can claim they have skydived at 14,000 feet are a sheer minority of the world’s population, which can accurately attest to the feeling of pure adrenaline. To skydive is to witness the world from far above, to experience the wonders of terminal velocity. Here at Fort Lauderdale, we aim to provide you the fullness of that opportunity, like you’ll never again experience it. We aim to quell your fears regarding this activity, and to allow you to accomplish something that for most humans will remain a dream for their entire lives.

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving offers a diverse group of skydiving packages set to meet your immediate skydiving needs. With onsite experts fully certified to five beside you, your safety is well accounted for, and with the availability of group and holiday discounts, you’ve found an affordable, unbeatable source for thrilling entertainment. Gift certificates are also available for purchase both onsite and online, allowing you to give a life-altering experience to a friend or family member. Don’t wait; call us at 754-206-7411 to book your visit today!

Fort Lauderdale Is Your Next Destination Skydiving Endeavor!

Just 28 miles north of Miami lies a haven for those fair-weather enthusiasts who seek adventure. Set in the beauty that is southern Florida, Fort Lauderdale boasts an enviably perfect 75.5°F annual average temperature, with extensive on-ground visibility. Take advantage of the tourist destination’s more than 3,000 hours of sunlight a year, and turn a gorgeous day until an unforgettable Fort Lauderdale Skydiving adventure.

The beauty of the Florida floor looks even better from the sky. Spot the landmarks from above which make Fort Lauderdale’s sensational social atmosphere second to none. Catch a glimpse of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, a haven for tourist characterized by radically diverse wildlife, a natural oasis alive with culture. Soar above Fort Lauderdale Beach, above the perfectly braking waves, above bleached white sands and the slowly flowing palm trees. Observe the unwitting beachgoer, and glide easily on cool ocean breezes. We routinely make this setting a reality for those curious enough to partake.

The sights will amaze you. Catch the business of Las Olas Boulevard, abuzz with afternoon shoppers on what promises to be a typically gorgeous Florida day. Witness the rich history of the Bonnet House, added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1984, a gated property maintained today as a museum, guarded by arching palm trees which seem to scratch the sky. Take in the majesty of panorama that is the Fort Lauderdale skyline, marked by the Las Olas River House and the 110 Tower, 452 and 410 floors high respectively, testaments to the magnitude of human achievement. The sights provided to you when you free fall in Fort Lauderdale change with every turn, courtesy of myriad sights and sounds to which only a skydiver can attest.

Unique to Fort Lauderdale is its extensive network of waterways; nearly 170 miles of canals characterize a city less than 40 square miles in total size. See it all from above, the city cleverly separated by thin passages of water, fraught with palm trees on both banks, clear indications of the area’s lush irrigation and attention to detailed beauty.

We want to make you Florida’s next satisfied sightseer, 14,000 feet above the city’s grounds. Make sure to add Fort Lauderdale Skydiving to your list of must-see attractions when you book your stay in the area!

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Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tandem Skydiving for First-Time Divers!

Tandem skydiving is the perfect combination of fun and freedom. Experience all of the thrills of free falling from 14,000 feet at Fort Lauderdale, with none of the responsibility which might inhibit your exciting endeavor! Tandem skydiving is perfect for first-time skydivers: jump with a certified skydiving expert riding tandem beside you, and let him take care of all the logistics of the ride. You are left to thoroughly enjoy the jump, to soak up each and every moment of the terrific opportunity. Take in Fort Lauderdale like never before when you tandem skydive, with all of the adrenaline, none of the work!

This choice skydiving option allows you to experience incredible sights and all of the security you need, via the extensive experience of our trained skydiving team at work for your enjoyment. Attached by harness to an instructor, you are joined but not held back by a professional skydiver. You are guided through the entirety of your scintillating skydiving experience, from the classroom to your post-landing exuberance, by a trained Fort Lauderdale Skydiving expert, dedicated full-time to the fullness of your individual skydiving experience.

This preferred package begins with a brief classroom session, where together with Fort Lauderdale Skydiving experts you will review valuable safety material, and learn how to make your in-air fall the best that it can be. You will learn basic maneuvers and will walk through the skydiving process in its entirety. Our experts are at this stage available to answer any and all questions you may have.

From there, you’re off to meet your tandem instructor! He or she will assure you of their extensive skydiving credentials, and will walk you through everything they will take care of once you jump from the aircraft and into personal freedom. The instructor will also point out the four points at which you will be clipped together once free fall begins: two harnessing points at the shoulders, and two more at the hips.

Time to walk to the airplane! Together with your tandem instructor you will walk with others prepared to make the dive from 14,000 feet to the aircraft, and you will sit beside those other enthusiastic participants on your way to the optimal dive height. At 10,000 feet, your instructor will begin to work his or her way toward you, and will fasten his or her harness to yours. Instructors will double and triple check said harnesses for security and tightness, and will ensure that you retain fullness of movement despite your connectivity.

Suddenly, the plane’s door is opened! You can see the blue sky on the horizon. Whatever fear you’re experiencing in the moment will be overrun by sheer adrenaline, as you realize that shortly you will join the minority of individuals brave enough to take the jump. Your instructor will shuffle the short distance to the plane’s edge, ask for your confirmation, and then you’re in the air!

The feeling of free fall is unlike any other, unparalleled in freedom and unsurpassed in sheer elation. Many first-time divers expressed upon landing how unlike falling the experience felt; rather, they describe the experience as the closest humanity will ever get to flying. During this time, you have only a single job: enjoy each and every second of the experience! Relish in terminal velocity! This is skydiving at its peak: the rush of the air, the experience of terminal velocity, and the pure enjoyment of adrenaline.

At roughly 5,500 feet, your instructor will deploy your canopy. You will feel your descent slow significantly, until you’re drifting toward the ground at a comfortable speed. At this point, feel free to converse with your instructor, or take in the beautiful atmosphere around you. Your instructor can also point out popular landmarks on the ground, and can again answer any of your questions. Many skydivers describe this parachute-aided descent as their favorite part of the Fort Lauderdale Skydiving experience.

Until the ground is close beneath you, you are free to observe the beauty of Fort Lauderdale underneath your feet. Your instructor may even allow you the freedom to pilot the canopy! Once the ground is close, you will be reminded of the easy landing procedure first taught in the classroom, pre-jump. Soon, you’re on the ground! Free free to launch into your best post-landing celebration, because you did it!

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Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Take the Next Step with Advanced Skydiving!

Looking to take your skydiving adventures to the next level? Want to experience the absolute best that we have to offer you? Look no further than our advanced skydiving training programs, specifically designed for those individuals who want to become recognized as proficient skydivers.

You had a blast the first time around at Fort Lauderdale. In fact, before the first experience was over, you decided you were coming back. And now, you’re looking to take the next step toward recognition as an accomplished skydiver. Our advanced skydiving training helps to earn you your own USPA solo skydiving certification, recognition which will allow you to skydive solo at any one of our more than 80 sites nationwide, or at any location which recognizes your USPA certification!

To earn your certification is as simple as receiving your A License, awarded to you after the completion of 25 training dives. Our fully certified instructors are more than capable of teaching you at your own pace the intricacies of skydiving, from in-air maneuvers to pre-jump logistics.

We offers you a variety of options by which to obtain your valuable A License, allowing you to choose from among many skydiving packages your preferred method of instruction. Choose from among our accelerated free fall or our tandem progression packages to start your progress toward your USPA solo skydiving certification, while receiving instruction dedicated to your individual pace of learning, still providing you all of the same fun, and more, that you experienced during your first exhilarating jump!

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Even More Freedom with Accelerated Free Fall!

Accelerated free fall (AFF), our most common method of instruction here at Fort Lauderdale, aims to make the distance between you and your USPA solo skydiving certification a short one. This skydiving series allows you to experience the full thrill of free fall and adrenaline again and again, while at the same time providing you increased responsibility with regard to your own dive. Accelerated free fall allows you to learn at your own pace, with the help of our encouraging patient Fort Lauderdale certified instructors.

This method of skydiving training allows for the student to learn from the hands-on instruction of certified Fort Lauderdale staff

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn at Your Own Pace with Tandem Progression!

The tandem progression method of advanced skydiving training caters to one’s unique pace of learning. Through customized instruction augmented by classroom sessions, skydivers find themselves quickly on their way to earning their USPA solo skydiving certification!

Ground school comes first, where through a short, dynamic learning program you will learn the simple ins and outs of skydiving, as well as what you can expect from your instructors once you’re in the air.

Three “Category A/B” jumps will follow, during which you will once again become reacquainted with the joys of skydiving, while learning how to deploy your own parachute, and how to overcome safety violations during the dive.

Two “Category C” jumps come next, where your instructor holds onto your pack while you exit the airplane, before you will improve your own maneuverability, as well as the skydiving tactics in which you became proficient during your previous dives.

“Category D” and “Category E” jumps follow, three in total, and are all that remain between you and your certification! You will develop advanced skydiving techniques, while exiting the aircraft separately from your instructor. Techniques like barrel rolls and flips will be tested, in a thoroughly exciting series of instruction!

You will then be briefed on more advanced techniques, including the methods by which you can control your descent as you fall, in order to smoothly achieve and maintain terminal velocity. At each and every stage of your instructional dives, you will communicate with your Fort Lauderdale experts via hand signals, and by two-way radio contact.

Instructors during the latter stages of AFF will concentrate on helping you to develop aerial movements, including twists, turns, and dives. Many Fort Lauderdale students describe this stage of training as their favorite. as they are aught to perform frontward and backward flips. and to jump from the aircraft itself independently of any instructor influence.

Once you complete the accelerated free fall training, and the supplementary classroom sessions which will help to ensure its success, you need only to complete the remaining skydives necessary to reach the required 25, before you are to be officially recognized as a proficient skydiver by means of your USPA solo skydiving certification!

Congratulations on taking your next step toward experiencing the best that Fort Lauderdale can offer to you!

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Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Skydiving Video Packages

Relive Your Skydiving Experience with Our Video Packages!

Make the most of your skydiving experience by ensuring that you can relive the memories for years to come! Take advantage of our wide variety of exclusive video packages, to solidify the memories of one of life’s premium experiences.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive documentation of your entire visit to Fort Lauderdale, look no further than the services of our professional, onsite videographers. From the moment you step onto the grounds of our Fort Lauderdale location in search of a unique experience, to the moment your feet hit the ground after your jump and you launch into your post-landing celebration without hesitation, you can count on the fact that our videographers will provide comprehensive, high-definition footage of your adventure.

When you board the aircraft, our videographer will board with you. When you jump from the airplane’s open door, you can count on our videographers jumping right behind you, capturing pristine footage of your journey in its entirety. When your descent slows as your canopy extends still 5,500 feet above the surface of the earth, our videographers are right behind you.

Afraid that you won’t be able to remember all of the vivid detail from your panoramic view above Fort Lauderdale? Let the services of our dedicated videographers eliminate those worries for you; our videography staff can offer you perfect recall, in the form of uninterrupted, personalized footage from takeoff to parachute-assisted landing. Don’t leave the ground without ensuring that you’ll return to earth with full documentation of your life-changing adventure!

Feel free to take advantage of our exclusive, affordable GoPro packages! This choice opportunity entails your tandem instructor donning a GoPro as he or he jumps beside you, in order to capture vivid, up-close footage of your skydiving experience. This premium option offers you high-definition recollection for all of the adrenaline that makes the moment worth it.

Whether it’s a GoPro or the talents of our videography staff, make sure that you take this unforgettable experience with you. We are dedicated to delivering only the best variety of skydiving services for your enjoyment. The chance to take home exclusive footage of your skydiving adventure is not an opportunity you’ll want to forego.

We offer footage in a wide array of video formats which are easily shareable on every major social media platform, so that friends and family can marvel at your accomplishments!

Bring Adrenaline Home with Skydiving Video Packages!
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Fort Lauderdale Skydiving - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Adrenaline with Skydiving Gift Certificates!

To skydive is to experience the height of life’s potential. Now with Fort Lauderdale Skydiving gift certificates, you can ensure that your friends and family can partake in the life-changing experience of terminal velocity. Available for purchase onsite at any of our 80+ sites or online, gift certificates are sure to be the unforgettable gift that gets everyone talking.

Fort Lauderdale Skydiving offers gift certificates valid for up to two years after their initial purchase, to provide you ample time to take full advantage of our services. Gift certificates are redeemable for any of our tandem skydiving packages, as well as select advanced free fall training packages, allowing you to personalize the gift selection to your specification.

Can’t find the time to redeem your skydiving gift certificate? It’s a good thing all of our gift certificates are entirely transferable, allowing someone the opportunity to experience the true gift of skydiving with the nation’s elite skydiving agency.

Give the gift of skydiving in Fort Lauderdale, to allow a friend or family member the chance of a lifetime, to experience what might otherwise remain a dream. Gift the crown jewel of a thrill-seekers agenda when you give a skydiving gift certificate. The chance of a lifetime is a present away!

Want even more variety when it comes to spending your gift certificate? Certificates are redeemable for a wide array of skydiving packages, as well as any video package which we offer! Give the gift of high-definition footage courtesy of our dedicated videographers, or grant someone the opportunity to relive their skydiving adventure with the gift of one of our exclusive GoPro video packages!

Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, skydiving gift certificates put a smile on the face of a favorite friend or family member. Give the gift that no one could possibly forget when you present someone you love with the skydiving chance of a lifetime!

If you don’t want to wait another moment to purchase your skydiving gift certificate, call us today at 754-206-7411! Our dedicated customer service team is available seven days a week, to answer any and all of your questions, and to help you finalize your purchase of what’s sure to be a showstopper of a gift!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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