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Dallas, Texas is a perfect place to skydive almost any time of year. With a long warm-weather season and beautiful countryside to fly over, Dallas attracts thousands of brave souls every year… Join the elite and come skydiving in Dallas with us!

Tandem Skydiving in Dallas

Your First Skydive

If you’re looking for thrills that get the blood rushing and adrenaline pumping then sign up for a tandem skydive today. At Skydiving.com Dallas we specialize in providing our clients with the most exhilarating experience that will change their lives. See Texas like never before from several thousand feet as you descend like a rocket! Learn more…

Dallas Skydiving Instructions

Skydiving Instructions

We make it easier to earn your skydiving certification. Whether you dream of jumping solo or want to become a skydiving instructor we can help you achieve it. Skydiving.com Dallas can help you become one heck of a skydiver! Want to experience the thrill of a free fall or a solo drop? We can help you become a licensed skydiver in Dallas! Learn more…

Skydiving Gift Certificates Dallas

Gift Certificates

We have a gift certificate for just about every occasion. You can purchase a tandem jump gift voucher for your mom or a solo jump voucher for your thrill-seeking friend. You can also give a loved one the gift of learning how to skydive with a voucher for the advanced course. So, whatever the occasion is, call us for a gift voucher today. Get yours…

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We love Dallas almost as much as we love skydiving!

The city of Dallas is synonymous with its Cowboys football team, cheerleaders, big hats, big buildings and lots of billionaires! However, there is more to this city than just a few rich dudes and skyscrapers, Dallas has loads of appealing attractions and landmarks anyone would be thrilled to have a chance to check out. We can facilitate your ability to perhaps get a peek at these attractions while you skydive with us over Texas’s most modern city. You may have a chance to get a look at Reunion Tower and White Rock Lake and many, many more exciting and interesting amenities. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to skydive with us, which in itself is guaranteed to be nothing short of outrageous! Contact us now to reserve your chance to skydive in Dallas today!

The Benefits of Skydiving

Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. The electricity you feel run through every time you’re about to jump is something you may never feel with any other activity. It is a natural high, and with the right equipment, we make sure that this high is safe! Our team of skydiving professionals will help you experience free falling and gliding down to the Earth like you’ve never thought possible. Over the years we have helped people experience the best skydiving in Dallas so call us today to experience it!

Dallas is one of the largest cities in the US. 1.2 million residents making it the third largest city in Texas. The Fort Worth International Airport and the mainly industrial sector have contributed to the city’s tremendous growth. Not to mention the fact that Dallas’ airport is one of the busiest in the world. Even though Dallas is home to literally dozens of fun activities, nothing beats skydiving. So, if you’re looking for an adventure in the sky do not hesitate to call us today. We will show you Dallas, Texas from the air!

Choosing between Accelerated Freefall and Tandem Skydiving

It is important to highlight that there is a significant difference between tandem skydiving and the AFF program that we offer. Both are excellent opportunities to jump off an airplane! And we offer both for anyone who is interested in experiencing the sky above Dallas. But the fundamental differences between the two is how you descend. One approach is called Tandem Skydiving and involves freefalling with an instructor strapped on with you. The other option is to free fall alone, but that’s only possible after you’ve completed an extensive course. The choice is yours because we offer both options. Keep in mind that if you’re not already certified, you’ll have to get AFF certified which too we offer.

A Tandem Skydive

If you’ve dreamt of skydiving your whole life or perhaps for as long as you were fascinated with flying but still find it hard to consider jumping alone then the tandem skydive is for you. Many people don’t jump solo for the first time, as a matter of fact, most first time jumpers choose a tandem skydive. If anything you don’t need to spend time trying to learn how to skydive. You get a feel for how it is before you decide to learn and then go on a solo skydive. The tandem skydive involves being harnessed safely to a qualified instructor who will do all the work during the skydive. So, you can just relax and enjoy free falling by several feet a second. We think that a tandem skydive is the perfect way to experience terminal velocity but without having to invest a lot of time or risk life and limb.

Accelerated Freefall Training Program

Accelerated Freefall or “AFF”, as it is commonly called, is something that many people imagine when the word ‘skydiving’ comes to mind. When skydiving you are high above, without any tethers and totally weightless. The wind tosses your body around which generates a slight sensation of urgency not to mention the fast approaching and changing breathtaking view. As professionals, our goal is to make sure that you are completely ready and confident for the jump. So, we do whatever it takes to help you reach that level. We don’t pressure you to complete the program within a given time. The first step is all about learning the basics of the Accelerated Freefall Program and then each step advances in difficulty and challenge as you learn to fly and control your descent.

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Tandem Skydiving in Dallas

Tandem Skydiving Over Dallas

The Best Tandem Skydiving in Texas.

Dallas is one of the best most exciting places for the first skydive. The wide open spaces coupled with the calm and fresh air makes skydiving over Dallas an excellent choice. A tandem skydive is the best way to start skydiving without having to worry about jumping solo. It gives you the opportunity to experience all the fun associated with skydiving in the shortest time. Just 20 minutes of instruction and you’re ready for the jump! The other big advantage of a tandem jump is that there is no maximum age. So, even a ninety-year-old can undertake the jump safely. It is also an excellent choice for many first timers who are not sure what to expect when choosing to skydive.

Skydiving is an adventure and gets your blood pumping and mind racing. The anticipation of jumping out of an airplane several hundred feet is unlike what you’ve ever felt. Our aircraft flies at an altitude of 10,000 feet to 2.5 miles above Texas. When you jump out, it’s up to a minute of free falling until the instructor pulls the cord to deploy the parachute at 5000 feet. The canopy or parachute is meant for two skydivers, so it’s perfectly safe. The thrilling parachute ride can last up to ten minutes which gives you enough time to film your descent and probably get an in-air selfie.

Have you always wanted to skydive? Want to experience the immense thrill associated with jumping from several hundred feet above Dallas? Skydiving in Dallas is fun, and it’s an extreme sport unlike any other. A tandem jump gets you up and flying in no time.

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Dallas Skydiving School

Skydiving.com Dallas Helps You Become a Licensed Skydiver!

Our advanced skydiving certification course in Texas will ensure that you become a licensed skydiver!

The most popular way of acquiring a skydiver’s license is via the AFF or Accelerated FreeFall program which ensures that you enjoy a great adventure in the process. The First Jump Course as it’s called is mainly meant to equip the student with everything they need to know about jumping safely on their solo flight. The USPA or United States Parachute Association highly recommends the Integrated Student Program or ISP for newbie skydivers. The USPA sets a number of Targeted Learning Objectives or TLOs for each of seven levels of the program. Every level of the TLOs needs to be properly accomplished by a student before being able to progress on over to the next level. Levels 1-7 require that a licensed skydiver trainer or teacher and sometimes multiple instructors, accompany the student on every jump. Once students complete Level 7 successfully, they can then monitor themselves, but even then a skydiving coach may accompany the student on subsequent skydives just to be safe. After a total of 25 (twenty-five) jumps, a student receives their “A License” by the diving school after which they can perform their own A License Check Dive. Even though an “A License” is not a prerequisite to jumping by law, having the USPA license does allow the skydiver into USPA member drop zones. And the license proves that they know everything required to jump safely.

Accelerated FreeFall Training in Dallas

The first few training jumps will require that the trainees hang on to their trainers. Once they have finished the freefall part of their dive, they can release the parachute, and the instructor will separate. Called the “Harness Hold Training” it is a technique we have used for years to ensure that students are stable during the free fall which takes a bit of practice. Once the parachute is released, the trainers can fly away and open their parachutes to descend.

Once an altitude of around 5000 feet is reached the students are allowed to deploy their parachutes. During preliminary jumps, it’s imperative that all safety measures are well versed and kept in mind. If a trainee appears not to be releasing their parachute both the trainers in the air will communicate with the student via a series of hand gestures. If a student continues to have trouble, the trainers will physically hold on to the student’s hand and manually deploy their parachute. Our instructors are experienced enough to notice signs that a student is experiencing issues or making a mistake to correct it right there and then.

Once the trainee has displayed their understanding of the preliminary freefall basics and know how to release their chute, the instructors will then give them a grade like in regular school. After the grading, the student can then take on an unassisted skydive. Through subsequent release dives the trainer may not see the need to assist or may decide to step in where required. But in most cases, students will jump solo. Since it is very important to learn skydive safely, the student has to be very good at understanding the basics of freefalling and maneuvering / body positioning.

The Accelerated FreeFall program is unquestionably safe. The instructor uses a “hard deck,” where the parachute should be pulled to save their own life. The so-called “hard deck” is the minimum elevation that all skydivers are fully aware of so that injuries can be prevented. Every parachute is backed up by a reserve in the event that a student touches a certain elevation and the main chute is not released. It is then when the AAD or Automatic Activation Device responds right away. Launching of the reserve helps gives the student enough time to land safely. Even though the AAD is very seldom used it is an added layer of security in the event that the student loses control or there is a problem with the chute which too is very rare.

Training jumps allow the instructors to coach students on the right body positioning via a series of hand gestures. A review is scheduled after every jump with students during which instructors give out valuable pointers. When a student makes it to more advanced levels, they can master more complicated maneuvers which include free fall speed control, executing flips and turns as well as flying forward. The whole point of all these maneuvers is for the student to prove to the instructor that they can execute all the disorienting procedures and recover to a stable position. As students understand and exhibit more capabilities, they can ascend to higher levels.

Once the student has completed all of their “Targeted Learning Objectives” or TLOs, the instructor can then confirm if the student has met the required criteria. Students maintain radio contact with personnel on the group during Accelerated FreeFall jumps who direct maneuvers though the student still needs to have the skills to pull off a solo landing.

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Dallas Skydiving Video Packages

Relive your skydiving adventure over Dallas with a stunning professional skydiving video.

It is a matter of fact that nobody ever forgets their first tandem jump.

It is also a skydiving adventure that they want to relive and share with friends and family. With a professional skydiving video package, you’ll be able to relive the most exciting moments over and over. You can also share your moment in the clouds across social media for anyone and everyone! We make getting a professional video very easy!

The first time you embark on a tandem jump all you feel is nerves until it’s time to hit the skies. A jolt of electricity hits your body as soon as you dive out of the airplane and then the experience is unforgettable. Our affiliate network of videographers will record a short pre-jump interview on the ground and in the air prior to filming your jump. The best videography equipment means that every expression, emotion, and twitch is caught on tape. As soon as you pull open the canopy, a videographer will make a hasty retreat to the ground so that he or she can film you landing. After you’ve made it to the ground, the videographer will ask how you felt and if you’d want to do it again! Once they have everything needed on tape you’ll be furnished with a DVD and music of your choice. However, make sure to call us to check if a videographer will be available at the jump date of your choosing. We always recommend a professional videographer to your clients because it’s not every day that you skydive!

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Dallas Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates, The Best Gift Certificates for Sale in Dallas

A Skydiving gift certificate or gift card as some people refer to it is the best way to show how much you love someone. It is the perfect tool for instigating a passion for adventure!

Tandem skydiving is something that all first-time skydivers should choose. However, since it is your first time you’ll need to go through around thirty minutes of instruction. The instructions are pretty straight forward but introduce you to all the mechanics of skydiving. After the training class, each skydiver straps on a harness and gets onboard a plane. The plane will then take a while to reach the right altitude at which point can be up to 14,000 feet. You’ll feel the blood in your body pumping as if you’ve just worked out in the gym! But wait till the door opens, and you see Dallas from 14,000 feet.

Once you leap out of the airplane with an instructor by your side you’ll soon be hitting velocities of 120 miles an hour. You’ll freefall for a minute or slightly more after which the instructor pulls open the canopy and it’s time to make it to the ground slowly. Everyone has a grin on their face when making it safely to mother earth! But it’s an accomplishment that’s worth bragging about.

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