So we decided to update a few things. Leveled up. Got a little more awesome. We’re always doing that. We’ve got in-depth info you won’t find anywhere else and we like to keep up with the latest news in skydiving. We also happen to be the people that can hook you up with your own skydive, if you’re ready for it.

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For all things skydiving, we are the people you turn to. Your friend, your mentor, that crazy voice in the back of your head telling to you it’s a good idea to jump out of a plane…

Tandem Skydiving


Here, we like to spread the word on how awesome tandem skydiving can be. It’s great for beginners. Start your addiction here!

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Skydiving Schools


This is your shot at becoming a pro. We can hook you up with training for all levels of expertise. Skydiving school is the best kind of school.

Skydiving Academy
Gift Certificates


You know that skydiving is a one-of-a-kind experience. So, besides stating the obvious, we should probably mention it comes in gift-form.

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The February ’17 Featured Video: Skydive Georgia

To kick off the new year, we have a video submitted by one of our partner dropzones… Skydive Georgia! This video includes first time jumpers from all around the Atlanta, Georgia area. These brave souls booked their skydives at Skydive Georgia with and, as you can see, they had the time of their lives!

Coming soon, we have a video series from the Seamless Rigging skydiving team that will give tips, tricks and just cool videos about the world of skydiving. Keep an eye on and our YouTube page for weekly videos starting soon!

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You COULD just and sit this one out. But that is both a boring and terrible idea. We want you get out there and live in a big way. First timers for tandem jumps? You got it. Wanna go pro? Well, step right up!

Parachuting at Dusk
Tandem Skydiving
Tandem Skydiving in Summer
Video of Tandem Skydivers

Seriously. There’s no better way to say this.

We have some badass reps available to talk, pretty much whenever. We also have locations all over the place. The entire US is our playground. So you can call and ask questions if you want, or you can go ahead and step up for the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you.

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Tandem Skydiving Rocks!


So we happen to be the biggest skydiving network in the country. Wanna know why? It’s because we are really into skydiving and want to share this awesome experience with as many people as possible. With over 80 locations (and counting), we’ve got options for everyone.



Offering skydiving courses is fun for us, and it’s a great opportunity for you. Accelerated Freefall is an intense style and we guarantee that once you complete your training… It doesn’t get any more legit than this! Learn how to jump, unassisted, out of a plane.



Are you here because someone you know wants to jump out of a plane? Send the right message by making it happen. We’ve got gift certificates redeemable at any of our over 80 locations across the country. We’re kinda known for providing gifts that are beyond compare.